Entity Randomizer

7 days to die entity randomizer, 7 days to die zombies

A script that makes copies of vanilla zombies with random properties. Interested? See also: “Guppycur’s Random Zombie Getter Upper” here.


  • The script is released, and docs are on the github wiki, The github repo has a copy of the generated modlets for each supported build should you not want to go to the trouble of installing and getting the script set up.
  • This is an experiment and Doughphunghus is releasing it as a demo to see if this is worth perusing! Please read the notes on Github: Main Page.


  • (new) Small fix.
  • Added new pre-generated modlet for a19.2 b3
  • Bugfix and added new pre-generated modlet for a19.1 b8
  • Updated to add new pre-generated modlet for a19.1
  • Updated to add new pre-generated modlet from newest example settings.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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2 thoughts on “Entity Randomizer

  1. This mod is an asset to the game. You spawn in the world and although thay are standard vanilla zombies with no new additions, they all behave differently from the way they walk/crawl to their strength and ability.

    No more can you just spawn in walk up to a zombie and punch it in the head a couple of times before it drops. You are naked, alone, surrounded by zombies and have use your wits to evade them.

    If you have never seen Moe sprint, I highly recommend this mod lol.

    1. Thanks! I’m preparing (hopefully this month) to release the script that generates/randomizes the parameters and creates the mod so anyone can then generate their own (and it will be different every time you run it!), and then you can tweak the randomization parameters before mod generation or after to your liking.

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