True Survival

7 days to die true survival, 7 days to die overhaul mods

This mod was designed to walk the line between realism and fun engaging gameplay. Where realism became grindy or not fun Spider tried to aim for engaging gameplay mechanics with a focus on risk and reward and a strong sense of consequences. Death in this mod should not be viewed as dyeing and respawning but as if you got beaten to near death and stumbled home and passed out till you wake up(respawn). In this mod death occurs when your player can not respawn anymore.

Choosing Your Character

Upon starting, players will have Knowledge Points available to purchase up to 3 Traits, a Hobby and a Profession. These choices will determine the players starting stats, items and recipes. Players are able to learn all Professions over time by collecting 20 Profession Pages and crafting another Professions Kit. Traits do not stack. The following are the Players Starting Choices.


(All can be learned by collecting loot items during game, do not stack)


  • Unique Recipes – Gun Oil
  • Starting Recipes – Pistol, Stun Baton, Weapon Repair Kit
  • Starting Bonus Stats – Handgun Specialization 10% Faster Reload, better Aim & Handling w/Handguns
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Old Revolver 6q; 9mm Rounds x20


  • Starting Recipes – All Food Recipes
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +20% Faster Food Cooking speed
  • Starting Bonus Gear – old Knife 6q


  • Starting Recipes – Plant Salve, Molotov Cocktail
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 20% More Block Damage with Axes
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Fire Axe 3q, Full Fireman’s Almanac Book Set


  • Starting Recipes – Lock Pick
  • Starting Bonus Stats –3 Block Treasure Radius; 20% Faster Loot timers
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Old Knife 6q; Lock Pick x 20, Full Great Heist Book Set

Park Ranger

  • Starting Recipes – Herbal Antibiotics, Stone Spear, Iron Spear, Steel Spear
  • Starting Bonus Stats – Rifle Specialist 10% Faster Reload, better Aim & Handling w/Rifles; 20%
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Old Rifle 6q; 762mm Round x 20


  • Starting Recipes – Steel Knuckles, Brass Knuckles, Beer, Mead
  • Starting Bonus Stats –10% Less Stamina when Brawling
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Brass Knuckles 3q, Full Bar Brawling Book Set


  • Starting Recipes – All Wood Doors
  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Claw Hammer as a weapon; 20% Faster Crafting on the Workbench; Mastered Wood Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Claw Hammer 3q, Nail x50


  • Unique Recipes – Grubs
  • Starting Recipes – Weapon Repair Kit, Pipe Machine Gun, AK47, Pipe Bomb, Cooking Pot Mine
  • Starting Bonus Stats – Machine Gun Specialization 10% Faster Reloading and 10% better Aim with all Machine Guns. Can not get sick from eating Grubs
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Old Rifle 6q; 762mm Round x20

Fitness Instructor

  • Starting Recipes – Goldenrod Tea, Red Tea, Mega Crush, Vitamins
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 5% Less Stamina from Running; 10% Faster Run Speed; 10% Faster Walk Speed
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Bat 3q


  • Unique Recipes – Electrical Parts
  • Starting Recipes – Generator Bank, Pressure Plate, Battery Bank, Player Powered Lights, Timer Relay, Wire Relay, Motion Sensor, Speaker, Switch, Electric Fencepost, Spotlight, Stun Baton
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 20% Faster Electrical Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Screwdriver 3q


  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Mason Hammer as a weapon; 20% Faster Mason Crafting; Mastered Cobblestone Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Mason Hammer 3q

Iron Worker

  • Starting Recipes – All Iron Doors
  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Wrench as a weapon; 20% Faster Crafting on the Forge; Mastered Iron Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Wrench 3q


  • Unique Recipes – Mechanical Parts
  • Starting Recipes – Small Engine, Large Engine, Auger, Chainsaw, All Vehicles
  • Starting Bonus Stats – Sledge Specialist 10% More entity damage & more attacks per min w/Sledges; 20% Faster Vehicle Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear- Impact Driver 300q


