28 Alphas Later

7 days to die 28 alphas later, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Welcome to 28 Alphas Later!


Now updated to support multiplayer!

The idea behind this mod is to slow progression, make traders less powerful, and generally extend the time for a playthrough, while keeping the vanilla look and feel.


  • “Starter” items are now in a backpack, found in slot 2 of your toolbelt. Open it with your primary action (LMB by default on PC)
  • When you open the backpack, read the note from The Duke to obtain your starter weapon of choice.
  • The starter quest is now just “place bedroll”, which you’ll receive on opening the starter backpack.


  • Player starts with a new debuff – Despair. Despair is dynamically affected by various different factors, including:
    • 1: Darkness. Too dark, and your Despair will increase dramatically. Torches, helmet lights and flashlights will mitigate this. Use these in conjunction with a campfire for the best effect.
    • 2: Temperature. If you’re freezing or sweltering, your Despair will also increase dramatically. Find shelter!
    • 3: Environment: Varying degrees of “wetness” will change how Despair affects you, as will your shelter. If you’re warm, dry, sheltered, well lit, AND near an operating campfire, forge or chem station you can effectively “treat” Despair.
    • 4: Hunger and thirst affect how quickly your despair increases. Starvation/dehydration will drastically increase the rate at which you become affected by despair.
    • 5: Injuries will affect how quickly your despair increases.
    • 6: There is medication in trader stock and rare medical loot to treat your despair.
    • 6a: There is also lavender growing wild, which can be collected to make your own lavender seeds, and is also used to make Lavender Oil in a cooking pot at a campfire. Treats 3% Despair.
    • 7: All food has a positive effect. The better the food, the more effective the treatment.
    • 8: Killing zombies and animals will reduce your overall despair. Conversely, getting hit by enemies will increase it.
    • 9: Being in close proximity to zombies increases your Despair. The tougher the zombie, the worse the effect. The effect is compounded, so the more zombies there are, the worse it’ll be.
    • 10: Player “wellness”. Your maximum health will also slow down the effects of despair. Every 10 additional health slows down the rate at which Despair affects you.
    • 11: The morale booster from the drone will decrease the rate at which despair affects you.
    • 12: The trader has an effect. Being close to a trader will slow down and/or reduce your Despair.
    • 13: The perk “From the Shadows” also has an effect on the way Despair affects you at NIGHT. The more points in the perk, the less Despair affects you at night.
  • Headshots ONLY. Zombies can only be damaged/killed with headshots, or with fire, or with explosives. (currently only works in single player games)
  • Zombies DON’T bleed. Nothing undead takes bleed damage.
  • Hazmat zombies are a guaranteed source of hazmat gear. Kill one, and if it drops loot, it’ll have some hazmat gear in there.
  • There are more zombies in the world. Biomes are gamestaged, which means zombies get tougher and their number increases as you level up.
  • Zombies are tougher.
  • Nights are dangerous, downtown is much more dangerous.
  • Traders are still protected, but they open from dawn ’til dusk. No more waiting for 6 am anymore.
  • Traders and vending machines are MUCH more expensive to buy from, and will buy from you at a much lower price.
  • Crafting is 25% more expensive, and loot, harvesting and scrapping quantities are much lower.
  • XP required to level increased by 25%.
  • Dismember chance lowered to 1% per attribute level, max at 10%.
  • Knife base damage rebalanced.
  • 60-slot backpack.


  • New basic wood arrow/bolt. Made from a single branch, its range is poor, its damage isn’t great, and it always breaks on impact.
  • All arrows and bolts have a 25% chance of causing bleeding on a living target. Shame it doesn’t work on the undead…
  • Ammo can be “dismantled” into its component parts.
  • The serrated blade only fits on spears and knuckles now.
  • Hazmat armour mods can be crafted from hazmat gear. You’ll still need all five mods (head, gloves, chest, legs, and boots) for full radiation protection.
  • New mods – blessed metal for stopping mutated regen. NiCd is back, as is Flaming Oil and Liquid Nitrogen.
  • New clothing mod – cycling shorts. Install them in your leg armour/clothing and save 25% stamina when cycling.


