Water Cooler

7 days to die water cooler, 7 days to die drinks, 7 days to die food, 7 days to die zombies

Mostly a Mumpfy mod, not that he mods anymore or anything, but you’ll be able to collect male and female heads of zombies, add them to a cooler, and make an elixir that may nor may not be worth drinking.

FYI Guppycur does NOT update for Experimentals. Update the game at your own risk.

He will not attempt to troubleshoot any mod if it is used with ANY mod other than sCore or NPCmod. That’s not up to him to do! It is the player’s responsibility to troubleshoot when they mix mods, not his. If there are issues with the mod when run by itself (and score and npcmod) then he will take a look.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur, Mumpfy

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