War3zuk Mods All in One

7 days to die war3zuk mods all in one, 7 days to die overhaul mods

This 7 Days to Die mod combines all of War3zuk mods into an AIO overhaul mod.

What this Mod is about, This Mod changes around 90% of the Total game Mechanics in the sense of Code, It adds many weapons All of which have been bought from various stores to try to get the best looking and playing Mod he can manage, Its constantly being worked on and improved and should always be kept upto date with the latest version of the main core game, The AIO also adds many Blocks and Different items that require abit more learning in order to understand how it all works, A good example of this is the main weapons are no longer repaired using the default repair kits but instead use 4 Custom made varients that are crafted on the player to do with each type of gun. Some of His Original Modlets that were used to create this AIO are as follows. Around 20 or so more have been added directly to the AIO that cant be made into Modlets due to them needing certain bits of code from the AIO so would cause Conflicts.

Which Mods Included


Updated v4.7 to v4.8


  • Added HD Hazmat Fiber Schematic (Found In Army Trucks Only)
  • Added HD Hazmat Mask Schematic
  • Added HD Hazmat Gloves Schematic
  • Added HD Hazmat Jacket Schematic
  • Added HD Hazmat Pants Schematic
  • Added HD Hazmat Boots Schematic
  • Added HD Hazmat Fiber Material
  • Added HD Hazmat Mask (Armor Addon) Quest Reward
  • Added HD Hazmat Gloves (Armor Addon) Quest Reward
  • Added HD Hazmat Jacket (Armor Addon) Quest Reward
  • Added HD Hazmat Pants (Armor Addon) Quest Reward
  • Added HD Hazmat Boots (Armor Addon) Quest Reward
  • Edited XPToLevel (10,500) OLD (7500) Vanilla (10,000)
  • Added Converted Prefabs To Radiation (HazMat Suit Required)


  • Adjusted The Following Recipes Shaved Ice OrigamiGurus Pain Meds HD Impact Wrench Grand Spartans Blade Mrs Spartans Blade HD Tesla Fence HD wood Bars Centered HDGlock18Auto HDMotor125cc HDMotor250cc HDMotor500cc War3zuks Stoggy StormFall Monster Cola
  • Fixed HD Blunderbuss Dmg
  • Added ScyFangs Sweet Pumpkin Pie (CampFire + Grill)
  • Added ScyFangs Sweet Pumpkin Pie Custom PBR Model
  • Added MajorZNations MeatFeast Pizza (CampFire + Grill)
  • Added MajorZNations MeatFeast Pizza Custom PBR Model
  • Edited HD Working Dispenser (Inventory Removed) This Is So It Doesnt Show As Jammed When Spawned
  • Rebuilt Spawning Code As Follows Rebuilt biome Spawning Code Rebuilt Entity Spawning Code
  • Adjusted HD Colt M1911 Dmg (Base_Add)
  • Adjusted HD Colt M1911A Dmg (Base_Add)
  • Adjusted HDGlock18Auto Dmg (Base_Add)
  • Launcher Edits: Updated SMXHud Updated SMXMenu Updated SMXLib Enabled TargetBar Overlay

Previous changes. (from the start)

How to Install War3zuk AIO Mod?

Standalone Version

The standalone version includes the main War3zuk AIO Overhaul Mod.

Full Launcher Version

The full launcher version adds many different mods along with the main War3zuk AIO Overhaul Mod. Thank you to the following Mod creators who helped shape out the world with their mods: Xyth Community Packs, DUST2DEATH, Moongaming, Bdubyah, Khelldon, Sirillion, Eric Beaudon

All models have been paid for are tagged War3zuk & are Protected Under Unity License.

DISCORD LINK Then Find War3zuk’s Channel on the Left

War3zuk has a channel #war3zuk-all-in-one on Guppies Unofficial 7 Days to Die Discord that hosts several mods, it is not dedicated to solely his mod. If you can not see the channel, please ask a moderator for help. Discord Invite for anyone needing Help or just wanting to chat about the AIO Mod.

This is currently a work in progress, it loads with errors & is playable as tested, found most of the main issues but please understand Alpha 19 is very new & is unstable so dont be expecting a trouble free play through if using any of these files.