  • The beehive. Find bees (and honey) in specific tree stumps (beehives) in the world, and use them to produce honey. Normal wild tree stumps have a higher chance of giving honey too.
  • The dew collector now uses a filter WITH durability. It has to be replaced when it breaks, or the collector will stop.
  • The chicken snare. Place this block down, and load it with corn seed to attract and trap chickens, which can be used in coops to produce eggs.
  • These chickens can also be butchered for meat, feathers and eggs, with a hunting knife in your inventory.
  • The chicken coop. Place this block, add a chicken from a trap, and it will produce eggs over time. The chicken will “dry out” over time, and will need replacing to keep producing eggs.
  • The tablesaw cannot be crafted, it can only be collected from POIs. Press “E” to pick one up.
  • The workbench now has slots for a wrench, hammer, ratchet, impact driver, and nail gun. These tools are needed to craft a lot of items, and some items have been moved from inventory crafting to workbench crafting.
  • The cement mixer now requires gasoline to work.
  • The forge no longer requires you to smelt items. You can use the items directly from your inventory.
  • Player-crafted king-size beds heal the player when stood on. Only the king-size bed and only the player-crafted bed has this effect.


  • Snakes and Spider zombies will envenom you when they attack. Kill snakes to extract their venom, which can be used to make antivenom. Antivenom crafting is unlocked after reading 10 medical magazines, and it can appear in loot and trader stock.
  • The Wasteland biome is irradiated, and very, VERY dangerous. You’ll need a hazmat suit before you venture in there.
  • Radiated zombies now irradiate the player when they attack. A full hazmat suit or a full set of hazmat mods negates this.
  • Some Burnt zombies now set the player on fire when they attack. A full hazmat suit or a full set of hazmat mods negates this.
  • Honey infection treatment reduced to 3% from 5%.
  • Despair medication (Lavender, St. John’s Wort and Lithium) can be found in medical loot, and in trader stock. Lavender oil can be crafted from lavender flowers and used to treat despair.


  • Bears and wolves are back in the forest.
  • Zombie health increases with game difficulty. Scavenger starts with zombies dealing 100% damage and no health bonus. Zombie health increases per level, up to 65% more health on insane difficulty. Damage received by zombies increases by 25% per level up to Survivalist, and then a further 50% jump to Insane (150% more damage dealt at maximum difficulty). The player ALWAYS does a flat 100% damage, REGARDLESS of difficulty.
  • Hazmat zombies are now immune to burning.
  • New Bunker Buster zombie. Only appears during bloodmoon(s), and can appear from the very first Bloodmoon. You’ll want to take it out quickly… think of it as a “light” demolition zombie.
  • Demolition zombies appear at a much earlier gamestage.
  • New Mutated zombie variant. Bigger, tankier, stronger, yellower, and with more radiated regen. You’ll need a blessed metal mod to take them down – the wasteland is full of these guys.
  • New Frozen zombie variant. Slightly tougher, slightly slower, slightly more XP, and take slightly more damage than their “Normal” counterparts. Immune to the effects of liquid nitrogen, and if they touch you, your movement is reduced by 20%. You can negate this by maxing out the Well Insulated perk. Found in the snow biome.
  • New Rotting zombie variant. They have lower HP, lower XP reward, and they take more damage. Found in the forest and desert biomes.
  • “Normal”, “frozen” and “rotting” ‘Fat’ zombies (Big Mama, tourist) don’t puke, but they do explode…
  • During bloodmoons, ‘some’ zombies have a 10% chance to respawn after death, unless they’re killed with fire or explosives. There is also a 5% chance that a “boss” zombie will spawn, which boosts all zombies within range; their damage by 20%, and gives them regenerative properties. The boss is marked with a specific symbol, so target them with extreme prejudice.
  • Rotten and Normal “Fat” zombies (Cop, Big Mama and Tourist) are filled with a substance that’s irresistible to all zombies. If you are within range when they explode, they’ll cover you in this stuff – and attract other zombies…


