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And Saminal is back, with his second public mod release. This time, it’s a bunch of working items for your base, based on existing vanilla items so everything is server-side only.

Working Oven

Build yourself a working wall oven which functions the same as a campfire, with a slightly lower heatmap footprint. This is unlocked by the Master Chef perk.

Working Faucets (or taps, if you like)

Using an existing brass or household faucet, which you can either forge, or steal from a house, you can craft a working version which will allow you to fill jars and buckets in the comfort of your own survival fortress / cosy homestead. These are unlocked by the Advanced Engineering perk.

Working Lamps and Lights

Adds a new variant block to allow placing a number of lamps usually only available in “POI” form. These working versions require power, and they can be turned on and off like the vanilla player craftable lights.

7 days to die sam's working stuff additional screenshot 1

In keeping this server-side only, he has been unable to modify the models for these and as a result, the wire connection point for most of the lights is in the centre of the block, which looks a bit awful for most of them. To work around this, he has included a wireless wire relay. Any cables to and from this relay are invisible.

7 days to die sam's working stuff additional screenshot 2

7 days to die sam's working stuff additional screenshot 3

The lights and wireless relay are unlocked by the Advanced Engineering perk, and also by the Basics of Electricity schematic.


  • (new) Rename SMX Working Stuff to load last
  • Have added a new download link for a version that works with SMX.
  • Fixed working oven schematic.
  • Updated for A20.
  • Added Working Gas Grill and Working Charcoal Grill
  • Added 10 more lights to the Working Lamps and Lights
  • Fixed wrong icon on Brass Porch Light

Alpha 20 Versions
Download for A20
Download for A20 with SMX
Alpha 19 Version
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Saminal

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7 thoughts on “Sam’s Working Stuff

  1. I love your mod, make life easier.
    Would it be possible to see the cables (only) when we have the cable scissors equipped?
    ( my english is very poor , sorry 🙂 )

  2. I have noticed that on the regular mod, that the recipes for the Brass faucets, and the household faucts, have no recipe or a way to make them. Is this normal, I mean faucet are eawsy enough to get ahold of.

    Just wondering

  3. I made the working faucet but cant get water from it. In the text it still says its just for show and dosent do anything.

  4. For some reason I can’t collect water from the working faucet 2, is my game just bugged or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Filling jars from regular water sources works, and I’m right clicking on the faucet as well. I have no other mods that make water collection any different from vanilla besides this one.

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