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Alpha 21 Compatibility – Paintings & Posters Rebranding (Permission Granted by Snufkin)


Formerly known as “Ztensity’s Paintings & Posters”, this mod now offers a more immersive and in-depth gameplay experience for players as “Ztensity’s Art Studio”. Originally created by Snufkin, this modlet contains all original 20 posters and 20 paintings, but now gives players access to crafting additional paintings, posters, canvases, framed pictures, supplies, lights, decor and even dyes.

To unlock the Art Studio, you will have to find and read seven volumes of the “Forge Ahead” magazine. Once unlocked, you will have access to crafting many items without unlocking them. From vanilla canvases, posters and framed pictures, custom art studio themed decor and supplies like paint and cloth fragments to dyes, that is just the start to what this custom station has to offer.

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In order to craft most paintings and posters, you will have to read seven volumes of the “Paintings & Posters” book series found across your travels and at traders. As each volume of the “Paintings & Posters” series is read, a recipe will become unlocked for the corresponding paintings or posters depending on what was read. Once all volumes are read, you will then have access to crafting a separate set of paintings and posters through a “Secret Paintings” recipe.

If you’re lucky, you may even find three rarer paintings exclusively from a trader earlier. While these recipes can be crafted without an Art Studio, it will be slightly more expensive and will grant the player much less immersion and most importantly less features. Once the Art Studio has been built, all paintings and posters can be crafted at a cheaper cost while also giving you access to many more craftables.

At the Art Studio, you will be able to craft a myriad of things. Similarly, to previous iterations, you can craft lights after unlocking them by reading “Wiring 101” magazines to work on their Electrician skill and reach mastery of Tier 1: Basic Electricity. You will be able to save hard-earned water by gaining access to crafting paint with car oil and the Chrysanthemums plant instead.

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Possibly the most useful feature coming with this update is access to crafting various Dyes at the Art Studio. Instead of solely relying on loot found on your travels, you can now craft each dye by providing the required ingredients that will range from select fruits, medical supplies and more. These won’t always be cheap, but it’s sometimes going to be a quicker approach when compared to finding the dye you’re looking for.

I think it would be absolutely criminal to forget to mention that this mod offers various storage solutions in the form of select art studio themed decorations you can craft at the Art Studio workstation. While somewhat limited and sometimes hard to craft, you’ll eventually be able to craft these containers and hold all manors of things, namely paints and other supplies if you’re privy.

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This isn’t where the features of the Art Studio end however, as you will even be able to readily craft cloth fragments, interactive paintings once unlocked and a paint roller item that functions similarly to the paintbrush but requires different crafting materials. Players can now also craft two different lights. The smaller light is for paintings and posters that are vertical. Meanwhile, the longer light is meant for the horizontal “secret paintings” and certain canvases.

Oh, and did I mention specializing in certain gunsmith skills will unlock rare displayable blueprints?


Ztensity’s Art Studio is built for compatibility with A21. While it is possible it may be playable in other alphas, it has not been tested or confirmed. This modlet is likely incompatible with select overhauls that adjusts skill books, the perk system or elements of the UI. While this mod can be played solo, multiplayer or in a dedicated server, all players will have to have the mod in their “Mods” folder.

With this release, players will be able to download optional patches if they are playing with my mod Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI) or Sirillion’s SMX. If you are playing 7 Days to Die with SMX, you will be required to download the corresponding optional patch. Meanwhile the patch for UBBI is not required but highly encouraged to bridge the gaps between paintings and posters from UBBI and the custom Art Studio workstation.

After placing certain items in your base, specifically the vertical paintings and vertical posters, they can only be destroyed in the middle section of the item. Once this modlet is implemented into a game-save, your journey to find all seven books and embrace a life of art begins!

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A portion of assets and coding was originally designed by Snufkin. However, with his permission I have re-designed the modlet with a lot more content. Snufkin’s assets included 20 paintings and 20 posters from UNITY3D bundles, 40 icons and two XML files as a starting point (blocks.xml and blockplaceholders.xml).

I owe continued thanks to The Fun Pimps and authors like Hernan for their artwork and painting designs. I stripped the “Pictures & Paintings” variant block considerably and made them each individually craftable at the Art Studio with unique descriptions to make for a better and more immersive playing experience.

Credit is also due to the following artists for using art they designed as pictures for the new paintings:


Formerly known as “Ztensity’s Paintings & Posters”, my mod has now been updated to offer an even more immersive and in-depth gameplay experience as “Ztensity’s Art Studio”.

While players will have to unlock many items through skills, books and magazines, the art studio offers many craftables once unlocked such as paint, decor and a paint roller. Your artists journey begins now!

This mod comes with a patch to ensure compatibility between Ztensity’s Art Studio with the A21 version of Sirillion’s SMX. This patch is required if you’re playing with both mods. This mod also comes with a patch that bridges the gap between artworks from UBBI and the custom Art Studio workstation in Ztensity’s Art Studio. While this second patch is not required, it is encouraged.

Ztensity’s Art Studio and its corresponding patches are built for compatibility with A21.

Get Hunting!

DOWNLOAD Ztensity’s Art Studio (117 MB)
DOWNLOAD Ztensity’s Art Studio SMX Patch (1 KB)
DOWNLOAD Ztensity’s Art Studio UBBI Patch (4 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ztensity, Snufkin

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2 thoughts on “Ztensity’s Art Studio

  1. love this concept, is there any way to add custom images to the paintings? I Have this idea for making my wife a Bob Ross exhibit and have all the paintings i want to use but not sure how to add custom jpegs to the paintings or make them from scratch like this somewhat?? Any suggestions?

  2. I LOVE this mod. Not only because it means I can decorate my base like an art gallery, but also because it changes up a lot of the boring portraits you see in every poi (and yes I occasionally hesitate before smashing them lol). Can’t wait for new additions. Might I request The Starry Night and Starry Night Over the Rhone by Van Gogh? And maybe some Monet or Pollock? 🙂

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