War3zuk Mods All in One

7 days to die war3zuk tallon mods all in one

This 7 Days to Die mod combines all of War3zuk mods into a single file.

Which Mods Included


Updated v2.49 to 2.50

Renamed Both Katanas (Made In Player Inventory) Added HD Dragon Katana (Made In Player Inventory) Fixed HD CheyTac M300 Durability Fixed HD Dragunov SVD Dmg Fixed HD Tactical AR Mag Size Adjusted Overall Dmg for the 7.62 Round

Updated v2.48 to 2.49

Fixed HD Dragunov SVD Scope Custom Zoom x30 Added HD Dragunov SVD Animations Fire, Idle, Reload Added HD Blade Trap (Unlocked Via Vanilla Schematic) Added HD Dart Trap (Unlocked Via Vanilla Schematic) Fixed HD Mods Schematic

Updated v2.47 to 2.48

Fixed HD Dragunov SVD Recipe

Updated v2.46 to 2.47

Added HD CheyTac M300 Repeat-Shot Sound Added HD CheyTac M300 Specular LightMapping Fixed HD CheyTac M300 (Decals)

Added HD Winchester 1866 (Hires PBR Model) Paid Uses Vanilla Silencer & 4x Scope Added HD Winchester 1866 Schematic

Adjusted HD Desert Eagle / Punisher Dmg Added New HD M134 MiniGun Barrel

Added HD Dragunov SVD (Hires PBR Model) Paid Added HD Dragunov Custom Scope (Dragunov Model Hires PBR) Paid Added HD Dragunov Custom Silencer Added HD Dragunov Scope to the Mods Schematic Added HD Dragunov 256×256 Icons for Gun & Scope Alined usable Attachments

Fixed Silencer for HD Spas 12 / HD MossBerg 500

Removed Vanilla Silencer From These Models These All Use Custom Silencers HD Colt M1911 HD Colt M1911A HD Desert Eagle Punisher HD Desert Eagle HD Mac10 Auto HD Spas 12 HD Spas 12 Street HD Spas 12 USA HD Spas 12 Alien HD Spas 12 Irish HD Mossberg 500 HD Arctic Warfare HD CheyTac M300 HD Dragunov SVD

Updated v2.45 to 2.46

Added HD M134 MiniGun (Barrel Heat) Adjusted HD Arctic Warfare Dmg Adjusted HD CheyTac M300 Dmg Fixed HD CheyTac M300 Reload Animation Fixed HD CheyTac M300 Scope Position Adjusted HD CheyTac M300 Fire Sound, Surpressed Sound Blender (Removed 2 Decals) HD CheyTac M300 Adjusted Vanilla Ammo Dmg (WIP) Adjusted Custom Rounds Dmg (WIP) Added 408 Ammo to Dismantle Added 50 BMG Ammo to Dismantle Added Ammo Localization Fixed Healing BedRoll (1HP / 2s) Adjusted HD Mods Schematic Probability 0.05 Adjusted HD Benches Probability 0.05

Updated v2.44 to 2.45

Fixed Bench Schematics HD Wrench Code Updated Removed HD Lock Pick (Redundant) Made Movie Posters (Craftable) Added More Vanilla Animals (All Areas)

HD Desert Eagle (Redid Animations) Fixed HD Desert Eagle Punisher Reload Animation Improved The Animation On The HD MiniGun Added Casing Eject

Updated v2.43 to 2.44 (HotFix For v2.43)

  • Updated HD Forge Model (Hires PBR Model) Paid
  • Box Colider was
  • Added HD PicsBench (Hires PBR Model) Paid
  • All XXX Pic Frames are now made in here
  • Added HD AmmoBench (All Ammo Types Made In Here)
  • Added Localization For All Benches

Updated v2.42 to 2.43 (Made an error which messed up the shotty so will upload v2.44)

