SHINY Overhaul – Javelins, 5.56 and More

7 days to die shiny overhaul - javelins 5.56 and more, 7 days to die overhaul mods

General re-balancing for the game to make it faster and more difficult. This is mean to be a lightweight mod that does not add a ton of things, instead reshuffles existing mechanics to make certain aspects of the game less tedious.

Gun Overhaul

Rework of the gun system this includes looting and crafting. Many random stats were removed. Weapons use the correct caliber and feel more unique.


The whole looter shooter stats system is gone, in other words random stats were removed.


Weapon mods, some not all, where reworked to be more useful. By example an extended barrel can now have a muzzle brake or a silencer attached.


Every weapon has a different fells now handguns feel fast yet inaccurate at long-mid ranges, Assault rifles are fast an agile but suffer from poor accuracy at full auto, shotguns feel like actual useful weapons (other that the auto shooty), precision rifles feel like precision tools that can bring down even the strongest enemies at respectable distance yet at close range they make you feel vulnerable and in need of a secondary weapon.

Proper Calibers

The AR now uses .223/5.56, AK Uses the 7.62 Soviet, Bolt action uses .223/5.56, Lever action uses .44 Magnum and the Pipe SMG uses 9mm now. All this to take advantage of each round power an availability since the OG game makes you feel like you are wasting powerful rounds on under-powered weapons, and also it bothers him that and AR and AK share the same ammo than a m60 its just wrong.


The whole system is reworked, you cannot longer make guns from cheap pipes and kinder-garden glue you have to find or buy weapons from a trader. Except pipe guns they remain the same as before.


Firearms are loud and messy, an AR can call an horde on full auto if you go Willy-nilly shooting at everything that moves. This is positive or negative depending of the kind of player you are.


Behavior was changed to be more in line with real life, now buckshot rounds acts like buckshot (no spread variation) and slug rounds acts more similar to single projectiles. The spread was reduced and the range increased, to compensate for this rounds are more expensive to make or buy.


Whole system changed now you need a primer (can be crafted) and there are 3 types of bullet tips: FMJ, JHP and Steel Core.

Smokeless Powder

Smokeless powder is used for ammo crafting instead of black-powder, is based on an early gun-cotton recipe.

Melee Overhaul

Still incomplete and on need of feedback, but in general damage has been increase and crafting simplified to make it more useful on higher levels.

More Damage

Melee does more damage now, before melee weapons were not particularly useful on late game unless you fight zombies one or one or you just cheese it.


Perks increase more stats now so you have more range and speed on a wide range of weapons, also more damage.


Simplified recipes, in other words the whole parts system is gone. They last longer too.

New Weapon – Garden Machete

An early machete to have as an alternative to the hunting knife on an early game.


Separation between Spears and Javelins, you hit with a spear (like any logical human being will do) and you throw a javelin.

New Weapon – Wood Javelin

Javelins are cheap to make (just wood) and simple to use. Now spears are actually useful late on the game.

Misc Overhaul

Changes to other systems like sneak and archery, this are mostly small changes tom complement the melee an gun re-balance.


Small changes were made to the archery system both in the crafting and game-play. Now bows can shoot faster as the archery perk goes up, you can feel like legolas now, this is in order to make bows more useful in late game. Compound bow and crossbow cannot longer be crafted just found or buy from a trader, they can be upgraded though.

Tool Overhaul

Complete re-balance to the recipe system. Now they are harder to make but much more durable, but they cannot longer be repaired. This was done in order to eliminated the overly tedious repair kit use on simple tools.

New Tool – Hatchet Pick

Acts as a replacement for the stone axe on higher levels, it cannot build but he can destroy wood, stone and metal at a good rate. Bonus damage against doors.

Enemy Overhaul

Enemies feel more dangerous and harder to kill. Predators are more resilient, zombies (not all of them) are faster and harder to one shot.

Sneak Overhaul

Sneak is way too overpowered so he made it more balanced. The max bonus now its 1.8 not 3. Also that weird crouch thing is gone, now as long as the enemy is not aware of your presence you get the bonus. Some weapons have an extra bonus too, like bladed weapons.

Acid Production

Yes you can make acid now, this was done in order to complement the gunpowder overhaul since the recipe needs acid to be able to work. Just go looking for some fools gold to complete the recipe.

There also some bonus testing weapons if you want to go and find them just search on the creative menu for them.

There also many other things he forgot to mention but he is pretty sure that they are pretty well balanced 😉.

So in few words

It is more realistic? A little bit

It is more fun? Yeah

It is more difficult? He hope, but you have the last word

Some of the Added Things

7 days to die shiny overhaul - javelins 5.56 and more additional screenshot


  • Unzip
  • Go to the mod folder of 7DTD
  • All 3 folder should be in the folder

All 3 folder are the modules for the mod: CORE, GUN, MELEE


Mod compatibility is completely and absolutely untested.

All 3 modules are needed for the mod to work correctly.

This is a single-player PVE oriented mod. You have been warn.

Terms of Use

You are allowed to use the modification Shiny Overhaul with or without modification for private use without any limitation. All derivative works that are made public need to give the credit to the original mod, Shiny Overhaul, and to the mod author, Cesa210, also a link to the original modifications post must be provided, this only applies if the original link is available for use.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: cesa210

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