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Designed for 7 Days to Die’s 19.3b6 build, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive is a new edition of Hernan’s Unnecessary But Beautiful mod that was originally released on December 19th, 2019.

Originally wanting to add a Barista and a large TV, Hernan spent months designing code, textures, maps, 3D models and later compiling the files together to present a multitude of house buildables. Ranging from a variety of TVs, lamps, Kitchen appliances, cabinets and decorations to pool furniture, Bathroom amenities and beyond, he released Unnecessary But Beautiful. With the help of modder Hellsmoke a couple months later, recipes were created, which allowed players to finally craft these items for themselves in February of 2020.

Jump ten months later and I found myself inspired to take on my first major project with one goal in mind: increase immersion and make a somewhat fresher experience for players at the same time. With the permission of Hernan himself in early December, I’ve been working hard since for the last four weeks to rebuild this mod for compatibility with the latest build of the game.

Now, I would like to present my rebuild titled, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive!

7 days to die ztensity's unnecessarily beautiful but immersive (ubbi) additional screenshot 1


After playing the game for hours with this mod, I found ways in which I could increase immersion. With this in mind, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive now includes a variety of new things.

We’ll first start with what’s familiar and that is Hellsmoke’s recipes. I’ve now updated the recipes file for full compatibility with the latest build of the game. I have also streamlined it into the mod, as it is no longer optional. This means players will no longer have go into their game files to fix this and there is no separate download.

In order to turn on the lights, TVs, PC, laptop, fireplace and sound bar, players must now make use of the wire tool.

In order to craft any of the lights, a player must first have their Intellect perk at lvl 6 and their Advanced Engineering perk at lvl 3.

Alternatively, players can unlock lights early before hitting the appropriate perks if they are lucky enough to find the “basics of electricity schematic.”

All three beds that are craftable can be used as a bedroll by the player.

Every item from sofa pieces, TVs, laptops and cabinets to doors, windows, lamps and beyond all have appropriate names now along with some smoother descriptions as well for their crafting recipes.

The sound bar now has a sound to it also. Connect it with your wire tool and find out for yourself what it does! Just make sure to turn it off before leaving your game, otherwise it’ll go off when you boot up next!

Most devices that uses a wire tool like a light, TV, speaker, etc. that is vanilla or through a mod will now say “turn on” / “turn off.”

I have of course also added new files, coding, animations etc. that make all of the immersion a reality.

In short, I have rebuilt 15 objects – lights, TVs, a PC, a laptop, a fireplace and a sound bar. I have made sure that they have to be turned on by using the wire tool and their animations are cleaned. Similarly to vanilla, lights added by this mod can now only be crafted once you’ve attained the appropriate perks.

Is this mod somewhat unnecessary? Potentially likely, just as Hernan originally stated when he first released his original version. However, is it Beautiful? If I have to ask myself, I’d say everything he created was absolutely aesthetic and now with with weeks of my hard work, there is so much more increased immersion!

7 days to die ztensity's unnecessarily beautiful but immersive (ubbi) additional screenshot 2


This mod still contains 235 items that were originally carefully crafted by Hernan. Almost everything you loved about the previous version of the mod still remain.

However, in my efforts to increase immersion, I did tweak a lot of code, removed a lot of behind the scenes things and removed a few items such as a couple offset items, the “RG Gamer” items, the experimental floor speaker and a ceiling light top item due it not working with it’s light it was intended to extend.

All of these familiar and unnecessarily beautiful things that somehow worked in the zombie apocalypse before, but are more immersive then ever, now work with the latest build of the game seamlessly. Who knew you could have such nice things while trying to survive every 7 days!

7 days to die ztensity's unnecessarily beautiful but immersive (ubbi) additional screenshot 3


This modlet is a completely new rebuild and will require you to completely remove the “UnnecessarybutBeautiful” folder in your “Mods” folder. Then put this modlet into your “Mods” folder. You should be able to drop this into your pre-existing game (even if you had the Hernan’s version), although a new game is preferred. You will just have to likely rebuild some things you had already crafted. To avoid issues, I would recommend removing the items in your base provided by Hernan’s original modlet first, then placing this into your “Mods” folder.

If you have never had Hernan’s original Unnecessary But Beautiful mod, you will have no problems adding this mod into your pre-existing game. Just download and drop it into your “Mods” folder and you should be good to go! Most updates also will not require new games. If an update should require a new game, I will make sure to include that in the update notes!

Finally, this modlet can be utilized in multiplayer. However, in order to achieve this, the mod is required to be installed on both the server side and the client side since the mod utilizes more file types than xml and Localization. This means that if you intend to play online with a friend or multiple people, each person absolutely has to have this mod installed in their “Mods” folder.


As for compatibility issues, there really should not be any compatibility concerns to my knowledge at this point when utilizing the mod with most modlets, as I’ve tested with 30 other mods.