  • Fixed HD Spas 12 Damage
  • Added HD Double Barrel (Hires PBR Model) See Videos
  • Added HD Double Barrel Animations, Fire,Idle,Reload (Had Fun Making This One)
  • HD Double Barrel Schematic
  • Added 256×256 Icons
  • Fixed HD M3 Auto Recipe Costs
  • Fixed HD Electrolyte Value
  • HD GunBench & HD WorkBench (In 1 Model File)
  • HD Oven & HD Dispenser (In 1 Model File)
  • Tweaked HD Double Barrel Reload Animation

Updated v2.41 to 2.42

  • Added HD CheyTac M300 (Hires PBR Model) Paid Added HD CheyTac M300 Schematic Added HD CheyTac M300 Silenced Sound Added HD CheyTac M300 .408 Calibre Round Added HD CheyTac M300 Live Fire Sound Aligned HD CheyTac M300 Usable Addons
  • Added HD Forge Model (Hires PBR Model) Paid Adjusted HD Arctic Silencer to Match (HD CheyTac M300) Updated Texture on HD Working Oven Improved The Fire Animation of the HD Colts
  • Added HD M3 Auto SubMachine Gun (Hires PBR Model) Paid Added HD M3 Auto SubMachine Gun Ilde,Fire,Reload Animations Added HD M3 Auto Schematic Added HD M3 Auto Icons 256×256 Added HD M3 Auto Live Fire Sound
  • Fixed HD Spas 12 Icons
  • Adjusted Schematic Probabilities From .05 To .005 Adjusted Ammo Probabilities From .02 To .01 Adjusted RNG Slightly
  • Fixed HD GunBench Schematic Not In Loot Added All Tool Schematics to Extra Places on Map Fixed Desert Eagle Schematic (Includes Punisher Model)

Updated v2.40 to 2.41

  • Added HD GunBench (Paid Model) (All Weapons Are Now Built Here) Added HD GunBench Schematic
  • Added HD WorkBench (Most Tools Are Now Built Here) Added HD WorkBench Schematic
  • Fixed HD Range Cooker (Orientation Due To 18.4 Patch) Fixed HD Water Dispenser (Orientation Due To 18.4 Patch)
  • (Read Carefully) (Paid PBR Models) Default Spas Uses The Zombie Skin Added HD Spas 12 Default (Click This In Game To Craft The Other 4) Added HD Spas 12 Street Added HD Spas 12 USA Added HD Spas 12 Alien Added HD Spas 12 Irish
  • Adjusted All Weapons, Silencers to only use the HD GunBench Adjusted All HD Tools (Few Eceptions) To only use the HD WorkBench
  • Fixed UI_Display (Thanks Sirillion) Updated For UI Patch Cleaned UI For HD Forge (Thanks Sirillion)
  • Fixed ZombieUtility From Insta Killing Player

Updated v2.39 to 2.40 (Big Update Lots Of Changes & Stuff)

  • Updated Old Desert Eagle (To make way for the paid model) Adjusted Sounds Added Desert Eagle Punisher (Hires PBR Model) (Paid) Added Desert Eagle Punisher Animations Fire,Idle,Reload
  • Added HD Spas 12 (Hires PBR Model) (Paid) (Base Model No anims yet, Was needed in order to Line up its Silencer)
  • Aligned all its addons Added HD Mods Silencer Schematic Fixed HD MossBerg 500 Reload Time Fixed HD MossBerg 500 Shotgun Attributes Fixed HD Spas 12 Shotgun Attributes
  • (New Model) (Aligned In Game) 75% Less Sound Added HD Colt M1911 Custom Silencer (PBR Model) Added HD Colt M1911A Custom Silencer (PBR Model)
  • (New Model) (Aligned In Game) 75% Less Sound Added HD Desert Eagle Custom Silencer (PBR Model) Added HD Desert Eagle Punisher Custom Silencer (PBR Model)
  • (New Model) (Aligned In Game) 75% Less Sound Added HD Mac10 Auto Custom Silencer (PBR Model) Added HD Mac10 Auto Casing Eject
  • (New Model) (Aligned In Game) 75% Less Sound Added HD MossBerg 500 Custom Silencer (PBR Model)
  • (New Model) (Aligned In Game) 75% Less Sound Added HD Arctic Warfare Custom Silencer (PBR Model)

