Script’s Melee Arsenal – Legendary Weapons

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New Items: Legendary Weapons!

Each “Class” features at least one Legendary weapon, known for being both exceptionally rare and remarkably powerful. However, these weapons are meticulously balanced in relation to the other Vanilla Items.

These Legendary weapons do not come with crafting recipes. Instead, they are exclusively acquired through looting, in keeping with the style of MMOs where valuable items were discovered within the game world or obtained by defeating bosses.

Here’s a list of what’s included:

  • Autumn’s Call – A Legendary Katana
  • Brasswind Blade – A Legendary Stun Baton
  • Voidbreaker – A Legendary Two-Handed Sword
  • Mjölnir’s Echo – A Legendary Sledgehammer
  • Abyssal Reach – A Legendary Spear/Halberd
  • Whispering Death – A Legendary Knife
  • Earthrend Spade – A Legendary Club

Enjoy the excitement they bring!

Feel free to share any feedback, issues, or balancing ideas in the comments section below.


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Credits: theScriptHD

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7 thoughts on “Script’s Melee Arsenal – Legendary Weapons

  1. not really balanced and way too common , got like 5 before i hit level 15 with only 100 loot. Really needs to be rarer and locked to not appear until later loot stage.

  2. Hello, I installed the mod, but I have a problem, the weapons do not have their correct shape, for example instead of the katana I have a piece of fabric in my hand

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