Auto Dart Turret

7 days to die auto dart turret, 7 days to die weapons, 7 days to die traps

Adds an auto dart shooting turret to the game.

Comparable to 9mm vanilla game turret, but shoots darts, is bit less accurate, does less damage than bullets and has a shorter range than 9mm auto turret (20m, which is comparable to 30m of 9mm turret or 15m of shotgun turret).

Darts are dirt cheap so now u finally have an auto turret using them well …automatically… also u can load up to 1500 of darts into the turret and it shoots them out much faster than a dart trap.


Unzip the mod under … <main 7d2d game folder> / Mods … directory. If u don’t have yet other mods, create the Mods folder under main game directory and put my files there.

This mod should be compatible with any other mods.

Tested on 20.3 version of the game



Credits: Furious Angel

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2 thoughts on “Auto Dart Turret

  1. I like the mod, but how do i pick the turret up?
    Pressing (and holding) the “E” button brings only the turret menu up.


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