5 thoughts on “ZMXhudCPTB15

  1. i got the mod up and running, but am having an issue, instead of showing the 1 row 15 slots long belt, it shows 2 rows of 10 slots, but, that’s not an issue, it’s actually cool, thing is, anything placed on the 16th slot, goes into the void and dissapears, not even “replacing” the item would work, on the 17th to 20th slots, you can put items in there, but, not access them, the second you scroll past 15th, it goes back to slot 1

    1. Same here when I use War of the Walkers MOD with ZMXhudCPTB15. I need to be 12 slots my belt due to my screen resolution because 15 slots can’t let me see my health bar (left side) and the xp (right side).
      I have tried to put 12 instead of 15 in “cols” and works fine, but above that belt there is the second one with only 3 useful slots (12+3 I guess) so I don’t know how to “remove” the second inventary despite I comment every line on the code.

  2. Anything I place in the 11th slot deletes completely. The other 14 slots are fine, just that one. Can’t figure it out, I’m sure it’s another mod incompatible. Any ideas how to figure it out?

    1. Did you add Khaine’s 15 slot toolbelt mod to the mix? This mod is just a patch that change SMXhud to fit with the use of Khaine’s 15 slot, it doesn’t add it itself.

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