(These are nothing to do with War3zuk’s AIO mod) War3zuk Canyon Cave is a Duplicate of the original Canyon From Navezgane that I did some time ago Its a pain in the ass to get it to spawn as its 53 Blocks Deep… Tested & Spawned

Re-Genorated All 3 Maps & Updated Them (See Optional Files)

Hamzahiary 4k (Fresh) War3zuk Canyon Cave Co’ords 796 / 96 EthosMount 8k (Fresh) War3zuk Canyon Cave Co’ords -262 / -3738 War3zuk AIO Map 10k (Fresh) War3zuk Canyon Cave Co’ords 4095 / 1507

Updated v2.38 to 2.39

Fixed Filesize on HD MossBerg 500 (LOL)

Updated v2.37 to 2.38

  • Added HD Mossberg 500 (New Hires PBR Model) (PAID)
  • Added HD Mossberg 500 Fire,Idle & Reload Animations
  • Added HD Mac10 Auto (Hires PBR Model)
  • Added HD Mac10 Auto Fire,Idle & Reload Animations
  • Added HD Mac10 Auto Schematic
  • Added HD Mac10 Auto Pics 256×256
  • Aligned HD Mac10 Auto Addons
  • Added HD Spas 12 Animations Fire,Idle & Reload
  • Added HD Spas 12 Shell Ejection

Updated v2.36 to 2.37

  • Added HD Pump Jack (AutoMines Resources At Random For Looting)
  • Replaced HD M134 MiniGun Anim with Full 360 Degree Spin
  • Added HD Mega Vault (30k Health)
  • Added Barbed Wire
  • Added HD Colt M1911 (New Hires PBR Model) (PAID)
  • Added HD Colt M1911 Fire,Idle & Reload Animations
  • Added HD Colt M1911A (New Hires PBR Model) (PAID)
  • Added HD Colt M1911A Fire,Idle & Reload Animations

Updated v2.35 to 2.36

  • Added HD Truck Elevator x5
  • Added HD Truck Elevator x10
  • HD JukeBoxes Can Be Picked Up
  • Udated HD Forge
  • Removed 4x Scope from HD Arctic Warfare
  • Added HD Arctic Warfare Casing Ejection

Updated v2.34 to 2.35

  • Added HD AK Hybrid (Hires New Hires Model)
  • Aligned Scope
  • Aligned Light
  • Aligned Silencer
  • New Animations Idle,Reload,Fire
  • Added HD HK33 Hybrid (Rebuilt HybridAK Model Hires)
  • Aligned Scope
  • Aligned Light
  • Aligned Silencer
  • New Guns Use HD Custom RepairKits
  • Saved 40Megs on old Models
  • Added HD Samurai Set (2)

NOTE: This 7DTD mod adds many items, blocks, prefabs and other custom items so make sure your not running any mods that will cause a conflict.


If you appreciate War3zuk’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: War3zuk

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6 thoughts on “War3zuk Mods All in One

  1. Hello War3zuk & Tallon!

    How i can fix that ?
    “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

    Mod: “HD First Aid Kit”

    1. Hello. We add support or forum topic links to posts. If you have problems, you can report the issues to authors using those links. Regards.

  2. So I can’t find any guides or walkthroughs on how to use this mod. I watched a couple tutorial videos that show how you need to take the “data” folder from the download and put it into the 7daystodie folder and it would replace the original data folder. This mod when downloaded and extracted does not have a data folder. Can anyone let me know what I need to do?

  3. What about if I only want a few mods of that list?
    Can I just dl the one I want and place it in the mods folder of my server, separately?
    Another thing, will it work properly if I already use Robertolo zombies, butcher mod, bigger backpack from Kain?

    I really love so far what I see and cant wait to use it.

    1. Hello. You can download the mods separately. The link of all the mods is in the post. I do not know if it is compatible with other mods. You should try it.

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