  • Unique Recipes – Painkillers, Steroids, Stimulants
  • Starting Recipes – Plant Salve, Antibiotics, Cast
  • Starting Bonus Stats – Treated injuries heal 20% Faster; 20% Faster Medical Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear- First Aid Kit(5), Stimulant(5), Steroids(5)


  • Unique Recipes – Stimulant, Gas Bundle, GunPowder Bundle, Nitroglycerin
  • Starting Recipes – Mega Crush, Black Strap Coffee, Purification Tablets, Glue, Oil, Gas, GunPowder
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 20% Faster Chemical Crafting
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Stimulant x10


  • Unique Recipes – Insecticide
  • Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes, Watering Can, Fertilizer, Farm Plot
  • Starting Bonus Stats – 20% Faster Seed Crafting, X2 Harvesting crops

Concrete Mason

  • Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Concrete Sledge as a weapon \ 20% Faster Crafting on the Cement Mixer \ Mastered Concrete Building Skill
  • Starting Bonus Gear – Concrete Sledge 3q


(Only purchasable at start of the game)


Can track Deer and Pigs when crouched if they are near. Shotgun Specialization -10% Faster Reloading and 10% better Aim with all shotguns.


Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes, Corn Bread, Meat Stew, Bacon and Eggs, Vegetable Stew, Carrot Cake, Bread, Kabob, Chili Dog


All Vehicles top speeds increased 10%


Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Denim Pants, Overalls, Skirt, Tank Top, T Shirt, Denim Shorts, Leather Duster, Puffer Coat, Storage Pocket


Starting Recipes – All Building Block Shapes


Starting Bonus Stats – 10% Faster Stamina Regan / 10% more Max Stamina


Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Battery Bank, Speaker, Electric Fencepost, Spotlight, Ceiling Light


Starting Bonus Stats – Tending wounds heal 10% faster


Starting Bonus Stats – 10% Blunt Damage / 10% Faster


Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Bicycle, Small Engine, Minibike, Motorcycle


  • Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Insecticide, Potato Seed, Corn Seed, Goldenrod Seed, Chrysanthemum Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Egg Plant Seed, Carrot Seed
  • Starting Bonus Stats – +1 to Harvested Crops


Starting Bonus Stats – Bow Specialization 10% Faster Reloading and 10% better Aim, 10% Farther Range, 10% Faster Drawing with all Bows


(Only purchasable at start of the game, do not stack)


Trait Effect = When Indoors you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When out doors it is reversed


Trait Effect = When Outdoors you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When indoors it is reversed


Trait Effect = When Encumbered -10% More effect / -5% Less Stamina on Melee / +10% Faster Metabolism


Trait Effect = When Encumbered +10% More effect / +5% More Stamina on Melee / -10% Slower Metabolism


Trait Effect = 10 Degrees Colder / 10% Slower Metabolism


Trait Effect = 10 Degrees Hotter/ 10% Faster Metabolism


Trait Effect = 10% more chance of Illness / 10% Quicker to Heal


Trait Effect = 10% Less chance of Illness / 10% Longer to Heal


Trait Effect = 20% Faster HP Recovery when Sleeping / 20% Slower Fatigue Recovery when Resting or Sleeping


Trait Effect = 20% Slower HP Recovery when Sleeping / 20% Faster Fatigue Recovery when Resting or Sleeping

Early Bird

Trait Effect = When Daytime you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When Nighttime it is reversed

Night Owl

Trait Effect = When Nighttime you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When Daytime it is reversed


