Useful Tires

7 days to die useful tires, 7 days to die vehicles, 7 days to die loot


It is a small mod based on the work of Ragsy2145, which gives you the possibility to harvest the vehicleWheels by destroying from the floor, they will give you:

They only change the values of vehicleWheels for decoCarTirePile and decoCarTireStack which can give you 1 to 2 wheels.


It gives you the possibility to obtain decoCarTireSmallFlat to make vehicleWheels and adds its recipe (the original recipe remains).

A20 Version

This mod was completely changed, now the tires from the ground when destroying them will give rubber, which is necessary to make the tires.

Important Note: Before installing any mod, make a backup of your saved game, to avoid errors or character reset, you are warned.

Alpha 20 Version
Download for A20
Alpha 19 Versions
Download v1.1 for A19
Download v1.2 for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gouki, Ragsy2145

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