A Dred End Overhaul Mod

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Experimental Early Release. This 7 Days to Die Mod is a work in progress towards a more logical, scientific, deeper, scary and adapting version of the base game.

The goal of this mod is to expand on the base game to allow the player adapt to a changing, dynamic world.

Through the use of research you will unlock new techniques, items, blocks, powers and knowledge.

NOTE: This is a work in progress. Adreden has a very long list of thing to implement and he is adding them as he has time and knowledge of how to make them. At the moment the game is in an early testing state to see how the systems he has built work so far. He will be altering this to be an DMT mod eventually. There will also be changes to the progression system, skills and quests all which could break save games. He will endeavor to only release world or character breaking updates as more major updates so that one knows and will not break their games.


New Progression system so don’t think of this much like vanilla. The more YOU do the more you get rewarded. NOT the more zombies you kill the better you now how to make a gyrocopter.

Learn by crafting. Adreden has added a little something so that the player can get better at crafting things. This is the most experimental part of the mod and needs tuning and constructive feedback.

Learn by doing. The more you do something the better you will get at it. No need to spend your point (You wont get any)

Learn Science by doing. The more you try to research thing the better you will get at that kind of research. So It should get easier to get more science done.

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Keep adding in more Bio modifications the player can use to upgrade themselves. Both items and the the skills More Localization for the files More Icons as time permits

Research System

Through the use of research you will unlock new techniques, items, blocks, powers and knowledge. NOTE: This is a work in progress. Adreden has a very long list of things to implement, and he is adding them as he get time to make them.

Create a research desk and start crafting experiments. These will get you research notes and the notes will allow you to create schematics for the things you need to build. NOTE: Adreden need to tune this feature. The number for each item are very arbitrary and not tuned to fit each schematic.

Some recipes are in the advanced research desk – like the Molotov on a stick. Planned: Find items in the world are new and will allow you unlock new ideas and schematics that can lead to new abilities, blocks and items.

7 days to die a dred end overhaul mod additional screenshot 2

Reduced Gameyness

There are some things in the game that feel like they are only in there to make certain reward cycles work. Adreden aim to reduce this to give the game a greater feeling of immersion. Pick up the lights in POIS.

Find bicycles in peoples garages.

An Ending (Not 100% Implemented in alpha 18):

One quest that should be an end condition of the game. Go out and destroy the infected cloning facility. It wont stop all the zombies of the world but it will (eventually) greatly reduce the number in your county. ATM you need to have the provided map installed to find the facility. Deep in the wastelands is the cloning facility. Still working on polishing this feature, he also need a little bit of DMT magic to finish this.

New Weapons

Many Planned The mod was going to be a melee mod and thus has new weapons and there are many planned in updates. Thagomizer a new club based on the tail of a stegosaurus. Should be a one shot on easy zombies with a hard swing.

Spears – There is a stick that can be sharpened and there is also an Iron spear that is craftable to give even more range and damage. Removed the vanilla spears as they would be pretty heavy and worse to craft then a flat piece of steel.

War pick, War axe and War hammer: Most tools also have a version where there is a handle that can be altered with different tool or weapon mods to make various combinations.

Melee signs: It should be the case that all sings in the game can be weapons. All you need to do is break them free from there bonds and start smashing.

Brazmocks archery mod is in there for testing purposes. Mining laser is creative mod only.

Zombie Changes

  • Better Eyesight – Better hide at night
  • Reduced melee range – The zombies
  • Headshots – Zombies have soft heads so best to kill them with a head shot.
  • Body shots – Why do they need organs, so you can smack them, put holes in them break them to a point. The torso is tough.
  • Increased spawning numbers – There will be more zombies.
  • Random getter up – The zombies will take 1 second to 10 seconds to get back up.
  • No hurt sound, no death sound – don’t forget, Double tap.
  • Corpses – For special items you will use to adapt to the world.
  • This mod also includes zombies from the creature pack and so there are new zombies Lots of new zombies.
  • There is a new faction of zombie called the controlled that some one is controlling.

Often times they are seen with helmets and other armour and some have weapons grafted to them. They also have a few special building, with more to come.

Noise makers

These are little distractors that can be thrown to attract zombies (Currently not working in a18)


Most of the lights in the game have been added to craft.

New top tier Block

Zombzyme block is a very resilient block created from various household chemicals and the arm bones of zombies. It will take some research and experimentation to figure out how to do this.

Spikes from Alpha 16.4

Adreden has brought back the ability to craft the spikes from alpha 16. He has also expanded it with the ability to craft quicker crappier versions of the spikes too. Just incase you are in a pinch for time.

New Large Doors (Thanks Dbat)

Some large castle doors and portcullises.

Quadra V-Tech is in the game too. Likely for now mostly a creative menu.

On the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher.


If you appreciate Adreden Gaming’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you have any problems, you can use this discord link.

Credits: Adreden Gaming
Special Thanks: DBat, Ironblade, Brazmock/Azmo, Guppycur, KhaineGB, Kheldon, Haidrgna, SphereII, Stopmy NZ, Xyth, Darkstar Dragon, DanCap0, DeathtoDust, Mumphy, Manux. Really most of the modders on the guppy server.

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