Oakraven Forest Modpack

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack

The Oakraven Forest Modpack provides players with an ‘out of the city’ gaming experience. Players have access to a variety of custom tools and resources that provide greater levels of self sufficiency and quality of life. It is heavily influenced by Oakraven’s Forest Collection and acts as a Modpack show case.

It also contains some of Oakraven’s unreleased mod content to provide a greater level of immersion.

It is bundled up with a sample OAK6K01 World called Pack01 which considers specific POIs which need to be in a certain Biome for context (Snow Orc POIs are in the Snow and Old West is in the Desert).

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 23

The Oakraven Forest Modpack has been primarily compiled for players who have played through the main game. It is an additive Modpack and nothing that impacts regular gameplay (progression, assets, etc) has been removed.

In addition to the Oakraven Forest Collection mods, additional community creations have been bundled into this Modpack to bring cohesion and expansion.

Assets Include


This 1-OakModpack provides an abundance of Oakraven’s mods alongside a variety of expansion and quality of life mods. The mix is quite eclectic and gives players further opportunities within the framework of 7D2D content.

This Modpack contains the following modlets/modifications:

  • Oakraven On/Off Lights (Unpowered Steampunk Lights and Jukebox)
  • Oak Traps (Custom Traps)
  • Oak Modpack UI (Custom HUD features)
  • Replace Mod (Block type replacements and additions)
  • Dragon Cannon (Custom Weapon)
  • New Weapons (Custom Weapons)
  • Space Ship Supply Drop (Futuristic flyover in place of regular plane and supply crate)
  • Torches Lights (A collection of wood burning lights)
  • Water Wells and Sinks (A variety of custom water sources such as wells and stand pipes that can be placed within a player’s boundaries)
  • Rock Drills (Provides a gentle resource trickle for underground materials while out questing)
  • Draw Bridges (A variety of walkways the act like horizontal plane draw bridges)
  • Cooking Stations (Blenders, Mincing Machine, and Stove/Oven type appliances)
  • Sign Cupboards (More storage choice variety)
  • Power Things (Renewable power solutions)
  • Hydroponic Farming (Farm underground with good returns, new crops, and a few new meals… and Fireflies)
  • Fish Farm (Craft fish farm plots, place a starter kit, let them grow, harvest and eat)
  • Chicken Coops (Find Baby Chicks in nests, place them in a Coop, reap the rewards)
  • Bee Hives (Find Queen Bees, Craft Bee Hives, Collect Honey Comb and make some nice treats)
  • Oakraven Workstations (7 Custom Workstations – Oakraven Forge, Tatarin Forge, and Copper Force, Chemistry Station, Powder Mixer, Cement Mixer, and Ammo Bench)
  • Oakraven Traders (5 selected custom traders to give Bob, Hugh, Jen, Joel, and Rekt a short vacation to Navezgane)
  • A20 Skyrim Style Lockpicking MiniGame (Makes lockpicking skill based)
  • JaxTeller718-BiggerWanderingHordes (Customised expansion to Wandering Hordes)
  • KhaineGB’s Inventory Lockable Slots Mod (Allows players to stop essential items being removed form the backpack when bulk moving)
  • A19 Farming For A20 by Syco54645 (Rebalancing for Hydroponics)
  • Clear Bulletproof Glass (Allows players to craft clear bulletproof glass similar to the regular type)
  • Guppycurs’ Guppy Vulture entity for the desert biome.
  • Quest – Blood Moon Vanguard (Gives players an incentive to stay for Horde Night and pick up a Skill for completing an objective)
  • Quest – Eliminate the Horde (Gives players a Craft/Build/Upgrade Quest opportunity to survive a wave of grunt/feral/radiated entities)
  • Quest – Pest Control (Gives players a starting quest to cull laboratory specimens from 1-ZombiezPack)
  • Quest – Snow Orcs (Cull Darkstardragon’s Orcs in the snow)
  • Quest – Infestation (Cull Xyth’s Spiders with arramus’ expansion abominations)
  • Quest – Beast Bust (Eliminate Darkstardragon’s Flying Beastz)
  • Quest – Beast Boom (Eliminate Darkstardragon’s Land Beastz)
  • Quest – Summon Fox Friend (An item to spawn the 0-XNPCCore Fox to offset despawning)

In addition, some Addons that are powered by 0-Score and 0-XNPCCore and bundled directly are as follows:

