Arcade Games Props

7 days to die arcade games props

After some gentle nudging from other players, Cranberry Monster has decided to share these props they have been using in their virtual man cave for a while now.

This mod introduces craftable versions of 27 classic video games to decorate your base, as well as a change machine. The parts can be scavenged in the world, purchased from traders, or even bought from your own change machine, which will also buy unwanted goods from you.

Each cabinet stands just under 2 meters tall, and all of them have animated screen with the same “attract mode” you’d see in an arcade. Games where the attract mode also has sound will have a helper block so you can choose between a muted version or the noisy one, but even the noisy games have sound that rolls off at a distance of 5 meters. There are also 5 different “ruined” arcade game models and a placeholder for spawning derelict cabs in your own buildings.

7 days to die arcade games props additional screenshot 1

Screens, marquees, and coin slots all glow at night, too, so you can enjoy your games machines even in period-accurate mood lighting.

7 days to die arcade games props additional screenshot 2

He’d like to thank the great community of modders and players on the forums, from which he has learned a ton, as well as the generous souls over at 3D Warehouse for kindly providing these excellent models. They did most of the heavy lifting here.

Watch for a new arcade POI or two from Deverezieaux that incorporate these models.

A future update should include pinball machines, but no exact time frame on that. Until then, enjoy!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Cranberry Monster

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2 thoughts on “Arcade Games Props

  1. Where are the monitors?? Ive found many PC boards and have everything to make the cabs, but no monitors in loot, for sale, in vending machines… nada.

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