Vanilla AK-47 Replacer

7 days to die vanilla ak-47 replacer, 7 days to die weapons

This 7DTD mod replaces the vanilla AK-47 model with a cleaner version that has proper, precise iron-sights. It is completely functional to vanilla standards, all attachments are hand placed and work as expected, and it has fire and reload animations.

7 days to die vanilla ak-47 replacer, screenshot 1

7 days to die vanilla ak-47 replacer, screenshot 2


This modlet, and his other ‘replacement’ modlets, do not actually overwrite any of the vanilla files and can be installed/uninstalled on an existing save with zero ill effects. They should also be compatible with other modlets that alter weapon properties as long as this mod loads first (which is why the mod folder names start with AAA).

Installation Instructions

Extract archive to mods folder.

Download Compatibility Patch for His PIP Optics Replacer

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Sykriss

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