  • 1-SurvivorzPack (A collection of helpers who can assist you, for a price)
  • 1-OrczPackAlpha and 2-OrczPackBeta (The Orcz have taken over the Snow Biome)
  • 1-khzmusik_Zombies (A variety of well crafted entities to enhance regular 7D2D zombie interactions from khzmusik)
  • 1-ZombiezPack (A variety of hostile looking zombies from Darkstardragon)
  • 1-GansSpecialZombies (A variety of fancy dress type zombies from GanTheGrey) + 2- Feral and Radiated
  • 1-NPCXSpiderPack and 2-NPCXSpiderPack-ColonyExpansion (Spiders for the Wasteland and Desert Biome)
  • 1-FantasticBeastz (Mythical Beasts for the Wasteland and Desert Biome)
  • 1-YeOldeUndeadPack (A variety of Medieval undead + 2- Radiated)

OakModPack Creators and Developers in Alphabtical Order from Z – A:

  • xyth and sphereii with Mumpfy for branding – Created the A20 Skyrim Style Lockpicking MiniGame. (The assets are embedded and remain as per original).
  • Xyth – Created the 1-NPCXSpiderPack.
  • Syco54645 – Created A19 Farming For A20 (Crops return to seedling once harvested and you no longer get seeds when you harvest).
  • Oakraven – Created Oakraven Forest Collection assets.
  • MichaelL. – Supported OAK_NPC_Bandits_Settlement_01. (Look out for that awesome airship).
  • Laz Man – Created Quest – Blood Moon Vanguard and Eliminate the Horde.
  • khzmusik – Created 1-khzmusik_Zombies.
  • KhaineGB – Unlocked Inventory Lockable Slots Mod.
  • JaxTeller718 – Bigger Wandering Hordes Mod.
  • Guppycur – Guppy Vulture entity.
  • GanTheGrey – Created 1-GansSpecialZombies.
  • Darkstardragon – Created 1-ZombiezPack, 1-SurvivorzPack, 1-OrczPackAlpha and 2-OrczPackBeta, 1-FantasticBeastz, and 1-YeOldeUndeadPack. Also performed an abundance of play testing and coding support through the connected ‘Not Medieval Mod‘.
  • arramus – Supported the Oakraven Forest Collection with NPCMod and Addon integration, 2-NPCXSpiderPack-ColonyExpansion, Fox things, xml, compilation, distribution, quality control balancing, and even added the odd icon or two.

Currently released standalone Oakraven Forest Collection mods can be found here.

Custom POIs and RWG

The Oakraven Forest Modpack incorporates a variety of custom POIs that are built into 7D2D’s Random World Generator Tiling System. In addition, Worlds are created with custom features in addition to regular default features.

Features and customisation is as follows:

  • The Old West area of 7D2D has been expanded and has traders (An Old West Trading Town).
  • Downtown has been totally removed because it can be quite heavy to render the POIs along with entities and NPCs at the same time.
  • Custom POIs will appear within some of the default areas (residential, rural, commercial, etc) and allow in the Wilderness.

There is some crossover in the towns, districts, and areas above.

It is highly recommend that players/communities also bring in some Compo Pack 48 content to enhance the experience.

The Compo Pack 48 is fully compatible with the Oakraven Forest Mod and will not impact on game-play in any way.

Fabbersville is particularly suited to the theme of the Oakraven Forest Modpack, and was bundled in with the first release.

Unfortunately, feedback suggested it restricted adding in additional Compo Pack themes such as Medievil Village and Mega and was removed to give more flexibility.

The Compo Pack is administered by stallionsden and the Compo Pack team and provides high quality expansion and great rendering performance due to rigourous care and quality control. Check this thread for more details.

0-Score, 0-XNPCCore and Addons

The NPCMod is a community made asset that gives life to custom made NPCs, among many other features. 0-Score and 0-XNPCCore power the Addons compiled into 1-OakModpack. Addons have been compiled directly into the 1-OakModpack to reduce latency. Care has been taken to ensure creators have been credited both in this Readme and within the xml files.

Random Main Menu Background

This mod is cared for by closer_ex and provides Modpacks and Overhauls with a custom Main Menu Background image that is shown randomly. This provides a very nice feature to personalise and highlight different aspects of what players can face. It can be downloaded here, among many other delights. closer_ex combines modding with some complex coding, and has been very willing to assist other modders.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 2

Starting Out as a New Player

Once you spawn in game, you will see your tool belt contains different items to usual.

The first thing to do is open the can of Friendly Fox Food to receive 20 meat. This allows you to hire the friendly fox which also spawns in your close vicinity.

If you are unable to see the fox, it may be chasing zombies.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 3

You will also see a Fish Stick pack. This contains two items, a Fish Stick melee weapon and a Perch Pie for sustenance.

The First Stick will be either Quality 5 or 6. It does more damage than a wooden club but less than a baseball bat.

