Working Devices

7 days to die working devices, 7 days to die building materials, 7 days to die drinks, 7 days to die food

Combines the working coffeemaker, stove, sinks, microwaves mods into one mod. DO NOT USE if you are already using the other ones. All devices can be repaired, destroyed to pick or taken. They can also be sold to traders.


  • (new) Changed to reflect these changes:
    • Working Stoves: Added 1 grill and 2 stoves to crafting. Added the others to traders only. Added Wall Oven.
    • Working Sinks: Added a few more sinks to working (utility etc) and to trader.
  • Updated the “Working” Mods so that stone axes work with the kits now as well as nailguns and hammers.


If you appreciate JaxTeller718’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: JaxTeller718

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5 thoughts on “Working Devices

  1. In the current A20 version, a copy/paste error has apparently crept in.
    In the file “items.xml” in line 273+274 in the entry “Focused_blockname_” the “3” must be changed to 4 and 5 (so that all 5 entries are ascending from 1-5).

    1. Hi, there is an error in the items.xml.
      Change in line 273+274 at “Focused_blockname_” the digit “3” to 4 and 5 respectively, so that all 5 entries are ascending from the number.

  2. can u pls add more information as in what exactly is available in this – compared to the solo availables one?

    are the following single mods in this one?

    Eggs in Fridges
    Working Stove Mod
    Eggs in Fridges
    Working Sinks and Water Coolers

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