Expanded Weapon Skillbook

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A mod that adds 3 categories of weapon perk books and allows you to reap the bonus from using these weapons.

About This Mod

There are perk books for most weapons in the game except a few of them. This mod adds all of the missing ones into the game including the beloved chainsaws.

What This Mod Does

Adds 4 groups of perk books (for a total of 28 perk books) into the game. All of these perk books can be found in the same way as any other perk books. Like other perks, adding skills into relevant perks will improve a chance to find these books from looting (Skull Crusher for sledgehammer perk books for example).

Here are the bonuses of what each perk book give:


  1. Do 10% more damage with sledgehammers.
  2. Power attacks cost 20% less stamina.
  3. Each kill boosts your run speed by 15% for 15 seconds stacking up to 120 seconds.
  4. Take 5% less damage with a sledgehammer drawn.
  5. Sledgehammers degrade 20% slower.
  6. Do 25% more damage to blocks.
  7. Do 15% more damage to knocked down opponents.

Kills have a 20% chance to give you Victory Cry which refills 50 stamina to you and allies and grants 10% Damage and Damage Mitigation buff for 60 seconds.

Batons/Stun Batons

  1. Do 10% more damage with batons.
  2. Batons degrade 20% slower.
  3. Each kill boosts your XP gain by 20% for 20 seconds stacking up to 300 seconds.
  4. Getting hit with a stun baton drawn has a 20% chance to shock the attackers. (Stun batons only)
  5. Do 15% more damage to electrocuted victims.
  6. Increase attack speed with batons by 10%.
  7. Increase move speed by 10% with a baton drawn.

Charged power attacks to electrocuted victims have a 20% chance to cause nearby enemies to become electrocuted too. (Stun batons only)


  1. Do 10% more damage with knives.
  2. Knives degrade 20% slower.
  3. Knives apply a 15% Damage Reduction debuff on victims.
  4. Attacks have a 10% chance to restore 5 health. Power attacks double the chance.
  5. Do 15% more damage to bleeding victims.
  6. Increase attack speed with knives by 10%.
  7. Knife kills increase the base chance to drop loot by 30%.

Each kill gives 5% bonus damage to knives stacking up to 50% bonus damage for 60 seconds.


  1. Do 100% more headshot damage with axes and chainsaws.
  2. Axes and chainsaws degrade 20% slower.
  3. Attacks knock enemies back slightly.
  4. Axes cost 10% reduced stamina and 20% reduced stamina for power attacks.
  5. Chainsaws have 15% longer reach.
  6. Attacks on limbs have a 30% chance to dismember.
  7. Attacks on heads have a 20% chance to dismember.

Power attacks with axes that kill your enemy refill 50 stamina. Kills with chainsaws restore 10 health. Each kill with chainsaws gives a stacking 10% chance per stack added to base dismember chance for 90 seconds. (Max 20 stacks)

Version Changes


  • Added a weapon skill perk for Axes and Chainsaws.
  • Fixed a bug that Skull Crusher perk granting bonus finding to all of perk books but other relavant weapon perks give no bonus.
  • Added all missing books (only Hammer Time available before due to oversight) to trader inventory and quest rewards.


  • Changed complete bonus of batons/stun batons. AoE shock chance changed from 20% to 100% and now only works with charged up stun batons.
  • Fixed some typos.


To install this mod, unzip the folder and place it inside “/7 Days to Die/Mods”. If “Mods” folder doesn’t exist, just create one.

The folder structure should look at like this “7 Days to Die/Mods/Expanded_Weapon_Skillbook”.

This is a server only mod. All other clients do not have to install this for the mod to work.


This mod uses in-game recolored icons, so client does not need to download it for icons to appear. You are free to add fitting icons to all the books to add flavor to your game.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Razor

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