True Survival

7 days to die true survival, 7 days to die overhaul mods


Mod is available in SP, Coop and Server play. It is not finished and is still in active development and open to suggestions, feedback and bug reports. At this time no assets may be used for redistribution.

This mod was designed to walk the line between realism and fun engaging gameplay. Where realism became grindy or not fun Spider tried to aim for engaging gameplay mechanics with a focus on risk and reward and a strong sense of consequences. Death in this mod is permanent with few exceptions. In this mod when death occurs your player data is wiped and you will respawn as a fresh new player.

Choosing Your Character

Upon starting, players will have Knowledge Points available to purchase up to 3 Traits, a Hobby and a Profession. These choices will determine the players starting stats, items and recipes. Players are able to learn all Professions over time by collecting 20 Profession Pages and crafting another Professions Kit. An additional Hobby can be learned after 20 days survived. Traits do not stack and are optional. The following are the Players Starting Choices.


(All can be learned by collecting loot items during game, unique recipes cannot be learned any other way. Do not stack)


  • Unique Recipes – Gun Oil
  • Starting Recipes – Pistol, Stun Baton, Weapon Repair Kit
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Handgun
  • Skill Starting Bonus Gear – Old Revolver 6q; 9mm Rounds x20


  • Starting Recipes – All Food Recipes
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50% Faster Food Cooking speed
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Cleaver 3q


  • Starting Recipes – Plant Salve, Molotov Cocktail
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Axe Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Old Axe 6q, Full Fireman’s Almanac Book Set


  • Starting Recipes – Lock Pick
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Crossbow Skill; 3 Block Treasure Radius; 30% Faster Loot timers
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Old Knife 6q; Lock Pick x 20, Full Great Heist Book Set

Park Ranger

  • Starting Recipes – Herbal Antibiotics, Stone Spear, Iron Spear, Steel Spear
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Spear Skill; 50% Faster Primitive Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Old Rifle 6q; 762mm Round x 20


  • Starting Recipes – Steel Knuckles, Brass Knuckles, Beer, Mead
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Brawling Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Brass Knuckles 3q, Full Bar Brawling Book Set


  • Starting Recipes – All Wood Doors
  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Claw Hammer as a weapon; 50% Faster Wood Building crafting; Mastered Wood Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Claw Hammer 3q, Nail x 50


  • Unique Recipes – Grubs
  • Starting Recipes – Weapon Repair Kit, Pipe Machine Gun, AK47, Pipe Bomb, Cooking Pot Mine
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Machinegun Skill; 100% Resistance to illness from Grubs
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Old Rifle 6q; 762mm Round x 20

Fitness Instructor

  • Unique Recipes – Cleansing Juice
  • Starting Recipes – Goldenrod Tea, Red Tea, Mega Crush, Vitamins
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Sledge Skill; 5% Less Stamina from Running; 10% Faster Run Speed; 10% Faster Walk Speed


  • Unique Recipes – Electrical Parts, Solar Cell, Circuit Board Parts
  • Starting Recipes – Stove Repair Kit, Generator Bank, Pressure Plate, Battery Bank, Player Powered Lights, Timer Relay, Wire Relay, Motion Sensor, Speaker, Switch, Electric Fencepost, Spotlight, Stun Baton
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 50% Faster Electrical Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Screwdriver 3q; Tech Junkie Vol6


  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Mason Hammer as a weapon; 50% Faster Mason Crafting; +30 Max Carry Weight; Mastered Cobblestone Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Mason Hammer 3q

Iron Worker

  • Starting Recipes – All Iron Doors
  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Wrench as a weapon; 50% Faster Iron Building crafting; Mastered Iron Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Wrench 3q; Nuts and Bolts x 50


  • Unique Recipes – Mechanical Parts
  • Starting Recipes – Small Engine, Large Engine, Auger, Chainsaw, All Vehicles
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Turret Skill; 50% Faster Vehicle Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Impact Driver 3q


  • Unique Recipes – Medical Wrap; Painkillers; Steroids; Stimulants
  • Starting Recipes – Plant Salve, Antibiotics, Cast
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Blade Skill; Treated injuries heal 20% Faster; Wounds you treat heal 50% faster; Able to treat Sprains; 50% Faster Medical Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear – First Aid Kit x 3; Stimulant x 3; Steroids x 3; Antibiotics x 3; Tweezers x1


  • Unique Recipes – Acid Bomb, Stimulant, Gas Bundle, Gun Powder Bundle, Nitroglycerin
  • Starting Recipes – Mega Crush, Black Strap Coffee, Purification Tablets, Glue, Oil, Gas, Gun Powder
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 50% Faster Chemical Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Painkillers x 6; Stimulant x 6; Beaker x 1


  • Unique Recipes – Insecticide
  • Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes, Watering Can, Fertilizer, Farm Plot
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Shotgun Skill; 50% Faster Seed Crafting, X2 Harvesting crops

Concrete Mason

  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Concrete Sledge as a weapon; +30 Max Carry Weight; 50% Faster Concrete Building crafting; Mastered Concrete Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Concrete Sledge 3q


(Purchasable at start of the game and after surviving 20 game days.)


Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Rifle Skill; Mastered Small and Large Game Hunting Skills


  • Starting Recipes – Kabob, Meat Pies, Glazed Meat, Corn Bread, Bread, Meat Stew, Vegetable Stew, Fruit Soup
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 25% Faster Cooking Crafting


All Vehicles top speeds increased 20%


  • Unique Recipes – X-Large Clothing Pocket Mod
  • Starting Bonus Gear – All Sewing Books


Starting Recipes – All Building Block Shapes; All Doors


Starting Bonus Stats – 15% Faster Stamina Regan; 15% more Max Stamina


Starting Bonus Stats – Can jump 2 Block High; Half Fall Damage


Starting Recipes – Battery Bank, Speaker, Electric Fencepost, Spot Light, Ceiling Light


Unique Recipes – Medical Wrap Starting Bonus Stats – Wounds you treat heal 25% faster; 25% Faster Medical crafting; Can treat Sprains.


  • Special Ability – Sprint – +20% run speed for 5 sec with a 25 sec cool down
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Blunt Skill


  • Unique Recipes – Racing Bicycle
  • Starting Recipes – Bicycle, Small Engine, Minibike, Motorcycle
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 50% Faster Vehicle and parts crafting.


  • Unique Recipes – Insecticide
  • Starting Recipes – Potato Seed, Corn Seed, Goldenrod Seed, Chrysanthemum Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Carrot Seed
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +1 to Harvested Crops


  • Special Ability – In The Eye – Every 5th damaging hit made with a Bow without taking damage does x3 damage
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +50 Lv Bow Skill


(Only purchasable at the start of the game. They are not required. You can choose up to 3. They do not stack.)


Trait Effect = When Indoors you receive 15% Less Stamina to Melee; 15% Faster reloading; 15% Better Weapon Handling; When outdoors it is reversed


Trait Effect = When Outdoors you receive 15% Less Stamina to Melee; 15% Faster reloading; 15% Better Weapon Handling; When indoors it is reversed


Trait Effect = +50 Carry Weight; 10% More Damage w/ Melee; 20% Faster Metabolism


Trait Effect = -50 Carry Weight; 10% Less Damage w/ Melee; 20% Slower Metabolism


Trait Effect = 10% more chance of Illness / 10% Quicker to Heal


Trait Effect = 15º More Cold Protection; 15º Less Heat Protection; 10% Faster Metabolism


Trait Effect = X2 To Wellness Gains; X2 To Wellness Losses


Trait Effect = ½ Wellness Gains; ½ Wellness Losses


Trait Effect = +2 HP Per Min Recovery When Idle and not in Combat; -5% Stamina Regen while Moving


Trait Effect = +2 HP Per Min Recovery When Moving and not in Combat; -5% Stamina Regen while Idle

Early Bird

Trait Effect = When Daytime you receive 15% Less Stamina to Melee; 15% Faster reloading; 15% Better Weapon Handling. At Night it is reversed

Night Owl

Trait Effect = When Nighttime you receive 5% Less Stamina to Melee; 15% Faster reloading; 15% Better Weapon Handling. In Daytime it is reversed


Trait Effect = 10% Faster Mobility; 20% More Noise


Trait Effect = 10% Slower Mobility; 20% Less Noise

Zombies and Predators

  • Zombies require head shots to take damage from players
  • Traps, explosives and fire damage zombie as normal
  • Zombie Walk styles have been randomized
  • Zombie Health has been randomized
  • Zombie walk, chase and retaliate speeds have all been randomized
  • Zombies can spawn with unique abilities like exploding near death, spitting and charging
  • 3 Types of Zombie Spit. Sticky, Stinky and Acid. All can be removed with liquids
  • Zombies do not suffer bleed damage
  • Added new zombie enemies
  • Added Darkstardragons Parasite Mod
  • Added new non zombie enemies that do no require headshots
  • Added new hostile animals
  • Added zombie animals
  • Radiated Zombies give off radiation

Zombie Bites and the Zombie Virus

  • The only way to catch the Z-Virus is to be bitten by an Infected.
  • The only way for a Infected to bite you is for them to first Grab you.
  • Your chance to be Grabbed by an Infected is based on your current Health, Stamina, Fatigue and Diet level.
  • Once Grabbed you can delay an Infected from biting you by 1 seconds with any melee hit to their head.
  • If bitten by an Infected you will catch the Z-Virus and receive a Bite Wound.
  • If you receive another Bite while infected with the Z-Virus it will increases the severity of the infection
  • If the Z-Virus infection reaches 100% your character will die and your player data will be wiped and you will respawn as a new character
  • There is no known cure for the Z-Virus at this time. The only known treatments are Antiviral Meds, which will reverse the infection but not cure it and Antiviral Depressants which will put the Z-Virus into remission for a few days, these can be found in loot
  • To learn the cure you must complete the campaign to the halfway point.
  • Once you receive a Bite you will need to treat it and care for the remaining wound until healed completely. If you fail to tend to the bite wound it will cause a Medical Infection.

