Guppycur’s Grenades

7 days to die guppycur's grenades, 7 days to die ammo

Adds a can grenade and flash bang grenade to the game. This is an a21 updated version of an older mod of him.

Ever think to yourself during early game “Man, I wish I had a use for these nails and gunpowder stacks I’m finding?” Well, now you do. Adding a simple can grenade, which uses an empty can (re-added back into the game), gunpowder, nails and some cloth, you have a simple and not very powerful grenade to use, for when you get in those tough spots.

Additionally, he has added a flash bang grenade; use this to temporarily stun even zombies! But don’t get too close, otherwise you will find yourself stunned. Great for PvP play!

FYI Guppycur does NOT update for Experimentals. Update the game at your own risk.

He will not attempt to troubleshoot any mod if it is used with ANY mod other than sCore or NPCmod. That’s not up to him to do! It is the player’s responsibility to troubleshoot when they mix mods, not his. If there are issues with the mod when run by itself (and score and npcmod) then he will take a look.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur

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