  • All canned food found in loot, vending machines, and trader stock is “uncooked”. Cook it to make it safe to eat, or eat it and run the risk of food poisoning…
  • Uncooked cans don’t replenish health, just food and water.
  • Five new recipes – Chicken stew and chicken miso, top of the tier 3 food chain, along with Scrambled Eggs, a better use for eggs and Tramp/Vagabond stew(s), which use cat/dog food. Basic recipes, unlocked by default. Needs a cooking pot.
  • MegaCrush is craftable, in a campfire, with a beaker, and cheaper in a chemistry station.
  • Pies and cheesecake need honey for that sweet, sweet taste now.
  • Crops’ growing time is double that of vanilla.
  • Farming is reworked entirely. You need a hoe to till the ground to plant seeds. Use the hoe with fertiliser to upgrade the tilled ground (can be upgraded twice). Level one tilled ground yields 1 crops, level two (first fertilised level) yields 2 crops, and level three (second fertilised level) yields 3.
  • Farm Plots require fertiliser and nails to craft, are crafted in the workbench with a hammer, and are the same fertile level as level 3 fertilised ground. Farmplots found in POIs are no longer plantable.
  • There is no harvest bonus for Living off the Land, instead, seeds cost less crops to make per level, and the amount of fertiliser required to make farmplots is reduced per level. Fertiliser is craftable in the cement mixer and chem station, and is in some trader stock.
  • Wild plants can be picked up – press ‘E’ by default to pick them up. Wild plants always give one crop, whether they’re picked up or “punched”.
  • New plant – lavender. Purple flower found growing in the wild and in some POIs. Seeds crafted from lavender flowers, no unlock required. Lavender flowers can be found in loot and trader stock, and Lavender seeds in trader stock.


  • There is no more Daring Adventurer or Better Barter. Traders will give a drink after every quest tier, which will increase bartering by 5% and trader level by one for each tier of quests completed. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SPACE IN YOUR INVENTORY FOR IT!
  • There is a new perk, Survival Instinct. It’s a “single-player” version of Charismatic Nature. 5 levels, each level gains you an additional 5 health/stamina, 10% block damage, 5% entity damage, 3% XP, and carry capacity increases by 1.
  • Living off the Land now offers a discount to crops needed to make seeds, level 2 costs 4 crops per seed, level 3 costs 3 crops per seed.
  • Clothing which gives perk updates have been removed. Instead, the looting and night vision goggles, and the bandanna, have a mod slot. There are 5 mods available, specifically for these items, and each mod increases the 5 different perks by one. The bartering bonus (from cigars originally), and the crafting speed and XP gain (from the nerdy glasses) have been removed. The cigar itself remains as a recipe unlock (craft only).


  • Trees no longer give wood, they give wood logs, scraps, and branches. Logs can be placed and then chopped with an axe for wood, or use the table saw to do it quicker and better.
  • Primitive weapons and ammo are now made from wood scraps, branches, plant fibres, and/or stone.
  • Cobblestone is now more expensive to make in your inventory. Use a cement mixer to make it cheaper.
  • Concrete now requires a bucket of water and is crafted in batches of 250. Returns an empty bucket when crafting is complete.
  • Most ammo can be dismantled into its component parts. Check ammo for recipes, and look at the 3rd tab to see what they dismantle into. Most need a workbench to do this, but basic arrows/bolts can be dismantled in your inventory.
  • Repair kits are more expensive, and weapons/armour/tools that require specific crafting parts now require a specific repair kit.


  • All vehicles EXCEPT the bicycle are too heavy for you to carry.
  • Vehicles CANNOT be used underwater.


  • Particle systems/Unity edits – Author: redbeardt
  • Custom mesh files – Author: Schrader97
  • Farming template (xml code) – Author: Gouki
  • Original Chicken Coop model – Author: DocRabbit
  • HJPlayerItemCount – Author: w00kien00kie
  • IDCAdvancedDewCollector – Author: I Don’t Care
  • IDCAnimalSnare – Author: I Don’t Care
  • IDCBeehive – Author: I Don’t Care
  • IDCCore – Author: I Don’t Care
  • HPBars template (xml code) – Author: Khaine
  • 60-slot backpack (xml code) – Author: Khaine
  • Khelldon Custom Menu – Author: Khelldon
  • Custom Menu Music – Author: Khaine
  • Material Modifier – Author: Zilox
  • ColoredContainerStates – Author: Scomar
  • WMMStaminaDehydrationFix – Author: w00kien00kie
  • CustomDifficulty – Author: Mythix

Also a huge thank you to Frantic_Dan and redbeardt for the custom HUD base code, and main menu localization changes, and to YubiNashi and Frantic_Dan for ideas/balancing and playtesting.