Z-Virus Effects

  • From 0-25% – Increases craft and scrap time by 1% per %; Increases player temp by 1º per %; Intermittent screen effect scaling in frequency based off %
  • From 25%-50% – Increases craft and scrap time by 1% per %; Increases player temp by 1º per %; Intermittent screen effect scaling in frequency based off %; Wellness loss per 5 min scaling with %; A strange hunger builds within you requiring you to occasionally need to eat fresh Brain Matter, how often scaling with %
  • From 50-100% – – Increases craft and scrap time by 1% per %; Increases player temp by 1º per %; Intermittent screen effect scaling in frequency based off %; Wellness loss per 5 min scaling with %; A strange hunger builds within you requiring you to occasionally need to eat fresh Brain Matter, how often scaling with %; Mind Fog, making you forget how to craft most weapons and tools.

Comprehensive Injuries

  • Laceration, Gashes, Sprains, Breaks and Burns can all affect up to 10 locations at once on your player
  • The treatment needed for each injury is detailed in the injuries buff description
  • All medical items must be used in the players hands
  • Each injury will need multiple different treatments to heal the injury completely
  • Each injury has a timer communicated by the buff color (White-Yellow-Red-Green)
  • At the end of the timer the injury will cause or increase the severity of a Medical Infection
  • Each stage of the injury treatment must be administered before the injury causes a Medical Infection
  • Untreated injuries will slowly bleed Wellness

Medical Infection

  • The only way to get a Medical Infection is from not treating a injury in a timely manner or from severe radiation exposure
  • Antibiotics, Herbal Antibiotics and Honey can be used to treat a Medical Infection
  • After you receive a Medical Infection failing to treat injuries will increase the severity of the infection
  • If the Medical Infection reaches 100% your character will die and your player data will be wiped and you will respawn as a new character
  • Medical Infections Effects: Stamina Loss that scales with infection %; Wellness Loss that scales with infection %


  • Added food crops – Orange Trees, Carrot, Wheat, Tomato, Onion, Coconut Trees, Beans
  • Crop seeds have biome restrictions and can not be planted in other biomes
  • Crops must be protected, any non player entity will destroy any player planted crop by simply walking into it
  • All seed recipes can be found in loot
  • Seeds are crafted on the Drying Rack (workstation)
  • Crops can be planted on soil or Farm Plots
  • Crop Trees can only be planted on soil and must be at least 2 blocks apart
  • Crops can be Fertilized with the Watering Can using Fertilizer to increase crop yield
  • Crops can become Dry and need watering using the Watering Can using Dirty Ounces of Water
  • Crops can become Infested with insects and need treatment with the Watering Can using Insecticide.


  • Tons of added recipes from new foods, weapons, clothes and more to alternate recipes
  • Increased the crafting que to 5
  • Increased the ingredients list to 14
  • Existing recipes adjusted in materials and/or quantity of materials needed
  • Removed Jar Recipe. Only used for crafted drinks and found in loot
  • All items that use jars now return them
  • Smelters can use molds again
  • Workstations can accepted many tools
  • Many types of Glues now found in loot that can be scraped into Scrap Adhesives which is used in recipes
  • Many raw food items can be crafted into Servings for crafting ie: Potato to Vegetable Serving; Yucca Fruit to Fruit Servings; Cornmeal to Grain Servings
  • Crafting quality of tools and weapons determined by the level of the workbench
  • Unique gun parts found in loot and required for crafting and repairing each gun type


  • Added over 70 custom workbenches
  • All crafted items with a quality are crafted on Specialized Workstation
  • Specialized Workstations appearances will change as you upgrade them with new tools.
  • Quest are given by each Specialized Workstation to find the tool needed to upgrade that workstation and improve the quality of items crafted on it

