The Spencer Mansion Incident (Resident Evil)

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Welcome to Resident Evil: Reimagined!

Have you got what it takes to go back to where it all began? Enter the Survival Horror!

The Spencer Mansion Incident is a 7 Days to Die overhaul mod that plays a LOT more like Resident Evil than it does 7 Days to Die, with an end goal to aim for, escape.


  1. Requires version A21.2 vanilla files to work.
  2. It will always be night, so be sure to change the Zombie Night Speed to your liking. (Walk is recommended)

Please Note

  1. The Spencer Mansion Incident is a unique and challenging mod, and will test your combat and maneuverability skills.
  2. Are your observation skills good enough to make it out alive?
  3. Two-player is NOT supported anymore! (Custom code isn’t compatible and bugs out, he’s sorry!)
  4. Twitch Integration is NOT supported!

Key Features

  1. Limited Inventory: You’ll be restricted to the 10 slot toolbelt.
  2. Doors are indestructible, however, zombies can open unlocked doors.
  3. You cannot jump.
  4. Crimson heads!
  5. Manual Saving!
  6. If you die, simply exit your game and reload your save.

For Extra Immersion

  1. Increase the volume of ambient sounds.
  2. Set music to play 100% of the time.


Patch Notes for Version 4.01

  • Added extra switches for the final boss fight to help mitigate the trigger system bugging out.
  • Changed the Gyrocopter quest from ‘Craft’ to ‘Gather’ to avoid soft-locking if crafting ammo in the workbench before the Gyrocopter.

Patch Notes for Version 4.0

  • Added Manual Saving, you MUST save your game BEFORE you exit or you’ll lose progress.
  • Added Ink Ribbons. Found in Typewriters. You need this to save your game.
  • A secret infinite ink ribbon typewriter, can you find it?
  • Removed Permadeath. If you die, exit and reload your save to continue.
  • Removed multiplayer support. (Game breaking bugs with some custom features)
  • Zombies resurrect faster into Crimson Heads.
  • Crimson Heads no longer instantly spawn when reloading a save.
  • Gave grenades a +200% dismember chance.
  • Gave rockets an extreme dismember chance.
  • Boosted slugs headshot decap to 40% total.
  • Gave knife a +10% dismember chance while sprinting.
  • Gave knife a +10% dismember chance if stamina above 50% (must be above 50% after attacking)
  • Knife description to include new dismember stats.
  • Increased 762 ammo stack size to 90.
  • Added blue herb in final safe room.
  • Buffed molotovs and grenades damage by 20%.
  • Burning zombies to death will prevent crimsons.
  • Increased poison damage by 50%.
  • Doubled dismember chance with magnum from 20% to 40%.
  • Made individual doors for animal medals and MO discs (Possible softlock)
  • Added a second Power Area key and they now get consumed.
  • Added Achievements journal
  1. Untrained S.T.A.R.S Officer: Beat the game without reading any S.T.A.R.S Training Manuals.
  2. Samurai ‘Jill’ Edge: Beat the game Knife Only.
  3. Inventory Management Master: Beat the game without using Item Storage Boxes.
  4. Outbreak Prevented?: Beat the game with at least 350 kills.
  5. Speedy Escape: Beat the game under a certain time dependent on difficulty.
  6. Skin Allergies: Beat the game without medical healing.
  7. I’m Saved!: Find the Infinite Typewriter.

Patch Notes for Version 3.18


  • Utility Worker still had 20 armour, now has none as intended.
  • He was no longer able to get any sleepers to wake up prematurely. (requires new game)


  • Made it easier to figure out how to enter one of the boss rooms. (requires new game)
  • Hopefully removed some possible unintended cheesing. (requires new game)
  • Renamed the Utility Worker from ‘Aquarium Worker’ to ‘Guns, Nerds, and Steel’.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FranticDan

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7 thoughts on “The Spencer Mansion Incident (Resident Evil)

  1. Not a huge fan. The game turned from “fun exploration and fighting zombies and puzzle” into “you don’t have enough ammo for the crimson heads so die”. Got old real quick.

  2. What zombie speed do I set it to? The settings about it is kinda confusing. It’s set to sprint but it says something along the lines of “always night”

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