Banshee Queen

7 days to die banshee queen, 7 days to die zombies

Adds a new boss zombie, Banshee Queen. Server-side only – Players do not need to download! She currently shows up rarely at night and starts to appear in screamer and bloodmoon hordes after gamestage 100 (increasingly so as your gamestage approaches 1000). You may want to change how hard she hits, how much life she has, and what her rewards are in order to fit your specific server, but she has some devastating aoe abilities so make sure you prepare for how to best handle the encounter and live to tell the tale!

7 days to die banshee queen additional screenshot

We have a ton of other unique monsters on our BlewBarry Farms 7d2d server and we may release more for the community in the coming months! Come see what we have if you don’t want to wait!


Updated for A21.1.


If you appreciate Arcueid-Gray Sage’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Arcueid-Gray Sage

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4 thoughts on “Banshee Queen

  1. This is just the experience of adding this to a small server:

    Players on my server were definitely not fans of this critter out-of-the-box. I’m not a modder, and I have no experience with editing monsters.

    The weapon damage AoE is interesting, the damage and health of the Banshee wasn’t a problem. Weird that the text says “your wiener tingles” when one of the effects happens.

    The problem out-of-the-box is that at the gamestage they were at (about 120~), the first bloodmoon brought almost nothing but dozens of this mob, and they kept summoning more of themselves, long after the bloodmoon. Without the ability to kill them without explosives, and their ability to endlessly summon more of themselves, I was forced to shut down the server and remove the mod.

    If she were actually a rare mob, and only spawned one of them, I’d love to re-add this monster.

    1. I run a small server too, a lot of these Boss mods I find you need to mess with the entitygroup.xml file and change prob=”0.1″ to see her less and change her spawn location with ‘ZombiesWasteland’ rather than ‘ZombiesAll’

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