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Are you tired of driving the exact same Jeep as you friend? Do you want to pimp your ride? PaintJob is for you! This mod add recipes that allow you to change the colour of your ride.

PaintJob allows you to change the skins of bicycles, minibikes, motorcycles, and jeeps. You first need to get a vehicle the normal way (you build it or buy from the traders). You can then use that vehicle as an ingredient to craft a different looking version. The changes are purely cosmetic, all the in-game stats and behaviours remain unchanged.

For the motorcycles, you can also change the configuration and remove the spikes, the shield or the hood.


v2.3: Operation Foot-job

  • Reworked the foot place for motorcycle and 4×4 (feet are no longer hanging under the Jeep)
  • Lower the number of vertices for the motorcycle’s taillight (Eric Beaudoin doesn’t think anyone will notice)

v2.2: Bug fixes

  • Patrol Gaming 4×4 doesn’t have the right skin
  • Original 4×4 has two windshields
  • Yellow cannot be picked-up or ridden (missing vehicle entity)

v2.1: Remove the code that prevent Dye usage on vehicle

  • Eric Beaudoin hasn’t found a way to remove this only for his vehicle but he’s removing it so that PaintJob plays well with other mods
  • Also reworked the labels in Localization.txt

v2.0: Make it work with Alpha 20

  • By default, the game will spawn the White version of the vehicles
  • Added back the Alpha 19 skins
  • Flat rate of 5 paints to change from a skin to another
  • Remove the need for Grain Alcohol (no longer exists in the game)
  • Prevent dye from being applied to vehicles

v1.18: Design and tail-light tweaks

  • Played with the blue 4×4 design
  • Fuddled with the tail-lights lighting

7 days to die paintjob changelog screenshot 2

v1.17: Blue Thunder + Homage to Noctua

  • New blue 4×4 design with wolves and lightning
  • New brown and tan motorcycle
  • The jeeps and motorcycles tail-lights new now actually emit light when on
  • Touch-up all the motorcycles’ trunk straps to make them look better
  • Remove old code used for backward compatibility with Motorcycle Alterations

7 days to die paintjob changelog screenshot 1

v1.16: 4×4 Texture overhaul

  • Texture refactoring for the 4×4 (from 5 bitmaps to 2)
  • Fix Green Camo texture (Be Bear Aware)
  • Fix War3zUK texture (Scottish flag instead of the inverted Union flag)
  • Little overhaul of the Spartan texture
  • Complete overhaul of the red jeep
  • Add a windshield to Miss Spartan’s jeep
  • Fix a cliping issue with the chain

v1.15: More designs

  • Bubblegum Pink Motorcycle (for MaryB)
  • Green Camo Jeep

v1.14: Minibikes

  • Minibikes available in orange (original colour), black, blue, green, piink, red, teal, white, and yellow
  • Remove acid from the recipes
  • Cut down textures size from 2K down to 1K for everything but the Jeeps

v1.13: Back in Black

  • Black and Red motorcycle
  • Black bicycle
  • Integrated Motorcycle Alterations

v1.12: Bicycle and motorcycle

  • Bicycles: White, blue, green, cyan, pink red, and the original yellow
  • Motorcycles: Red, white, green and gold, blue and original
  • Integrated Motorcycle Altarations models with colours

v1.11: To much bumps on the road…

  • Fix UK models wobble wheels
  • More prep work for the motorcycles

v1.10: War3zUK skin

It came to his attention that UK also have crazy driving habits. They might actually be the originators of the whole darn thing.

v1.9: Add the missing unity3D package for the Australian jeep.

v1.8: There is now a jeep for people that drive on the wrong side of the road

  • Fix a problem with the windshields textures
  • New Patrol Silver and Blue, Autralian style

v1.7: Fix bugs reported by MrGrim and GunMuse (thanks)

  • The A19 max speed is 14m/s. Vroom, vroom
  • Try to make the Jeeps more bridge friendly
  • Add missing Pink Rider icon

v1.6: Mesh file fixes

  • Plug a hole on the left side of the front bumper
  • Move the steering wheel forward to leave more space for driver’s avatar

v1.5: Add Pink Rider 4×4 truck

v1.4: Add missing hud sprite for the Jeeps

v1.3: Rebuild assets for the new linear lighting (Alpha 19)

v1.2: The blender release

  • 4×4 top lights can now be turned on
  • The meshes and rigs are now comming from Blender
  • Worked on the physics of the 4×4 (they now stop properly)

v1.1: Pimp your motorcycle (test pattern)

v1.0: Ride in style! Change the colour of your 4×4

  • Add three 4×4 patterns: scrubed, blue, red, and Spartan black and gold
  • Add recipes to scrubed the original 4×4
  • Add recipes to paint the scrubed 4×4

Thanks to Manux for headlight that actually light up.

Important: For this mod to work properly, it needs to be installed on the server and every player’s computer.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Eric Beaudoin

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10 thoughts on “PaintJob

  1. Hello! I clicked on the “download” option and it tells me that the file is missing. Congratulations for the mod, it’s super innovative and looks like it’s a lot of fun!

  2. WARNING! Do not use this mod in 19. Last Updated September 30, 2020

    Here are the issues with this mod and i am writing this so people don’t waste a whole day fixing their game or server like i did, Also note none of these issues started until this mod was installed and i believe it is just out dated and needs to be updated.

    1st Issue is is if you have items in your vehicle they can commonly vanish after exiting vehicles and or logging out with items in your vehicle upon return all gone, this happen to me several times and also others on my server.

    Also your vehicles will commonly disappear and then reappear a day or two later for no apparent reason. Upon reentering the game after your vehicle disappearing the server will put up many error codes because it is trying to find your lost vehicle.

    Also if you want to remove the mod is when all hell breaks lose. Do do so you have to gather all vehicles on the server, scrub all vehicles and then restore them back to their normal game state. Then put them in a box and log out. Then remove the mod from your server mods folder and off your local machine and then restart the server and steam.

    Also note if your vehicle disappears while using this mod you can’t remove the mod to try and fix the problem because the server will toss a bunch of error messages, the person with the lose vehicles will not be able to use or place another vehicle or see others vehicles until the vehicles they lost reappear and they scrub and repaint back to default setting.

  3. Love the vehicles – great for multiplayer as we can tell who owns what.

    Hate that it puts me in some quirky first person view. Any way to change this back to default 7days view ?

    1. NM – turns out to be another mod that made some a permanent change to my files, and was putting me into 1st person mode in vehicles, even after the mod was uninstalled.

  4. Hi can i use this mod in single player creative mode, i installed the mod and the cars etc are there, i can even drive them but i get a error when loading saying paint job did load or apply. Is there anything else i need to do.
    Thank you

  5. if i put it on server host, users who don’t have it installed can’t see the cart, or can’t see the painting

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