  • Various balancing tweaks
  • Increased mod slots for T2 and T3 armour. Now 2,2,2,3,4,5 for Quality 1,2,3,4,5,6 Leather and Iron, and 3,3,3,4,5,6 for Quality 1,2,3,4,5,6 Military and Steel.
  • Added “corpse run” buff. After death, you have increased run speed, stamina regen, and damage resistance for 30 seconds.
  • Increased storage sizes for a few containers. NOTE: You ‘may’ get a console error when accessing the storage in a CURRENT save. If so, press ‘F1’, and type xui reload, or you can relog. That should fix it. New saves should be fine.
  • Added stats display for Red’s Legendary Paintbrush.
  • Reworded its description.
  • A few more minor localization tweaks.
  • Added pick-up ability and crafting to several deco blocks/posters/signs/flags.
  • Added ability to pick up, place and power “cold beer” and “shop open” signs.
  • Expanded sinks variable helper to include bath tubs.
  • Expanded appliances variant helper to include wood burning stove.
  • Added craftable barbed wire variable shape helper block.
  • Non-specific (generic) repair kits are now more expensive to make.
  • Specific repair kits can now be made with a generic repair kit and a weapon/tool/armour part as required.
  • The “smell” mechanic is back! Carrying differing quantities of certain food will increase the heat map, and subsequently alert screamers.

Again, should be save game safe (read the note about increased storage sizes though!), but back-up your save, just in case 🙂


The “food smell” mechanic is currently NON-FUNCTIONAL in multiplayer. If you plan on using this mod in a multiplayer environment, make sure you remove the ‘ZZZZ-Food Smell‘ folder from your SERVER or your HOST.

Clients can keep this folder without issue, but it must NOT be present on the SERVER or the HOST.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: HellsJanitor

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9 thoughts on “28 Alphas Later

  1. I love the idea of the mod, but I’m not ready to adopt it wholecloth. That said, I have been desperate for a mod that does what this does with glasses (get rid of the static bonus and adds different mods you can add). Is there is anyway to pull and use just that part of it?

  2. Cant seem to craft anything in the inventory? is this intended do i have to search for a working workstation or something or is a mod conflicting? (i only have 16slot toolbelt mod & craft from containers)

    1. Despain is a build-up status that when full it will give you a heart attack (and drain your HP till you die), it’s a better motivation to stay alive, not get hit by zombies, keep well fed and hydrated, warm and good lighting when inside or at night time and all in all Survive

    2. I edited the ‘buffs.xml’ file and commented out the headshots only section. I can now shoot the zombies anywhere. It also really prevents turrets from being any good as they mostly hit zombies in the body. I had to google how to comment out a section of an xml file for the record. I did get some red errors on load but haven’t had any difficulties as a result of the edit that I can find after about 30 game days in.

  3. It’s well put together but the Despair system is a bit too harsh, is there an ini file that we could modify to make it go down a tad faster, camping constantly is quite tedious. Also, i’ve spent
    a bunch of hours testing out to see if killing zombies decreases despair, it’s not very noticeable. There was a mod (A19) =Stressed Out=, that added smoking and drinking of alcoholic drinks as a way to decrease the Stress meter, maybe you could add something similar in future updates?

  4. i like the mod but despair mechanic is unmanageable ( infenction mod was better) despair raises to fast compared to how much u can treat it . ended day 1 with 38% dispair and light is the only thing that keep it at bay .u gonna stay all night infront of a campfire holding a torch and eating food u dont have . cos once u move away despair skyrocket …also despair meds ( st john and lithium ) should not be gated byond rng trader but craftable endgame meds at least this is my point of wiew after testing this mod .

  5. Vultures are a torment in this fashion. It is impossible to kill them, and they appear in the first locations where there are lvl 1 quests. It was enough that the vultures could be killed by any means, not just headshot. I just pressed ALT + F4 and will never return to this pack.

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