Trait Effect = 10% Faster / 10% More Noise


Trait Effect = 10% Slower / 10% Less Noise


  • All Seed Recipes found in loot
  • Seeds are made on a Drying Rack(workstation)
  • Player planted crops can be destroyed by non player entities touching them.
  • Player planted crops can be planted on any dirt type soil or crafted Farm Plots.
  • All Rotten and Moldy old food items can be scraped into “Biomass” and used in crafting Fertilizer and other recipes
  • Player planted crop Seeds can be fertilized with the Watering Can and 1 Fertilizer. Once fertilized the crop will grow ⅓ faster and produce double the produce.
  • Player planted crops have a chance to dry out and need watering with the Watering Can and 3oz. of Dirty Water
  • Player planted crops have a chance to get infested with insects and need Insecticide applied with the Watering Can and 1oz. of Insecticide
  • List of cultivatable plants
    • Fruit Crops – Yucca, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Orange
    • Vegetable Crops – Corn, Potato, Carrot, Eggplant
    • Grain Crops – Corn, Wheat
    • Protein Crops – Mushrooms, Beans
    • Other – Aloe, Chrysanthemum, Cotton, Goldenrod, Coffee, Hops

Zombies and Predators

  • Zombies require head shots to take damage from players, traps are un effected
  • Zombies move faster in darker areas
  • Zombie Types
    • Normal (standard zombies, speeds vary)
    • Spitters (Spit different types of acid and explode when near death)
    • Brutes (have a speed burst and do a lot of block damage)
    • Tanks (have a lot of health and a high chance to grab)
    • Screamers (summon zombie hordes)
    • Boomers (explode when near death)
    • Suicide Boomers (charge and explode on agro)
    • Burning (move fast, catch player on fire, dismember easy, leave fire trap on death)
    • Ferals (fast, high health)
    • Crawling Ferals (move on all fours fast, high health and can jump)
    • Infected Animals (have no fear and attack on sight)
  • Cop Zombies “Acid Puke” now leaves burning acid on you and can be removed with water.
  • Fat Zombies puke leaves a smell on you for a short time that attracts other Zombies and can be removed with water.
  • Fat Zombies explode when near death causing less player damage vs cop explosions, but greater block damage within a larger area and can puke on the player when close.
  • Snakes are now venomous and drop venom sacks which are used to make Anti-venom.
  • Custom Wandering hordes with unique infected animal groups

Zombie Bites and the Zombie Virus

  • The only way to catch the Z-Virus(Vanilla Infection) is to be bitten by an Infected.
  • The only way for a Infected to bite you is for them to first Grab you.
  • Stun is changed to a Grab (same buff just renamed and given a new Icon for immersion).
  • Your chance to be Grabbed by an Infected is based on your current Health, Stamina, Fatigue and Diet level.
  • Once Grabbed you can delay an Infected from biting you by 1 seconds with any melee hit to their head.
  • If bitten by an Infected you will catch the Z-Virus and receive a Bite Wound.
  • If the Z-Virus infection reaches 100% your character will die(Dead Dead!) and you will not be able to re spawn and must start a new character
  • Once you receive a Bite you will also get a Bleed that can be treated as normal. To remove the Bite you must cook a Metal/Steel Pipe in the Campfire and with it Cauterize the Bite. After you Cauterize the Bite you will have a Cauterized Bite Wound that you will need to treat with a Plant Salve. After applying Plant Salve you will need to treat the bite with a Bandage. After some time the bandage will get dirty and need reapplying. Do all this successfully and you will heal your Bite Wound, fail to do any of these steps and you will receive a wound.


  • Tons of added recipes from new foods, weapons, clothes and so on
  • Existing recipes adjusted in materials and/or quantity of materials needed
  • Removed Jar Recipe. Only found in loot
  • All foods that use jars now return them
  • Smelters use molds again
  • Workstations can accepted many tools
  • Bullet crafting requires a Bullet Press
  • Gun Crafting requires Gun Tools