Added Workstations

  • Mortar & Pestle – For grinding chemicals and medical items. Can also be used as a workstation tool
  • Stone Mill – For grinding objects into powder.
  • Torches – Need fuel for light and heat
  • Improvised Campfire – Upgrade Grills and Toilets into a Campfire workstation (T1)
  • Oven – T2 cooking workstation, for soups, stews, deserts and more. Unlocked by quest at level 10
  • Kitchen – T3 cooking workstation, for top level Meals, MRE’s and Canning. Unlocked by quest at level 30
  • Research Desk – For reverse engineering unknown crafting schematics and for re trying some failed quest
  • Drying Rack – For drying Skins, Food, Firewood and creating Seeds from crops
  • Hydroponics Rack – For growing crops in doors
  • Fermentation Barrel – For making Mead and Beer
  • Methane Producer – For producing Methane Bombs
  • Steel Forge – For smelting Steel, Bulletproof Glass and Plastics
  • Light Armor Workbench – For crafting Cloth, Leather and Military Armor. Can be upgraded
  • Heavy Armor Workbench – For crafting Scrap, Iron and Steel Armor. Can be upgraded
  • Improvised Workstation – For crafting primitive weapons and tools. Can be upgraded
  • Advanced Workstation – For crafting complex weapons and tools. Can be upgraded
  • Electronic Workbench – For crafting electronic tools, weapons and items. Can be upgraded
  • Pipe Gun Workbench – For crafting Pipe Guns. Can be upgraded
  • Handgun Workbench – For crafting Handguns. Can be upgraded
  • Shotgun Workbench – For crafting Shotguns. Can be upgraded
  • Machine Gun Workbench – For crafting Machine Guns. Can be upgraded
  • Rifle Workbench – For crafting Rifles. Can be upgraded


  • Removed the ability for the Stoneaxe to upgrade building blocks.
  • Stone tools do little damage against Metals
  • Iron tools do little damage against Steel
  • Added Screwdriver – Good for dismantling and harvesting Electronics and Circuit Boards
  • Changed Clawhammer – Good for dismantling Wood Blocks and harvests Planks and Nails
  • Added Mason Hammer – Good for dismantling Cobblestone Blocks and harvests Cobblestone
  • Changed Wrench – Good for dismantling Iron Blocks and harvests Iron Sheet Metal and Nuts and Bolts, Also used to harvest Mechanical Parts from select blocks
  • Added Concrete Sledge -Good for dismantling Concrete Blocks and harvests Concrete Mix
  • Added Welding Torch – Good for dismantling Steel Blocks and harvests Steel Sheet Metal
  • Added Crowbar – Used to break into locked blocks or doors (early Lockpick)
  • Added Hand Truck – Used for picking up world blocks and boost players carry weight while held
  • Changed Buckets to pick up water and be used to put out fires


  • Added 3 Nutrition Stats that the player must maintain and manage
  • The Nutrition Stats are Protein (mainly from meat), Fiber (from vegetables) and Essential Vitamins (from Fruit)
  • Nutrition and Diet status bars are displayed on the main HUD and numerically on the Character Stat screen at the bottom
  • You can gain these Nutrition Stats by eating or drinking items with the stats listed on them
  • Nutrition degradation is tied to your Hunger degradation
  • Each Nutrition Stat has a negative effect that activates when to low or too high
  • Essential Vitamins to low = Scurvy
  • Essential Vitamins to high = Diarrhea
  • Fiber to low = Weak
  • Fiber to high = Constipation
  • Protein to low = Anemia
  • Protein to high = Gout
  • Your Diet will be determined by your lowest level Nutrition Stat
  • There are 3 Good Diet stages and 3 Bad Diet stages

Good Diet Effects

  • Healthy Diet will allow you to to gain Health and Wellness from foods, Heal naturally when full, +1 Stamina per 3 sec and +10% movement speed
  • Balanced Diet will allow you to gain Health and Wellness from foods
  • Good Diet will allow you to gain Health from foods.

Bad Diet Effects

  • Bad Diet will cause you to lose 1 Stamina per 5 seconds
  • Vitamin Deficiency will cause you to lose 1 Stamina per 4 seconds and move 5% slower
  • Malnourished will cause you to lose 1 Stamina per 3 seconds and move 10% slower

Survival Items

In True Survival you have one life and there is no teleport to safety to respawn so these items and game mechanics were added to give the player a fighting chance at survival.

  • At the start you will have a side quest to receive a Flashbang Grenade and learn to craft them
  • Flashbangs can be used to knock down and stun zombies around you for a very short time granting you the opportunity to try to escape. They can only be used once per day.
  • Epinephrine Injection can be used to gain a temporary speed, stamina, and health boost for evasive maneuvers but when it wears off you will crash until you sleep
  • Helping Downed Players. Before you die you will lay injured on the ground, if a player uses a Defibrillator on you before the timer runs out you will receive 10% your max health and stand back up
  • You will have an optional side quest to create an A.E.D.
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) can give you a second chance at life, allowing you to respawn severely injured once. You must have the item in your inventory when you die

Progression System

  • Vanilla progression completely removed
  • Replaced with Improve By Doing and found Skill Books
  • Improve By Doing skills are broken into 4 parts Action, Ranged, Melee and Tools
  • Leveling these skills will improve your ability to do the action or use the item

Action Skills

  • Cardio Skill improved by Running and Walking
  • Parkour Skill improved by Jumping and Landing
  • Hauling Skill improved by moving while encumbered
  • Looting Skill improved by opening unlooted containers

