Grass Destroyer (AOE)

7 days to die grass destroyer (aoe)

Like the title says – it’s removing grass, and also it can remove any other blocks using invisible AOE explosion. It’s a DEV item so it’s only available in creative mode.

Also, it’s not damaging any other blocks like dirt, wood etc – even not taking 1 point of DMG.

It’s removing blocks (like treeGrassMaster or treeDeadPineLeaf) based on their materials (damage category). If you want to add more items to vaporate, just change material for this item to Mleaves in items.xml or change material damage category in materials.xml inside this modlet.

Range of the explosion (AOE) can be changed in items.xml (Explosion.RadiusBlocks) – setting it above 20 can lead to lags.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: VANKO

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