New Systems

  • Dead is Dead – There is no bottom to wellness.The player loses 10 wellness every time they die and when they run out of wellness they can not spawn back into the game alive with that character.
  • All clothes found in loot are low quality but can be collected to learn how to craft them
  • Leather must be cured by cooking it in a pot with Brain Matter and Coal Lumps.
  • Cured Leather can then be dried on a Drying Rack.
  • Separate Repair Kits for Weapons (Weapon Repair Kit) and Machines (Scavenged Parts)
  • Small Engines for Bikes are made of parts
  • Tires can be scrapped for Scrap Rubber
  • Scrap Rubber can be melted in a campfire to produce Melted Rubber for crafting.
  • When Torches are placed they require fuel to burn and give off heat
  • Added Planks, Sticks, Large Logs, Small Logs, Branches
  • Added special meats from animals Bear Flank, Pork Belly, Venison Tenderloin
  • Bullet crafting requires a Bullet Press
  • Added advanced resources for harvesting from many world Blocks (i.e.: Stoves, Desk, Fridge, Beds, Chairs and many more)
  • Added many new scraping abilities
  • Clean water can be used to splash water on your head to cool you off for a short time
  • Added over 100 “Junk Items” to spice up looting. Junk items are everyday items found in loot that can be scraped for raw materials or used in crafting.
  • Bladed Weapons are no longer repaired but re sharpened with Sharpening Stones that can be looted or made in the forge.
  • Bladed Weapons have increased dismemberment chance but dull quicker.


  • Removed ability for stone axe to repair and upgrade.
  • Stone tools do little damage against Metal
  • Iron tools do little damage against Steel
  • Removed Harvesting Tools quality levels
  • Added Screwdriver – Good for dismantling and harvesting Electronics
  • Added Mason Hammer – Good for dismantling Flagstone and Bricks Blocks, harvests Bricks and Cobblestone
  • Added Concrete Sledge -Good for dismantling Concrete Blocks, harvests Concrete Mix and Rebar
  • Added Welding Torch – Good for dismantling Steel Blocks, harvests Steel Sheet Metal
  • Added Crowbar – Used for picking up world blocks the player can not craft.
  • Removed the ability for Buckets to pick up and place water

Workstations List

All workstations can now use anything in the tool slots. Increased Ingredient list to 6. Increased Crafting Ques to 5.

  • Mortar & Pestle – For grinding chemicals and medical items. Can also be used as a tool.
  • Stone Mill – For grinding objects into powder.
  • Anvil – For beating metal into shape. Can also be used as a tool.
  • Torches – Need fuel for light and heat
  • Campfire – For cooking and basic chemistry
  • Research Desk – For reverse engineering unknown crafting schematics
  • Armor Table – For crafting clothes and armor.
  • Dry Rack – For drying Skins, Firewood and creating Seeds from crops.
  • Workbench for crafting – For crafting objects
  • Chemistry Workbench – For crafting advanced medicines and chemicals
  • Fermentation Barre – For making Mead and Beer
  • Cement Mixer – For crafting stone building materials
  • Methane Producer – For producing Methane Bombs
  • Steel Forge – For smelting Steel, Bulletproof Glass and Plastics

Workstation Tools List

  • Anvil – Claw Hammer
  • Campfire – Stick, Cooking Grill, Cooking Pot, Frying Pan, Blender
  • Armor Table – Sewing Needle, Anvil, Leather Needle, Wrench, Welder, Small Loom
  • Workbench for crafting – Claw Hammer, Anvil, Bullet Press, Mortar & Pestle, Screwdriver, Welder, Wrench, Gun Tools, Tool & Die Set, Saw
  • Chemistry Workbench – Beaker, Lab Equipment, Still, Mortar & Pestle
  • Steel Forge – For smelting Steel, Bulletproof Glass and Plastics


  • Added new Limp debuffs. When a player reaches 10% health they will limp. Heal up above 10% health to heal the Limp
  • Added new Fast Travel buff when you are traveling on a paved road. When on a paved road you will travel 20% faster. This Does apply to animals and zombies.
  • Smoking reduces hunger but has a slight stamina drain and lowers wellness slightly.

Wound Buff System

Anything that can attack you has a chance to hurt you. Get hurt too much and you will be wounded. To heal the wound you will have to treat it and maintain it until it heals. This wound system has 5 stages.