Ranged Skills

  • All are improved by shooting living* entities with the associated weapon
  • Archery SkillCrossbow SkillHandgun SkillShotgun SkillRifle SkillMachinegun SkillJunkBots SkillExplosives Skill

Melee Skills

  • All are improved by hitting living* entities with the associated weapon
  • Brawler SkillBlunt SkillSledge SkillBlade SkillSpear Skill


  • All are improved by destroying blocks with the associated tool
  • Pickaxe Skill (Shovel & Pickaxe) – Axe Skill

Skill Books

  • Other skills can be learned and improved by finding and reading the associated Skill Book
  • The Following Skills can be learned and improved by reading Skill Books
  • Lock PickingInfiltratorTreasure HunterLight ArmorHeavy ArmorWell InsulatedLucky LooterSalvage OperationsPack MuleMother LoadThe HuntsmanPain ToleranceHealing FactorSlow MetabolismHidden StrikeFrom The ShadowsCharismatic Nature

Hunting Skill

  • There are 4 Hunting Skills the player can level by killing and butchering wild game
  • Leveling these skills will increase the amount of and type of resources you get when butchering
  • Mastering a Hunting Skill will also allow you to track the given animal type when crouched
  • The Hunting Skills are Small Game, Large Game, Small Predators and Large Predators

Trader Reputation

  • Each Trader only stocks a select type of inventory for sell
  • Joel sells Weapons, Ammo and Trap Supplies
  • Bob sells Food, Farming and Tool Supplies
  • Jen sells Medicine, Chemicals, Clothing and Armor
  • Hugh sells Skill Recipe Books and Workstations
  • Rekt sells Crafting, Electric and Mechanical Supplies
  • A traders inventory is based off your reputation level with them
  • The higher your reputation with them the more advanced items they will sell you
  • Trader Reputation is increased by completing quest for each Trader

Building Skills

  • There are 5 Building skills the player can level by upgrading the associated blocks
  • The Building skills are Wood Building, Cobblestone Building, Iron Building, Concrete Building and Steel Building
  • At the start of the game the player can not build complex shapes, complete blocks or any upgrade material
  • The player must use the associated tool to destroy and harvest upgrade material from given block type in POI’s (see tool list above)
  • As the player levels each Building Skill they will learn how to craft the associated upgrade material
  • Once a Building Skill is mastered the player will unlock all the complex shapes and full blocks of that block type


  • Added radiation to the Wasteland Biome
  • Added radiation to select labeled barrels
  • Added radiation to Radiated Zombies
  • When receiving radiation you will get a screen effect
  • Radiation will build up on you if you are near radioactive objects or entities.
  • If your Radiation level gets to 100 you will die and your player data wiped and you will re spawn as a new character
  • Radiation levels do not heal on their own but require Rad Pills to dissipate
  • The absorption of radiation can be halved with the use of Potassium Iodide Pills
  • Each piece of the Hazmat Suit that is worn will reduce radiation absorption by 18%

Radiations Effects

  • Players Fatigue drain is increased scaled with Radiation %
  • The amount of food received from eating is lessened, the amount scaling with the Radiation %
  • Players temperature is lowered, the amount scaling with the Radiation %
  • At 20, 40, 60 and 80 Radiation % you will receive a more serious symptom
  • These Symptoms must be treated to lessen their effect but will never heal until the Radiation % is lowered below the symptoms activation level
  • At 20% you will receive Nausea, occasionally making you vomit which will cause your Nutrition Stats to lower. Goldenrod Tea for treatment.
  • At 40% you will receive Dizziness, occasionally affecting vision and player directional movement. Painkillers for Treatment.
  • At 60% you will receive a Medical Infection (see above). Antibiotics for treatment.
  • At 80% you will receive a Radiation Burn. First Aid Bandage for Treatment

SCore Features

  • Added Spereii’s Score Modding Tool Kit (All Hail the Great and Powerful Shpereii!)
  • Trader POI Protection is off
  • Traders are open 24/7
  • No Nerd Poling (can’t place blocks while in the air)
  • Soft Hands (punching blocks hurts)
  • Craft from containers (ingredients automatically pulled from nearby storage containers)
  • Repair Blocks from containers (supplies automatically pulled from nearby storage containers)
  • No Repairing Blocks when Zombies are to close
  • Removed XP notification in bottom right of HUD
  • Crop Trampling (any entity other than the player will destroy crops if they touch them)
  • Spoilage (foods and other items can decay into other items)
  • Player Carry Weight (player inventory restriction based on carry weight not inventory slots)
  • Extended Signs (abel to use internet links for sign displays)
  • Zombies Randomized Walk Styles
  • Spreadable Fire (wood and exploding blocks can catch and spread fire)


