Diamond RaidBoss

7 days to die diamond raidboss, 7 days to die biomes, 7 days to die zombies

Adds a challenging, end-game Raid Boss, party girl Diamond, to the Wastelands. Server-side only – Players do not need to download! It should play nicely with other mods but let me know! You may want to change the xp/coin reward and/or need to tone down the difficulty by reducing the entity health/regen, but see what you think.

We have a ton of other unique, complex enemies on our BlewBarry Farms 7d2d server and we may release more for the community in the coming months! Come see what we have if you don’t want to wait!


Updated for A21.1.


If you appreciate Arcueid-Gray Sage’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Arcueid-Gray Sage

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5 thoughts on “Diamond RaidBoss

    1. The mod has it spawning with a low rate in the wasteland but you can change this to be a high rate if you want to increase the number in the entitygroups.xml file! Or put it in a different biome etc

        1. If you want to see her more often, change it to .5 or 2.0 or whatever. Try it and see! Again, she only spawns in the wasteland unless you change the entitygroup.xml file to say ‘ZombiesAll’ rather than ‘ZombiesWasteland’

  1. YES PLS more of this most zombies dies after 2-3 shots we need something more tough this is something i want a RAID boss type of zombie

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