  1. The first is Bruised and needs no tending to or maintaining it will heal on its own as long as you are not hurt more.
  2. The Second is a Small Wound. When you receive enough damage to get a Small Wound you will also get a Pain Buff that can be cured with a Pain Killer. To Heal the Small Wound you need to use a Bandage on it. After some time the bandage will get dirty and need reapplied. Do all of this successfully and your small wound will heal into Bruised. Fail to keep the wound clean or receive to much more damage from attackers and it will progress to a Wound.
  3. The Third is a Wound. When you receive enough damage to get a Wound you will also get a Sprained Leg Buff that can be cured with a Splint. To Heal the Wound you need to use a First Aid Bandage on it. After some time the First Aid Bandage will get dirty and need reapplied. Do all of this successfully and your Wound will heal into Small Wound. Fail to keep the wound clean or receive to much more damage from attackers and it will progress to a Sever Wound.
  4. The Forth is a Severe Wound. When you receive enough damage to get a Sever Wound you will also get a Gash Buff that can be cured with a Suter Kit. To Heal the Sever Wound you need to use a Sanitized Bandage on it. After some time the Sanitized Bandage will get dirty and need reapplied. Do all of this successfully and your Sever Wound will heal into a Wound. Fail to keep the wound clean or receive to much more damage from attackers and it will progress to an Infected Wound.
  5. The Last stage is an


When the player starts and learns their profession their Nutrition stat is set to the highest level “Healthy Diet”. There are 3 good stages to Nutrition.

  • At “Good Diet” you will start to gain wellness and health effects from foods.
  • At “Balanced Diet” you will begin to heal faster from injuries like broken or sprained leg, dysentery and other injuries.
  • At “Healthy Diet” when you are full you will receive a slow heal over time. It takes 7 game days for the full Nutrition buff to fade completely.

Bad Nutrition

The longer it has been since you had “Good Diet” the more your Malnourished Stat will start to stack up. Once all good Nutrition buffs fall off you will no longer receive wellness or health from food or drink. There are 3 stages to Malnourished.

  • At “Bad Diet” you will get hungry faster and lose stamina.
  • At “Vitamin Deficiency” you will take longer to heal from injuries; get hungry faster; lose stamina and move slower.
  • At “Malnourished” you will take longer to heal from injuries; get hungry faster; lose stamina; move slower and slowly start to lose wellness.

Completely New Skill and XP System

  • All quality items have their own crafting skill and crafting a quality item only gives XP toward its own crafting skill. So crafting Stoneaxes only gives XP for improving Stoneaxes.
  • Many added Perks

Important Note

Mod is available in SP/Coop and Server play. It is not finished and is still in active development and open to suggestions, feedback and bug reports. At this time no assets may be used for redistribution.