  • Food spoils into un edible rotten version
  • Foods and Drinks can be stored in a cooler to slow spoilage
  • Foods and Drinks can be stored in a Refrigerator to almost stop spoilage
  • Cooked foods have 3 stages before spoiling, Hot, Cold and Stale
  • Hot Foods – have the most stats and give a warming stamina buff that can be extended
  • Cold Foods – lose some stats and give no warming stamina buff
  • Stale Foods – have the lowest stats and a small chance for illness
  • Prepaid Foods have 2 stages before spoiling, Fresh and Old
  • Fresh Food will give the most stats and Old Food will give less and has a small chance for illness
  • Only Stale and Old Foods are found in loot
  • Canned Foods stats received are determined by how you open the can. ½ stats if you have nothing, 75% If you have a Hunting Knife and 100% if you have a Can Opener in inventory
  • Completely redone and rebalanced food stats, items and recipes
  • Water is by the ounce and does not require Jars
  • Unlabeled Food Cans found in loot have random stats and effects

Rest and Sleeping

  • Added Fatigue Stat that lowers the players maximum possible Stamina as it increases
  • Fatigue stats increase is tied to hunger loss
  • To lower your Fatigue you will need to Rest on furniture or sleep on beds
  • How fast your Fatigue lowers is determined by the quality of furniture or bed you use
  • There are only two ways you can actively heal your Health Points, having at least a Good Diet and eating foods that give health or sleeping on Beds
  • How fast you heal while sleeping is determined by the quality of bed you sleep on
  • You can only heal a 100 HP a day by sleeping, resetting at noon
  • You can not sleep and heal if there are Zombies nearby


  • Loot and loot progression re done and rebalanced
  • Added over 150 “Junk Items” for looting immersion
  • Junk Items can be scraped for crafting ingredients
  • Added rubber as a scrapable group – Scrap Rubber
  • Added adhesives as a scrapable group – Scrap Adhesives
  • Added steel as a scrapable group – Scrap Steel
  • Added circuit boards as a scrapable group – Scrap Circuit Boards
  • Added the ability to scrap already known Skill and Recipe Books for Skill Paper
  • Skill Paper can be used with other items to reverse engineer unknown crafting recipes
  • Reverse Engineer crafting recipes by collect enough of the item you want to learn the recipe of and combine it with a Blank Skill Book on the Research Desk to learn it
  • Full weapons, tools, workstations and vehicles are not or are very rare in loot
  • Broken versions of weapons, tools, workstations and vehicles can be found in loot and the world
  • Broken Weapons, Tools, Workstations and Vehicles can be repaired without knowing how to craft them
  • Weapons and Tools will change to a Broken Version of themselves at 0 Durability


  • Added many medical items to be used in different types of injuries
  • Herbal Cream, a alternate version of Aloe Cream
  • Bandages, stops bleeds and treats wounds
  • Cleansing Wash, cleans wounds so they can be bandaged
  • First Aid Bandage, stops bleeds and treats burns and more severe wounds
  • Debriding Kit, removes shrapnel from wounds
  • Sewing Kit, stitches cuts closed poorly
  • Suture Kit, stitches cuts closed well
  • Hot Pipe, cauterizes Bite Wounds
  • Anti Venom, treat poisons animal bites
  • Medical Wrap, treats Sprains (Only usable by Surgeon and Medics)
  • Splash of Water, lowers your temperature

Campaign (Coming Soon)

  • Added a Campaign Chain Quest thats #? quest long
  • The Campaign is broken up into 3 parts early game, late game and end game
  • Early game the Campaign will require you to visit and quest in each biome to discover what caused the Z-Virus outbreak and how to cure the infection.
  • Late game the Campaign will require you to create a Bloodmoon Horde base and Farm in each biome and defend and harvest needed items from the BM enemies to produce a specialized crop
  • Late game will also require you to summon and kill a special boss for each biome
  • In the end game you will finally face off with and attempt to stop the cause of the Z-Virus outbreak
  • During the Campaign you will have the option to find and collect special uncraftable weapons each with their own special abilities and quest lines to improve their quality.

7 days to die true survival additional screenshot


A21.2 Patch 1.26

  • Trying out the old terrain style zombie gore system, No more lost loot
  • Updated Burn injuries with active stat displays
  • Updated Shrapnel Wound with a active stat display
  • Fixed bug in Burn injury where HP bleed was not happening
  • Added Guppcurs Flashbang visual effect to Flashbangs
  • Doubled xp gains from looting for Looting Skill
  • Added the ability to reset Trader quest
  • Added more randomness to the delay for a zombie to get up after getting knocked down
  • Doubled the delay between deer sounds
  • Fixed Steel Clubs repair item
  • Fixed 1 zombies spit not respecting material rules
  • Fixed some issues with the Parasite enemies
  • Fixed Charismatic perk level descriptions
  • Updated all workstation quest to show level of quest in the quest list and to say what crate you find the item in
  • Added recipe for Charred, Grilled and Boiled Meat using Protein Servings
  • Removed center POI name pop up when entering a POI
  • Removed POI and difficulty tracking on right side
  • Changed Fat Parasite to not spawn as a crawler
  • Fixed AK47 Parts item name
  • Fixed Orange tree infested versions visual names

