BK Sniper Turret A21

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  • Sniper auto-turret with extended range of 60 blocks. Uses 7.62 Ball and 7.62 AP ammo.
  • Ammo list = ammo762mmBulletBall, ammo762mmBulletAP
  • All assets are existing items and the mod only needs to be on the host for multiplayer games.
  • Rate of fire is slower than others, but it is a one shot kill on most anything.
  • Recipe uses hunting rifle parts and a motion sensor.


Credits: BadKarma64

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4 thoughts on “BK Sniper Turret A21

    1. Not really since it uses the properties from the SMG turret.
      The noise would be the same as the SMG turret since that was the basis of the mod.

  1. Can you do an update to allow the turret to be picked up? If the placement goes wrong there is no way to pick up and adjust.

    1. I’ve always been able to pick it up if there is a Land Claim block in range.
      This was just a modified version of the SMG Turret code.

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