  • Test Server
    • IP –
    • Port. – 28716
    • PW – In DL ReadME


A20.6 Build 1.12

  • Updated Sphereii’s Score
  • Added the Quartz mod by Laydor
  • Added stronger and more variance to weather effects in each biome
  • Lowered the amount of Carrots and Potatoes growing in the wild
  • Fixed Players being able to trample crops
  • Changed explosive blocks to be able to catch on fire
  • Made POI Spotlights able to be picked up with the Crowbar
  • Added Kitchen Workstation crafting icon
  • Increased the number of quest to upgrade workstations
  • Staggered the progression of the quality of items on quality crafting workstations
  • Fixed Orange trees allowing to much fertilizer to be used
  • Removed Scaffolding Block
  • Added new Score Feature – Carry Weight
  • Removed vanilla Encumbrance system
  • Everything but building blocks have a weight to them
  • At 100% your Max Carry Weight you will start to be slowed down
  • At 150% your Max Carry Weight you will not be able to move or gain Stamina
  • All old encumbrance effects by items converted to new weight system
  • Comprehensive Injuries System reconfigured to remove all bugs
  • Vanilla weather effects removed
  • New weather effects added Overheating, Heat Stroke, Freezing and Hypothermia
  • Added notification system for losing Wellness, Nutrition or gaining Fatigue. Now whenever something effects them negatively you will know
  • Reconfigured the Fatigue system to degrade in relation to your hunger instead of time of day
  • Reconfigured all nutrition stats to degrade in relation to hunger instead of time of day
  • Added new Custom Stat Display on hud that shows Stamina, Health, Hunger, Thirst, All 3 nutrition stats and your Diet Level
  • The Custom Stat Display contains notches on each stat bar to represent the point at which negative effects happen
  • Changed the Compass to show Players current Temp, Weather Temp, Day and Time
  • Changed clothes pockets to give extra Carry Weight
  • Changed clothing to have 6 quality levels that can be damaged and need repairing
  • You can increase the quality of clothing by upgrading it to the next quality level
  • Fixed quality workstations crafting categories
  • Added 12 stats to display on stat display panel
  • Added 12 ingredient max for crafting
  • Changed Armor to break if not repaired
  • Rebalanced all food items stats.
  • Removed some old and added new food items
  • Rebalanced the Nutrition System. Whereas before all nutrition was accumulative, now the nutrition stats increase the more complex and higher lv the dish is
  • Changed Food Serving from being a item received from scraping to a item crafted
  • Fixed all reported bugs
  • Added broken variants to all weapons, tools and vehicles
  • Broken items can be repaired to working condition even if you do not have the recipe to craft the item from scratch
  • And more things he forgot

A20.6 Build 1.11

  • Updated Score
  • Fixed Mushrooms and Pumpkin growth stages
  • Fixed Jack-O-Lanterns to not be saleable
  • Fixed Crowbar harvesting King Bed from Twin Bed
  • Changed the pallets that drop Cement to drop Concrete Mix
  • Increased the chance to trip on gore if running
  • Fixed exploding zombies block damage on exploding
  • Changed mines and thrown explosives to not start fires
  • Fixed Eggs scraping to Meat
  • Fixed crafted Quest Starter for redoing a quest to not cost anything to craft and not be scrapable
  • Fixed Sap to not scrap to Adhesives
  • Fixed Oven Repair Kit Icon
  • Fixed tree seeds descriptions
  • Increased chance for Hunting Knife in loot
  • Removed extra Rosemary to Plant Fibers recipe
  • Added Jars to handcrafted juices
  • Updated Logo
  • Fixed issue with some zombies causing an error when spawning

A20.6 Build 1.10

  • Updated Score for Spreadable Fire Improvements
  • Blocks will not give the fire debuff when walked on if the fire particle is not active
  • Improved Fire Bucket to better put out fires
  • Removed the ability for spitter/exploders to start fires
  • Radiated spitters/exploders will still start fires
  • Demo Zombie still starts fires
  • Updated Logo

Also available on the mod launcher!

If you appreciate Spider’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Spider

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30 thoughts on “True Survival

  1. Después de varios intentos a la hora de iniciar el juego no arranca quedandose la pantalla en negro con un proceso de carga contante en la cpu de un 60% y la gpu trabajando a un 75%.

  2. So far I love the idea of this mod and as a survival guy I want to dig into it.

    I downloaded all the files, and put them where they need to go, but on Single Player it still stats me off with the basic items, and doesn’t give me the “Start Here” item.

    When I connect to the server everything seems to work fine. How can I get this to work on Single Player and it maybe even host it on my own server as well?

      1. try many times

        Не удается получить доступ к сайтуСайт не позволяет установить соединение.
        Попробуйте сделать следующее:

        Проверьте подключение к Интернету.
        Проверьте настройки прокси-сервера и брандмауэра.

        1. The problem may be caused by your internet connection or browser. Check your internet connection and try again in a different browser.