A21.2 Patch 1.25

  • Removed NPC Core mod, it was not being used
  • Fixed all plant harvesting to give proper amount based on plant type, fertilization and professions
  • Harvest Math- Wild=1 / Crop=2 / Fertilized=3 / Farmer Profession=x2 / Gardener Hobby=+1
  • Fixed Orange and Coconut trees growth stages, display names and added ability for them to get Infested and need Insecticide.
  • Changed all forms of zombie vomit to only do one damage to plain glass blocks and a new player crafted plastic block.
  • Plain glass now has 5 hp (co it can take 4 hits from vomit before breaking)
  • Added new style of Plastic block with 50 hp that comes in all shapes
  • Updated the Gash and Laceration to an active stat display that shows all effects of the injuries
  • Fixed Radiation Poisoning to be removed when healed
  • Fixed Radiation Barrels that were not adding to players radiation effect
  • Fixed reported recipes listed in wrong crafting categories
  • Added the ability for Nail Gun to upgrade using sticks
  • Fixed Stealth Military Boots not listing noise reduction in display stats
  • Fixed Rad Pills and Iodine Tablets stat display to be correct
  • Fixed Canned Soda names and descriptions
  • Fixed reported recipe books not showing unlocked when learned
  • Fixed workstation upgrade items being found when not on that quest
  • Fixed workstation upgrade items not being found when on that quest
  • Fixed some versions of improvised campfires not having all crafting categories in their menus
  • Updated ReadMe File with some new required mod settings and suggested compatible POI modlets
  • Updated ReadMe File with connection info for Official True Survival Server now open

A21.2 Patch 1.24

  • Changed Beer Cooler to be able to be picked up with HandTruck and act as refrigerator for spoilable items.
  • Fixed bug that would make a Gash blink between two stages after dying and re acquiring a Gash
  • Fixed bug that would cause player to get stuck in zombie loot containers
  • Fixed some animals dropping zombie gore not being harvestable
  • Fixed Crocs Hunting Skill leveling
  • Removed vanilla Food Magazines from quest loot
  • Upped Hazmat Fabrics Trader cost
  • Fixed Nutritious, Spicy and Laced Meals to be locked recipes and unlock with book
  • Fixed Pro running Shoes so all quality levels give stamina bonus
  • Fixed some reported Localization issues
  • Fixed bug with Buried Treasure Quest causing no quest item to be in lockbox
  • Added missing Hydroponics workstation recipe
  • Added missing Pure Mineral Water recipe
  • Fixed Slot Locking for Backpack


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If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Spider

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45 thoughts on “True Survival

  1. A very strange one-color car that looks like a Volkswagen. They really spoil the atmosphere. Why were they added?

    1. It’s in the entityclasses.xml of the truesurvival mod itself in the config folder.. look for the line “head shots only” around line 291 and change the damagemodifiers to what you want.. -100 is no damage (though I think that’s overkill as a percentage that is 1 is 100%. Even the -0.3 is reduced damage by 30% which is why everything is harder to kill.

  2. will you update soon to 21.2? also there seem to be some problem with the workshop upgrading quest. it used to start a quest and then i had to get to a location to receive the upgrading equipment but now it only said i need an item. Are they randomly found in the loot now ?

  3. привет . есть одна проблема . в 21 альфа нет распределение по весу предметов . это сложно

  4. It’s an amazing in-depth survival and crafting healing mod, RUINED by silly/stupid monsters that don’t belong in Zombie Game this could have been the PZ mod everyone wants for 7DTD

    1. I agree. The chicken and rabbit becoming violent and being a zombie but the deer not is a bit weird too, to me. You could probably go through spawning.xml and remove the new spawns but I didn’t mod this so not sure how many dependencies are built in.

  5. I have found two more that I would like to know if they are compatible. They are Quality of Life and More Containers mods.

  6. Is this mod compatible with sexy Trader Jen, Trader Attitude, and 2-10 Skill Points per Level mods? Is thier a mod that makes it so that the trader’s are open 24/7 and destructible so that the plants and stuff inside can be gotten? Thank you for your time and the mod.

    1. The models for Jen and others don’t seem to be touched so mods only changing their models shouldn’t bother this mod.. the skill point mods would be useless though as skillpoints seem to have been removed from the game in this mod.

  7. When will this be coming to Alpha 21?
    Are thier any public server’s with this mod so that I may try it out?

  8. レベル3のクエストを解除してセーフハウスが近くにあるトレーダーに話しかけました。クエストを何度もリセットしてもセーフハウスクエストが出てきません。設定などで受注不可にされてますか?

