Ammo Dismantle Mod

7 days to die ammo dismantle mod, 7 days to die ammo

Inspired by Elucidus’ “Ammo Disassembly” mod, but revamped so it uses the bundle mechanic instead. All arrows/bolts/bullets/shells/slugs/rockets included in dismantle recipes at 1x, 10x, 50x, and 250x sizes.

Stack size can be changed by any mods altering the “Stacknumber” property.

This is my first mod, so any ideas for upgraded versions are welcome. Thoughts I’ve had are:

  • Add learning mechanism so you can only dismantle when you learn the recipe
  • Different crafting times based on the material you get and/or stack size
  • Somehow altering the amount of material you get when you learn stacking of a certain ammo type.
    • This is to keep people from making perpetual resources when they can craft stacks with less materials

7 days to die ammo dismantle mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die ammo dismantle mod additional screenshot 2


Credits: RunyonRings

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4 thoughts on “Ammo Dismantle Mod

  1. UPDATE: I just tested the mod and it does NOT have the same problem as the other ammo disassembly mod does (preventing you from claiming the materials after you disassemble the ammo). Once again, I am saying this mod seems to be working properly with the latest version of the game (unlike the mod it was based on).

    1. Thank you for testing this! Since this mod uses the bundle mechanics there hopefully isn’t any limit to how many you can open.

    1. Shouldnt need to be installed by everyone but depending on how it was made the other users may not see the disassembled ammo icons (it will look like an empty slot in their inventory but should have the stack number showing if there is more than 1). They can still be used for those players who can not see the icons it is just not easy to find them in your inventory. That being said, the mod this was based on is not working correctly in the latest version of the game as of Aug 20 2023. It allows users to disassemble the ammo but after opening a few of the disassembled boxes it will stop letting users from opening any more saying “you can’t accept this quest” or something similar. Therefore, I can not guarantee this mod will not have the same issue.

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