  3. Hiya
    It keeps saying network error after 1GB download
    I tried it on different browser and still saying the same
    I checked my storage I have over 30GBs of space

  4. Quick question, I have been playing this mod for a while I’m on day 70+ and I got a fermentation barrel but not sure how to obtain murky water. I tried going to a lake with jars but they wont fill and there doesn’t seem to be a recipe for it. Haven’t seen it drop anywhere unless there is a working faucet you can get it from, but I haven’t seen a plumbing guide either. So i guess the question is; How do I get murky water to use in the barrel?

  5. Yeah tried downloading this file, after 1gb it goes error downloading and cant reseume it, tried it 4 to 5 times. Is the complete file stored anywhere else, can;t seem to find it beside main site.

  6. Just wanted to leave a comment on this:

    If you’re working with newer updates(19.5 in my case), make sure you don’t copy over the Assembly-CSharp.dll into the game files, as this will break the game and you’ll end up with a unity crash.

  7. Please update for Alpha 20 with new content. Absolutely loved this mod, we need more mods like this!

  8. is anyone else having trouble leveling when i gain a level i don’t get the skill point and i have checked the xml and it doesn’t seem to be different from the standard one as far as character progression goes says you are now level 2/3 and have 0 skill points to spend in message

  9. edit: ok i checked the wrong file the skill point gain per level was set to 0 inside the true survival_20 progression file i have now fixed it. Was this done on purpose are skill points no longer part of the mod concept?

  10. Great concept! My only complaint is you get too much thrown at you all at once.
    Being unfamiliar with the many professions, hobbies and traits there is no way to tell what is best to keep while scavving and what to pass on relating to your choices.
    If you try to stand and read up on your profession, you get attacked by barking, growling bunnies and chickens!
    I haven’t been able to figure out how to build a shelter without being inundated with attackers.
    I have found firearms (but no ammo), minibikes and a motorcycle(!), but unless I start the game with a wrench, no way to fuel them!

  11. When trying to move the files to a machine running the dedicated server in windows, file names are too long on items by Deverezieaux on some of the blocks.nim files

  12. 如果我有一个是正在治疗的伤口,再一次来了一个伤口我将无法使用绷带治疗自己,他将会医疗感染

    1. If I have a wound that is being treated and another wound comes, I will not be able to use bandage to treat myself. He will treat the infection

  13. hi spider. itryed the mod and it was very nice but i have a problem…i was bite from zombie and want to use a bandage but it not works. it says you can not use this this a bug?

  14. So okay me and my friend tried this mod. It was and is really nice but there are some aspect which are kinda making the whole experience worse. So firstly we spawned in took our classes and stuff made some first weapons and tried to find where we can survive our first night. Basic stuff right. We found cottage with five zombies no biggie. Made beds and bunkered in for the night. At night we made a lot of effort to not attract attention but somehow small horde of zombies was still on us with like first seconds of the night. Like in vanilla four five zombies easy but here there are some difficulties. So we semi survived the night. We were like well that went poorly next day I tried to fortify our cottage build some spikes and cleared the perimeter. Night is approaching we turned every light off started to sneak and waited. Somehow the event of first night was repeated for whatever unknown reason to me. We dealt with it accordingly. Next day it was time to get looting we found something close to motel which looked like a big summer house. Started clearing zombies but then we arrived at the bar in this house. There were a lott of zeds. Okay will take a while but nothing with patience one cannot handle. But then I noticed something as we were killing the zeds and going through locations which we cleared the same day, enemies respawned there. I noticed this happen more than few times it kinda beats the mood. I will not go into a details how there are some inconsistencies with zombie difficulty and such. Like there aint much info to get just looking at some zeds some are easy to dispatch others and I am not kidding takes ridiculous amount of punishment I am talking full focus of two players with melee weapons and each did like 20-30 hits to head and that fool was still going at us. Like I really like this mod but there are just things as stated above that are ruining my experience with game and as such makes it not enjoyable.

  15. レベル3のクエストを解除してセーフハウスが近くにあるトレーダーに話しかけました。クエストを何度もリセットしてもセーフハウスクエストが出てきません。設定などで受注不可にされてますか?

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