  9. So okay me and my friend tried this mod. It was and is really nice but there are some aspect which are kinda making the whole experience worse. So firstly we spawned in took our classes and stuff made some first weapons and tried to find where we can survive our first night. Basic stuff right. We found cottage with five zombies no biggie. Made beds and bunkered in for the night. At night we made a lot of effort to not attract attention but somehow small horde of zombies was still on us with like first seconds of the night. Like in vanilla four five zombies easy but here there are some difficulties. So we semi survived the night. We were like well that went poorly next day I tried to fortify our cottage build some spikes and cleared the perimeter. Night is approaching we turned every light off started to sneak and waited. Somehow the event of first night was repeated for whatever unknown reason to me. We dealt with it accordingly. Next day it was time to get looting we found something close to motel which looked like a big summer house. Started clearing zombies but then we arrived at the bar in this house. There were a lott of zeds. Okay will take a while but nothing with patience one cannot handle. But then I noticed something as we were killing the zeds and going through locations which we cleared the same day, enemies respawned there. I noticed this happen more than few times it kinda beats the mood. I will not go into a details how there are some inconsistencies with zombie difficulty and such. Like there aint much info to get just looking at some zeds some are easy to dispatch others and I am not kidding takes ridiculous amount of punishment I am talking full focus of two players with melee weapons and each did like 20-30 hits to head and that fool was still going at us. Like I really like this mod but there are just things as stated above that are ruining my experience with game and as such makes it not enjoyable.

  10. hi spider. itryed the mod and it was very nice but i have a problem…i was bite from zombie and want to use a bandage but it not works. it says you can not use this this a bug?

  11. 如果我有一个是正在治疗的伤口,再一次来了一个伤口我将无法使用绷带治疗自己,他将会医疗感染

    1. If I have a wound that is being treated and another wound comes, I will not be able to use bandage to treat myself. He will treat the infection

  12. When trying to move the files to a machine running the dedicated server in windows, file names are too long on items by Deverezieaux on some of the blocks.nim files

  13. Great concept! My only complaint is you get too much thrown at you all at once.
    Being unfamiliar with the many professions, hobbies and traits there is no way to tell what is best to keep while scavving and what to pass on relating to your choices.
    If you try to stand and read up on your profession, you get attacked by barking, growling bunnies and chickens!
    I haven’t been able to figure out how to build a shelter without being inundated with attackers.
    I have found firearms (but no ammo), minibikes and a motorcycle(!), but unless I start the game with a wrench, no way to fuel them!

  14. edit: ok i checked the wrong file the skill point gain per level was set to 0 inside the true survival_20 progression file i have now fixed it. Was this done on purpose are skill points no longer part of the mod concept?

    1. yes, skill points have been removed.. everything is based on doing them, “learn by doing” and by schematics found in the world from what I’ve seen.

  15. is anyone else having trouble leveling when i gain a level i don’t get the skill point and i have checked the xml and it doesn’t seem to be different from the standard one as far as character progression goes says you are now level 2/3 and have 0 skill points to spend in message

  16. Please update for Alpha 20 with new content. Absolutely loved this mod, we need more mods like this!

  17. Just wanted to leave a comment on this:

    If you’re working with newer updates(19.5 in my case), make sure you don’t copy over the Assembly-CSharp.dll into the game files, as this will break the game and you’ll end up with a unity crash.

  18. Yeah tried downloading this file, after 1gb it goes error downloading and cant reseume it, tried it 4 to 5 times. Is the complete file stored anywhere else, can;t seem to find it beside main site.

  19. Quick question, I have been playing this mod for a while I’m on day 70+ and I got a fermentation barrel but not sure how to obtain murky water. I tried going to a lake with jars but they wont fill and there doesn’t seem to be a recipe for it. Haven’t seen it drop anywhere unless there is a working faucet you can get it from, but I haven’t seen a plumbing guide either. So i guess the question is; How do I get murky water to use in the barrel?

  20. Hiya
    It keeps saying network error after 1GB download
    I tried it on different browser and still saying the same
    I checked my storage I have over 30GBs of space

      1. try many times

        Не удается получить доступ к сайтуСайт не позволяет установить соединение.
        Попробуйте сделать следующее:

        Проверьте подключение к Интернету.
        Проверьте настройки прокси-сервера и брандмауэра.

        1. The problem may be caused by your internet connection or browser. Check your internet connection and try again in a different browser.

  21. So far I love the idea of this mod and as a survival guy I want to dig into it.

    I downloaded all the files, and put them where they need to go, but on Single Player it still stats me off with the basic items, and doesn’t give me the “Start Here” item.

    When I connect to the server everything seems to work fine. How can I get this to work on Single Player and it maybe even host it on my own server as well?

  22. Después de varios intentos a la hora de iniciar el juego no arranca quedandose la pantalla en negro con un proceso de carga contante en la cpu de un 60% y la gpu trabajando a un 75%.

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