The Spencer Mansion Incident (Resident Evil)

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Welcome to Resident Evil: Reimagined!

Have you got what it takes to go back to where it all began? Enter the Survival Horror!

The Spencer Mansion Incident is a 7 Days to Die overhaul mod that plays a LOT more like Resident Evil than it does 7 Days to Die, with an end goal to aim for, escape.


  • When starting a new game, make sure to select the ‘Spencer Mansion Incident’ world.
  • FranticDan has made setup easy to follow by making the text orange for all settings you’ll need to manually change for the intended Resident Evil experience.
  • It will always be night, so be sure to change the Zombie Night Speed to your liking. (If your game is in day time, you’ll die a horrible death!)


Please Note

  1. The Spencer Mansion Incident is a Permadeath mod, and will test your combat and maneuverability skills.
  2. This was designed for Single Player, playing Multiplayer could possibly result in errors. For Example: More than one person accessing ‘The Vault’ at the same time.
  3. If you don’t change the orange coloured game settings to their stated value, you’ll be playing with unintended settings.
  4. Currently, Twitch Integration is not supported, but is planned.

Key Features

  1. Limited Inventory: You’ll be restricted to a 6 slot toolbelt and 6 slots of main inventory.
  2. Reworked and Rebalanced Skill Tree: There are no attribute requirements for skills, so you’ll be free to put your skill points wherever you wish as long as you have enough points.
  3. You cannot jump.
  4. Linked Storage: You’ll be able to access your stored items from any of the storage boxes. (Huge thank you to wOOkie nOOkie!)
  5. Simplified Criticals: FranticDan has removed the severe critical injuries and shortened the duration of fatigue.

Planned Feature

Manual Saving: Auto saving will be disabled and you’ll need to use an Ink Ribbon to save your progress. You’ll have to manually save BEFORE you exit your game session.

Ink Ribbons will be very limited, and will allow you to continue your save if you die, by simply exiting the game and reloading your save to revert back to your last manual save.

Also available on the mod launcher!

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FranticDan

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