That said, there may be complications with certain overhaul mods like Ravenhearst, Gnamod, War3zuk etc. Mods like this one don’t always work with overhauls like these and I cannot guarantee the success. I can say that if you download the overhaul first, make sure all the mods are up to date and then try to insert this mod into the “Mods” folder later, alongside starting a new save, that it should raise the chances of success.

I will do further testing with overhauls. Once I have tested completely, I will begin to provide a compatibility list for this mod and those overhauls.


With testing however, I can confirm that UBBI v1.3.0 is fully compatible with Darkness Falls, War3zuk Alpha 19 AIO Overhaul and Ravenhearst 7.2. I can also confirm that Gnamod is compatible, but with an alternative version of UBBI, which has been released on the 7D2D mod launcher.

To learn how to install the 7 Days to Die mod launcher, install an overhaul and then learn how to put UBBI into one of these overhauls, you can now learn by viewing my tutorial here.

In short, you must first install the mod launcher, install a game copy for one of the overhauls, pre-sync the mods for the overhaul of your choice and then drop UBBI into the “mods” or “mod” folder inside the overhaul of your choice. View the tutorial for more information!

Note: Darkness Falls has disabled the “basics of electricity” schematic, so you cannot unlock lights early. However his overhaul is intended to be a challenge!


During testing, I found that Gnamod wasn’t compatible with UBBI out the gate, however I have designed an alternate version that is titled ZT-UBBI GMC 1.3.0. This version has been designed for compatibility with Gnamod and should only be downloaded for use with the Gnamod overhaul. This alternate modlet was necessary because certain vanilla ingredients/resources were removed and select ingredients/recipes were added. Therefore, a tweaked recipes and blocks XML was created to work with Gnamod.

Now, all my modlets are on the 7 Days to Die Mod launcher, including ZT-UBBI GMC!

Download UBBI 1.3.0 for Gnamod Overhaul Compatibility (Standalone)


To provide a little assistance, I thought that it would be helpful to provide a few tips that may help with using this mod in your playthroughs. See below!

  • How to Search For Recipes to Craft: In order to craft, you must be at the workbench. Once at a workbench, you can easily find each type of recipe you want to craft by searching for their name like “Kitchen,” “Bedroom,” “Bathroom” or simply “HN.” Despite the name changes I have provided, it is still possible to search by “HN” and it is actually the easiest way to find the recipes.
  • How to Turn On Lights, TVs, PC & Sound Bar: After placing an item like a “Floor Lamp,” you must have a wire tool in hand. Next, you must activate the wire tool’s rope on the lamp by pressing e, disconnect by pressing e and then viola, you should now be able to turn your item on/off.
  • How to Unlock Lights: Just like vanilla gameplay, in order to unlock the ability to craft lights added by this mod, you must first attain the perks Intellect lvl 6 and Advanced Engineering lvl 3.

If you want more information, refer to the Read Me in the modlet, which will provide a little more details. Also refer to additional videos, which will preview the features shared via YouTube, which you can find on the videos tab!


A localization has been put in for “useSwitchLightOff” and “useSwitchLightOn” to make all lights, TVs, fireplace, sound bar and computers turn “on / off” immersively. This will also affect vanilla lights as well or anything else using the “switch class.”

For the time being, anything using a wire tool will say “turn off” / “turn on.” This means this mod will likely affect other mods that utilize the “switch class” that are higher in the list in the “Mods” folder.

If you are making a modlet and you don’t want your object to read “turn on/off” and you want it to have the vanilla wording, try making it load after this modlet utilizing a ZZ as the first two characters of name.

7 days to die ztensity's unnecessarily beautiful but immersive (ubbi) additional screenshot 4


UPDATE 1.3.0!


I have adjusted HP values of all blocks in XML to match more closely with their item counterpart in-game, so that they are a little more immersive. This way when breaking items from doors, windows, cabinets and umbrella stands (now made out of iron) to tables, chairs and paintings amongst others, their health is not only balanced, but also a little more realistic across the board.

For Example: The “Bulletproof Mirrored Doors” now has 750 health, rather than the previously, unrealistically, high health of 3000.


I have adjusted properties of all blocks in XML to match more closely with their item counterpart in-game for further increased immersion.

This means that when hitting items either with fists, a tool or a weapon, the item has affects that appear closer to what they are (i.e. something made out of wood will now look like it’s wood being hit instead of iron) and you will now receive ingredients/resources in return when destroyed this way (in most cases the ingredients will be what was used for the recipe and then a certain percentage of what that ingredient returned).

This also means that if an item drops when placed, you now have a chance to receive a certain amount of ingredients/resources back in return (in most cases the ingredients will be what was used for the recipe and then a certain percentage of what that ingredient returned).


To add additional immersion, players can now use the wrench line of tools to break down select items from Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive after being placed. The items that can be returned follow in-line not only with vanilla counterparts, but also with select ingredients required to make the recipes in the first place.

You can still use your fists and/or standard weapons to break items down to receive wood, iron etc. but you won’t get additional resources/ingredients returned that you otherwise would if you used a tool from the wrench line.

Wrench Line: Wrench, