Barbed Wire

7 days to die barbed wire, 7 days to die traps, 7 days to die building materials

This simple mod return the removed or missing barbed wire sheet recipe we used to be able to craft in the last version of 7 Days to Die. Using this mod, you’ll add this recipe back into the game in it’s original state.

How to Use

Mod adds the recipe as it previously existed, nothing more, nothing less.


Updated for A19 by Doughphunghus.

How to Setup

Download and extract this barbed wire mod to your 7 Days to Die Mods folder. For Steam users, that’s \steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create ‘Mods’ if it doesn’t exist).

Download for A19
Download for A18

If you enjoyed MeanCloud’s work and want to encourage him to do more, you can donate here.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: MeanCloud, Doughphunghus

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  1. Jess: I’m not sure what your specific issue is. If you are still having issues, please post it on my forums mods page or github (both above) as I rarely look at these forums and don’t get notified when people post comments here.

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