It provides more experienced players a chance to start from where they left off while still offering a challenge.

This Fish Stick was crafted by Forest Hermit swmeek who will answer any questions on how best to use it.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 4

Additional items include Quest items. One is for Laz Man’s ‘Eliminate the Horde’ quest and the other is for a ‘Pest Control’ quest that asks players to keep certain entities under control. In this case it is 3 experimental entities from Darkstardragon’s 1-ZombiezPack.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 5

It is recommended to complete the initial Survival Quests because upon completion players are given a ‘Blood Moon Vanguard’ quest that asks players to eliminate entities from Darkstardragon’s 1-YeOldeUndeadPack entities. This is a collection of Medieval looking entities that will only appear during Blood Moon in Grunt, Feral, and Radiated form (Chaos type).

Just as usual, players are then directed to a Trader or Multi-Trader. The Trader POIs are just the same as usual but with a little customisation.

As the rotating Billboard shows (switch between 3 different images each side), trading hours have been extended.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 6

Trader Bird Man replaces Trader Hugh as your friendly weapons expert.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 7

Get your first quest from the Trader, and pick up some side quests along the way. There are 7 elimination type quests in total.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 8

About the Environment

The tiling system incorporates default POIs but also supports the Compo Pack just as well. This show the CP48 Fabbersville with Rural as its district. It renders very smoothly for lower end systems and provides lots of looting and questing.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 9

The Old West supports Traders and has also been expanded.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 10

Some things to consider about the Biomes for the World added into the Modpack:

  • Snow – Contains Snow Orcs (powered by the NPCMod)
  • Wasteland and Desert – Contains Mythical Beasts and Spiders (powered by the NPCMod)
  • Forest – Provides players a retreat, beyond Horde Night ‘Ye Olde Undead Pack’ (powered by the NPCMod)

Biomes also contain friendly hireable assistants although they are loathe to go into the Wasteland and Snow and will be a much rarer sight in those areas.

World Assets

Without giving too much away, there are a fair number of custom features covering tools, weapons, farming, and other quality of life additions.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 11

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 12

Some craftable items will force the player to go into the Wasteland to collect crystals, Forest to search for Bee Logs, and Desert to search for Peppers. The vast majority incorporates regular world items.

There are some fun weapons to explore, some of which are the Punk series of hand held shooters.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 13

There are so many wonderful vehicle mods out there including Bdubyah’s Vehicles as well as Ragsy 2145’s Vehicle Madness and some single mods for individual creations.

As such, this Modpack includes some token gestures grabbed from the Server Side Vehicle mod with some modifications to ensure they do not conflict. They are all added to Progression, Loot, and Traders to match the regular vehicle types.

Spider Rider

Between the Minibike and Motorcycle but with its own unique traits. ^^

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 14

There may be a few more surprises to explore.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 15

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 16

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 17

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 18


7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 19

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 21

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 22

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 1


The Modpack has been updated as follows:

  1. Update to the latest version of Score.
  2. Addition of Monobikes. These are hooked up to the traders and custom vehicle workbench.

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack changelog screenshot


Install directly into the main directory Mods folder. A new Mod for textures requires it to be installed here. It will cause errors in the appdata area. The creator of the texture Mod has been contacted. It will look similar to this:

7 days to die oakraven forest modpack additional screenshot 20

For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions:

  1. If you’ve never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a Mods folder in the main directory, typically inside
    \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die. In the future, this location may change and we’ll update instructions at that time. If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore.
  2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your ‘7 Days To Die’ main directory folder.
  3. You can now drag all of the mod folders directly out of the zipped file, and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder.
  • Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES
  • Do players also need to install this Mod? = YES (because it contains custom content that cannot be downloaded from the server).

The contents of this Modpack contains these folders and files. The bottom two files can be removed. The Readme mirrors the contents of this thread. The zipped Pack01 contains a 6K World that can be unzipped and placed in the Worlds folder if needed.

Launching the Modpack will require EAC to be set as False/Off due to the custom content.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: arramus, Oakraven and community

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  1. Hello. I used this modpack and wanted to play Multiplayer. But it dont’s works. Can anybody help? What Mod in this pack could block this?

    Thank you very much for help.

    bg Eva

  2. Is there a way to get rid of the UI\HUD? I don’t like it and would want to install SMX instead. Other than that I love the rest of this mod!

  3. So what changed in the 07.21.22 update that broke the mod? Been trying for 2 days and it will not load, a host of red and yellow errors that eventually lead to a complete lock up at the creating character phase that runs the same error several times a second numbering 000 to 999 before endlessly repeating. No other mods installed and using the Pack01 world map that was included.

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