Extra Mods by Zeruel87

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This mod adds a total of 81 extra modifications for weapons, tools, armors and even clothing. Some only craftable with recipes and others buyable at traders as well as lootable.

These extra modifications feature:

  • Regular modifications like in the vanilla game
  • Combination of modifications to save slots
  • Complete weapon overhauls for various t1 weapons (and one t3 weapon) to let these compete with t3 weapons and make them useful in endgame again.
  • 50 badges that increase their respective attribute or skill by 1 that can be used on any armor or clothing.

The 31 modifications and the 50 badges are in two seperate folders so if you dont like one of these mods you can remove it.

Small quality of live feature is that all these items have a yellow ā€œZā€ in the lower left corner of their icon so you can tell it is from this mod. Also all mods can be easily searched by entering ā€œz87ā€ in the crafting or creative menu.

The mods have to be server and client side since there are custom icons.


Credits: Zeruel87

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10 thoughts on “Extra Mods by Zeruel87

  1. hey id love to see compatibility for darkness falls and sorcery since i think these mods are really fun to use and awesome, i use this in my darkness falls play through but there are some weapons that i cant use these on obviously havent tested all of them but so far no luck šŸ™

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