Better Corpses

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Hello there! Are you nostalgic for the zombie corpse system of Alpha 16? Yes? So, this mod is definitely for you!

This mod add several new features based on corpses enhancement. It adds more realism and logic to the corpse management system.


  • You can now loot zombies corpses (good loot on rare and hard-to-beat zombies)
  • Zombie don’t drop loot pack anymore
  • Zombie corpse lifespan increase to 600 seconds
  • Zombie corpse durability decrease to 300
  • Zombies have now different corpse block depending on their visual
  • Animals corpse lifepsan increase to 3600 seconds
  • Animals have now different corpse block depending on their visual
  • Player backpack lifespan increase to 432000 seconds (4 in-game month)
  • Player have now a unique corpse block when he dies
  • Rebalance rotten flesh drop from corpses. You will now have 10 rotten flesh for every 20 zombies killed. So, you will have to kill and butcher 1000 zombies to create 8×8 farm plot.
  • Other minor changes

7 days to die better corpses additional screenshot

Known Bug

No bugs are currently known

Planned Features

Update for Alpha 21 (when the version will be released)

It’s my first mod so, if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment!

My discord username: Bounet_045_Fr#5339


Credits: Bounet_045_Fr

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11 thoughts on “Better Corpses

  1. Mod doesn’t work, I put all the files in the game Config folder and it makes the console show everything the game is loading when loading up my world and then it gets error codes and is stuck “creating player”. I have Anti cheat off. Does this mod work for pre-existing worlds?

    1. Hey ! You should NEVER put all files in config folder. You have to create a “mod” folder, and then, you just have tu put my mod in this file. Just go watch some tutorials on YouTube, they are plenty of it. Any 7 DTD mod don’t need to go to your game file. You just need a mod folder, if you replace files in config or whatever, you will just brake your game.

      1. Oh okay, thanks. Sorry I’m new to mods for this game. I’ll try it now, should work fine now with a proper installation.

    1. You should watch a tutorial on YouTube about how install mods. Because it works well for me. Don’t forget to create a mod folder !

  2. Hey I wanted to leave a suggestion for this mod. This feature could either be a separate mod or a separate download for this mod. There was an old feature where when zombie corpses decompose there was a third stage where the corpse block would turn into a gore block that could stack up on top of each other allowing zombies to climb up your walls like World War Z. It would be a really nice addition to the mod.

  3. I was wondering if anyone has tried this with the better vanilla pack? I was trying to, but every time I kill a zombie it gives me an error, and every time i try to loot on i get another error. The zombies are the same they just have generated names on each one maybe that is causing errors with the mod.

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