NOTE: This 7DTD mod adds many items, blocks, prefabs and other custom items so make sure your not running any mods that will cause a conflict.

Alpha 19 Versions
Download standalone version for A19
Download full launcher version for A19
Also available on the mod launcher!
Alpha 18 Versions
Download standalone version for A18
Download full launcher version for A18
Also available on the mod launcher!

If you appreciate War3zuk’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: War3zuk

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57 thoughts on “War3zuk Mods All in One

  1. Hello War3zuk & Tallon!

    How i can fix that ?
    “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

    Mod: “HD First Aid Kit”

  2. So I can’t find any guides or walkthroughs on how to use this mod. I watched a couple tutorial videos that show how you need to take the “data” folder from the download and put it into the 7daystodie folder and it would replace the original data folder. This mod when downloaded and extracted does not have a data folder. Can anyone let me know what I need to do?

  3. What about if I only want a few mods of that list?
    Can I just dl the one I want and place it in the mods folder of my server, separately?
    Another thing, will it work properly if I already use Robertolo zombies, butcher mod, bigger backpack from Kain?

    I really love so far what I see and cant wait to use it.

  4. Only 2 question :
    Why autor decreased magazine for Winchester ? I think it originally have 13bullets in “mag” …
    And why the Vulcan 9mm decreased to 150 bullets ??? Thats ridiculous…Those weapons have BIG ammo packs with atleast 1000 rounds !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi,
    I after installing the hd guns mod I am at day 43 but still haven’t found a spas 12 recipe. Is the recipe even able to be found? I even tried to find it in the spawn tool in RAT but it didn’t appear in the list of spawn able items.

  6. Hello, I just wanted to know is there a way I can get rid of the spiders in the game, it might sound stupid but I have arachnophobia and it would make the game much more fun if they were not in my game, thank you!

    1. Hope your ok with digging through the XML files. If you are, do to steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\War3zuk-Alpha-19-Stable-AIO-master.zip\War3zuk-Alpha-19-Stable-AIO-master\Config or wherever you stored your copy of the game, and in the config folder use Notepad++ or whatever program you use, scroll and find the giant spider and just delete it, it will remove the chance for spawning from the game, but keep the spiders in game so not to mess with the rest of the files. Cheers

  7. Hello,
    I loaded the update via the Mod Launcher. Now I have the new (War3zukAOI) map and the old one in the game. Is there a way to see just one map again without losing the game?

  8. hi, firstly great work.
    i only have a really small issue and that is when bag is opened the author name is written next to inventory!
    where would i have to look to edit this out as it just appears as a smudge of white writing?

  9. any one know how to fix
    guess path from mod name #D/stea,/steamapps/common/7 days to die/7 daystodie_data/,,/mods/war3zuk alpha 18 Aio/resources/HDgaspump.unity3d?HDGasPump.prefab

  10. Hello
    Played the game with your all in one mod and was cool.
    But didn’t like the endless additions of cars from the regrowing everything.
    So went to selected mods from your list.
    And found that you removed the HD workbench from the pack.
    Seems nothing hd requires the HD workbench, but you can’t make parts either.

    Any ideas for the fix? create a hd table that can make everything faster or more output slots?

  11. Sorry mod does not work, your video on installing mod doesnt work either adding the main folder to the mods folder wont run the mod.
    After getting the mod to work by adding the mod folder to the mod game folder works but get an error message on servers running the mod I get “err xml loading and parsing failed argumentexception an item with the same key has already been added key particleeffects/p_snowstorm1”

    This runs non stop down the ui error screen on loading page

  12. Downloaded how it said to and I’m just getting the Vanilla Splash screen and the Vanilla maps. What am I doing wrong?

  13. I’ve noticed a lot of the Tier V Fetch, or Fetch/Clear missions seemed impossible. At the airport the control fell apart . Cleared all the zombies but couldn’t find the courier satchel at all.

  14. Why Bloodmoon all Zombie Can’t run and Fewer people , I already set up 64 zombie and always run . How can I do ?

  15. There are no maps for war3uk in the game, there are only standard ones. Where can I get the original?
    Нет оригинальной карты War3zuk, только стандартные. Где можно скачать карту из мода?

