The Spencer Mansion Incident (Resident Evil)

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Welcome to Resident Evil: Reimagined!

Have you got what it takes to go back to where it all began? Enter the Survival Horror!

The Spencer Mansion Incident is a 7 Days to Die overhaul mod that plays a LOT more like Resident Evil than it does 7 Days to Die, with an end goal to aim for, escape.


  1. Requires version A21.2 vanilla files to work.
  2. FranticDan has made setup easy to follow by making the text orange for all settings you’ll need to manually change for the intended Resident Evil experience.
  3. It will always be night, so be sure to change the Zombie Night Speed to your liking. (Walk is recommended)

Please Note

  1. The Spencer Mansion Incident is a PERMADEATH mod, and will test your combat and maneuverability skills.
  2. Multiplayer is supported! However, be mindful of possible softlocks!
  3. Twitch Integration is NOT supported!

Key Features

  1. Limited Inventory: You’ll be restricted to the 10 slot toolbelt.
  2. Doors are indestructible, however, zombies can open unlocked doors.
  3. You cannot jump.
  4. Crimson heads

For Extra Immersion

  1. Increase the volume of ambient sounds.
  2. Set music to play 100% of the time.



Buffed Passive Healing perk to healing every 4 seconds instead of every 5 seconds.


  • Fixed an issue where is was possible for enemies could enter the first boss room
  • Japanese localisation for Cerberus and Web Spinner
  • Destroying the rocket launcher ‘should’ no longer give the player an intact rocket launcher
  • Removed the excessive sleeper counts for sleeper volumes. (FranticDan initially added extras, because for some reason, not all counts were spawning. However, having excess meant more than intended had the possibility to spawn)


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FranticDan

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