War3zuk Mods All in One

7 days to die war3zuk mods all in one, 7 days to die overhaul mods

This 7 Days to Die mod combines all of War3zuk mods into an AIO overhaul mod.

Which Mods Included


Updated v3.03 to v3.04

  • Updated HD Cement Mixer (Animated + Sound)
  • Removed UMA Zombies From Main Sleeper Group (Nre)
  • Balanced Food Loot Slightly
  • Edited HospitalBed Animation

Updated v3.02 to v3.03

Delete Old Files Please

  • Added Custom BedRoll PBR Model (Paid)
  • Added HD Impact Wrench PBR Model (Paid)
  • Adjusted HD Wrench So It Can Upgrade Fully Rebuilt The BirdsNest So Its Easier To See If Lootable
  • Added Starter Class Descriptions For All 10
  • Edited HD Electrolyte Sell Price
  • Removed IronToolKit, SteelToolKit, KevlarToolKit, SteelToolsKit, IronToolsKit Removed 7 Unsed Icons & All Their Code (Item Switching May Happen Just Delete)
  • ALL Armor is now Repairable Via Vanilla RepairKit
  • ALL Tools are now Repairable Via Vanilla RepairKit
  • Animal Loot ReBalanced
  • Edited HD M3 Auto (Now Uses Proper RepairKit)
  • Edited ALL Classes To Include MedicalFirstAidBandages
  • Zombie Balancing All Mentions Are Going Down Not Up ALL Zombies PercAdd Health Additional 1.1 To Health (110%) ALL Animals PercAdd Health Additional 0.5 To Health (50%)
  • Replaced ALL 9 Vanilla Body Bags PBR Model (Paid)
  • Replaced HospitalBed Vanilla PBR Model (Paid)
  • Replaced HospitalGurney Vanilla PBR Model (Paid)

Updated v3.01 to v3.02

A few people have mentioned getting an Odd NRE (Red Error In Console) You CANT use the modified zombies as your Character in game as this will cause odd side affects. Only the Vanilla Characters should be used when playing SP or MP Online.

  • Enabled Max Seats On Vanilla Vehicles Bicycle x2 Motorbike x2 Truck 4×4 x2 Gyrocopter x2
  • UMA Zombies Now Have Ragdoll Back (Bug Is Choosing Modded Zombie As Character)
  • Added KillJoyJessicas HotWings (Campfire + Grill)
  • Edited HD Forge (Fire Particle)
  • Edited HD Working Fire (Fire Particle)
  • Edited HD Forge (4k Texture PBR)
  • Launcher Edits Edited the vanilla rwgmixer.xml file (Tweaked Heavily) Completed RWGmixer.xml Edits For Random Gen Worlds
  • Prefabs Have Been Edited: War3zuk Housing Block War3zuk Multi Trader (Red Logged One)

Previous changes. (from the start)

How to Install War3zuk AIO Mod?

NOTE: This 7DTD mod adds many items, blocks, prefabs and other custom items so make sure your not running any mods that will cause a conflict.


If you appreciate War3zuk’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: War3zuk

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37 thoughts on “War3zuk Mods All in One

  1. Hello War3zuk & Tallon!

    How i can fix that ?
    “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

    Mod: “HD First Aid Kit”

    1. Hello. We add support or forum topic links to posts. If you have problems, you can report the issues to authors using those links. Regards.

  2. So I can’t find any guides or walkthroughs on how to use this mod. I watched a couple tutorial videos that show how you need to take the “data” folder from the download and put it into the 7daystodie folder and it would replace the original data folder. This mod when downloaded and extracted does not have a data folder. Can anyone let me know what I need to do?

  3. What about if I only want a few mods of that list?
    Can I just dl the one I want and place it in the mods folder of my server, separately?
    Another thing, will it work properly if I already use Robertolo zombies, butcher mod, bigger backpack from Kain?

    I really love so far what I see and cant wait to use it.

    1. Hello. You can download the mods separately. The link of all the mods is in the post. I do not know if it is compatible with other mods. You should try it.

    1. Hello, Una. Thank you for your feedback. You can report your problems directly to mod author using the forum topic link in post.

  4. Only 2 question :
    Why autor decreased magazine for Winchester ? I think it originally have 13bullets in “mag” …
    And why the Vulcan 9mm decreased to 150 bullets ??? Thats ridiculous…Those weapons have BIG ammo packs with atleast 1000 rounds !!!!!!!!!!

        1. I want this too. However, as you know, mod authors are very busy. They can not constantly follow the comments on websites. They usually follow forum topics or their own support links. So we direct you to the forum or support links for better help. Also, our site is still new. I hope mod authors will be more active on our site over time.

  5. Hi,
    I after installing the hd guns mod I am at day 43 but still haven’t found a spas 12 recipe. Is the recipe even able to be found? I even tried to find it in the spawn tool in RAT but it didn’t appear in the list of spawn able items.

    1. Hello. I have no idea about this problem. You can report your problems directly to mod author using the forum topic link in post.

  6. Hello, I just wanted to know is there a way I can get rid of the spiders in the game, it might sound stupid but I have arachnophobia and it would make the game much more fun if they were not in my game, thank you!

  7. Hello,
    I loaded the update via the Mod Launcher. Now I have the new (War3zukAOI) map and the old one in the game. Is there a way to see just one map again without losing the game?

    1. Hi. I don’t know. You can ask this directly to the mod author using the forum topic link in post.

      1. Hello. I don’t know exactly. You can ask this directly to the mod author using the forum topic link in post.

  8. hi, firstly great work.
    i only have a really small issue and that is when bag is opened the author name is written next to inventory!
    where would i have to look to edit this out as it just appears as a smudge of white writing?

  9. any one know how to fix
    guess path from mod name #D/stea,/steamapps/common/7 days to die/7 daystodie_data/,,/mods/war3zuk alpha 18 Aio/resources/HDgaspump.unity3d?HDGasPump.prefab

  10. Hello
    Played the game with your all in one mod and was cool.
    But didn’t like the endless additions of cars from the regrowing everything.
    So went to selected mods from your list.
    And found that you removed the HD workbench from the pack.
    Seems nothing hd requires the HD workbench, but you can’t make parts either.

    Any ideas for the fix? create a hd table that can make everything faster or more output slots?

    1. Hi. You can report your problems directly to mod author using the forum topic link in post.

  11. Sorry mod does not work, your video on installing mod doesnt work either adding the main folder to the mods folder wont run the mod.
    After getting the mod to work by adding the mod folder to the mod game folder works but get an error message on servers running the mod I get “err xml loading and parsing failed argumentexception an item with the same key has already been added key particleeffects/p_snowstorm1”

    This runs non stop down the ui error screen on loading page

    1. Hello. You can report your problems directly to mod author using the forum topic link in post.

  12. Downloaded how it said to and I’m just getting the Vanilla Splash screen and the Vanilla maps. What am I doing wrong?

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