Plant Fibers From Corn/Yucca/Super Corn

7 days to die plant fibers from corn/yucca/super corn, 7 days to die food

Allows you to craft plant fibers from corn, yucca and super corn and not have to punch grass for 2 hours to get the amount you require and can now have a faster and reliable source of fibers faster!

Recipes are as follows:

  • x1 corn = 45 fibers
  • x1 yucca = 30 fibers
  • x1 supercorn = 110 plant fibers

This mod idea was made by me and the mod itself was helpfully created by [I Dont Care] who coded and sent me the completed modlet.


Credits: xanderarizona, I Dont Care

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One thought on “Plant Fibers From Corn/Yucca/Super Corn

  1. Thank you for the work and the idea, I think it’s very good.
    However, you should adjust the amount you receive yourself if you want more of a challenge.
    I find 45, 30 or even 110 for a single fruit extremely OP because 7 Days is simply based on grinding. You can also grow “infinite” plants.
    That’s why my numbers are 3, 3, 4 per fruit. I’ll test it and maybe increase it a little more.
    It would also make sense to use the Country Life perk. +1 more plant fiber per level.
    Maybe you can still do that because the idea is really good and makes sense. Thumbs up! 🙂

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