  16. Hello I play on your mods and I am on the alpha 19 version the mule pack and go up to level 5 and we are always crowded is this normal?

  17. The inventory with the full opening of the “Packet Mule” branch is still very small. How to fix this?

    1. The problem is resolved. In trash cans you can find a modification similar to a backpack. She immediately opens 15 cells of inventory. It is inserted into the elements of armor.

  18. Can’t you download HD mode separately?
    All links are destroyed. You cannot download from individual links.

    A19 – b 163

  19. Hey, I love the mod and when I play solo its a blast. But I find the looting sound very annoying when playing with a few friends going through the same POI. Especially when we are complete idiots and search the same things. That is an “us” problem. The Pallets of cardboard and cobble, all with the same sound file can really grate after a while. Is it possible to remove or change that, or even make it very quiet?

    Appreciate all you do.

  20. Огненные и электрические патроны калибра 7.62 не имеют пулевого урона. Можно выпустить в зомби весь магазин, но смерть наступит, только когда цель сгорит или её окончательно убъёт электрошоком. Долго ждать:))
    Эта проблема есть на всех видах оружия, использующие калибр 7.62, неважно HD или ванильное. Стандартные, бронебойные и экспансивные 7.62 – таких проблем нет.
    Огненные и электрические патроны на 9мм и .408 работают нормально, поражение цели достигается в 2-3 пули плюс эффект горения – всё замечательно.

    Fire and electric ammunition of 7.62 caliber does not have bullet damage. You can release the entire store into the zombie, but death will occur only when the target is burned out or is finally killed by an electric shock. Long wait :)) This problem is present on all weapons using 7.62 caliber, no matter HD or vanilla. Standard, armor-piercing and expansive 7.62 – no such problems. Fire and electric ammunition at 9mm and .408 works fine, hitting the target is achieved in 2-3 bullets plus the burning effect – everything is great.

  21. Dear War3zuk, any information when it will be possible to download just some separate mods from pack? Like it was before… Big thanks.

  22. I have installed all the new updates and deleted the old stuff and pre-synced everything but i still keep getting the same error message:

    Exception: Model ‘Entities/
    Industrial gasPumpFullPrefab’ not found on block with name cnlgasPumpRandomLootHelper

    Is there a way to fix this? How do i add a file that was missing from the start? I love this Mod and all my friends are on a server on it. I would love any help that could be Provided!

  23. These Mods are Amazing!!! Keep up the Awesome work! I have logged over 1000 hours in 7 days and for the first time I downloaded these mods and they are beautiful.

  24. Hi War3UK
    love this Mod great work/time/and effort you put into your mod. this is how the game should be.
    i had a few error msg at first “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, but now seams to be working.
    keep up the great work.

  25. I can’t re-load my game. I have uninstalled game and mod, tried 7D2D launcher, nothing works. The game will load the first time and then even if I quit out and restart right away, I get “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” and it stops trying to load the game. I haven’t used discord so I don’t know how to ask in there but the mod worked great for 3 days and now even clean installs don’t function.

  26. Is there a way to download this file and just remove the zombie infections and the zombie variety parts? allot of birds shooting vomit in my game every time I walk out 1 spawns every 30 seconds

  27. Hello, After the recent update on my dedi server we have not only a double toolbelt but an extra 2 slots on the normal toolbelt also.. currently all it is useful for is storing things in, is there any way we can utilise it better? (if we scroll through the toolbelt we can’t select the new slots)

    1. You need to update the game to 19.1, which added a 10 slot toolbelt now. War3zUK was updated for 19.1 stable, so if there’s a mismatch you’ll get the double toolbelt problem.

  28. Sorry for my bad english
    I am using the 4.4 version of modpack. If I update this version to the current version, do I know where I left off in my save file or do I need to open a clean save?
    In addition, I get an error when I go out of 1 or 8 while navigating the hot bar with a mouse ball. Is there a solution to this in the game or is it a problem due to the mod?
    Error : https://hizliresim.com/zNmkfv

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