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This is a review mod based on the mod (Your End) and as the author I bring you some new functions that it has and surely it will be available later, but remember that they are only appearance functions and surely later I will also bring for those who They only want a change in appearance and not increase as more slots, simply with the amount of inventory slots of 7 days to die that it brings by default and so when they want to eliminate it it does not cause any problem.


The mod will bring updates little by little, because the appearance still needs to be modified a lot and suggestions will also be accepted and those who want the mod for a project will have to request it through discord and I will read it when it is available.

This mod still has features not enabled so that will only be available to modders who have projects as review mods, and additionally compatibility with Quartz could also be added.


  • The mod comes in English, Spanish, German
  • The appearance was slightly customized to the blue color (you can customize the color but it will require permission from the author)
  • Inventory has 66 slots
  • Added 3 slots to the entrance of the forge
  • Tickets to craft have 6 slots
  • The type of material (scrapping) was added to the description of any article
  • Added what ammunition uses each weapon descriptions
  • It was added with which kit each weapon or tool is repaired, it will only be seen if it is in your inventory or chests.
  • Extra functions were added to ingredients, when you have enough quantity it will turn green and if not it will be red.


Remember not to use this mod in the new version of the mod (Your End) that will be available very soon. May not be compatible with some hotfix mods that modified the appearance.

7 days to die ramos xui additional screenshot 1

7 days to die ramos xui additional screenshot 2

7 days to die ramos xui additional screenshot 3

Permissions and license in the mod folder.


Patch Notes 2.0.5

  • It is released (0-Dcore (XMR_Core)) so that any interface mods creator can use it (always respecting the license)
  • The recipe tracking icon did not appear on the recipe list (solved)
  • The initial mission icon did not appear on the recipe list (solved)
  • The recipe tracker was modified (with XMR_Core)

Patch Notes 2.0.4

  • The Mod window was corrected (when pressing ESC the window disappeared)
  • Changed the inventory controller to 0-DCore(XMR_Core)
  • Fixed bug when locking inventory slots.

Patch Notes 2.0.3

  • Changed controller color when locking inventory slots.
  • Modifiers icon was added to the windows (vendor, recipe list, reward) (the game did not have it)

Patch Notes 2.0.2

  • Added more mods (so you can download them from the menu)
  • Added color when blocking inventory slots
  • Improved the player window when pressing (B)
  • Seller reward window improved
  • Added a window to put your patch notes for those who have (review mods)
  • Added 0-DCore(XMR_Core) to improve and replace some things that cannot be done.

DOWNLOAD RAMOS XUI Unchanged (15,1 MB)

If you appreciate Djtriplexmr’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Djtriplexmr

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22 thoughts on “Ramos XUI

    1. This happens when going from normal version to unchanged. Restarted with no mods and then went back to unchanged and it fixed it.

  1. Hola.

    Podrías explicar qué diferencias hay entre las dos versiones?
    RAMOS XUI (14,7 MB) y RAMOS XUI Unchanged (14,7 MB)


  2. está bien buena la interfaz, pero preguntaba si podías adaptarla para serverside only, me parece geniales las funciones que hay por DLL, pero EAC off, no va para server side, tenlo como opinión, muchas gracias por tu trabajo!

  3. Hello there! My UI is 50% transparent!! How can I make it 0% transparent like the picture you showed here?? Thank you!

  4. Спасибо блять за сломанное сохранение. Инвентарь крафта просто не отображается при удаление мода при входе в любую станцию ошибка

  5. Came across a bug. When retrieving your backpack after death, players have to manually drag each item into their new inventory. They also get stuck in the UI and have to reload the game, to regain control of their character. I do have a screen shot of the error message from the console if needed.

    Other than that, we are enjoying this mod a ton! Thanks!

  6. Para los que tengan errores al morir por el momento vayan a discord y descarguen el parche o editen el archivo loot.xml ahi adentro cambien el numero 10,11 por 10,9

  7. I love this mod. The only issue I am running into is when I install it onto my server. It only works for on person. Not everyone can use it. So it is best for solo game play in your PC.

    1. Eac desactivado y los otros jugadores tienen que tener el mod. , ya tengo la actualizacion solo me falta subirla , pero tendra que esperar un poco.

  8. Tengo 1 problema… Al morir e ir a buscar la mochila me salta la consola y no puedo agarrar ningún objeto de la misma ni tampoco me deja apretar escape para tratar de salir del juego ya que me queda la pantalla atascada con la mochila abierta y sin poder usar el mouse

  9. Trabajando en la actualizacion de este mod corrijiendo muchos detalles, este ramos mod solo modifica un poco la interfaz, a diferencia de mi MOD YOUR END que tiene una modificacion completa de la interfaz y tambien el juego

    1. muy pronto saldra la actualizacion completa con una nueva interfaz,el mod se llama YOUR END , a mas tardar sale en una semana con ayuda de instalacion en youtube, sera un mod completo

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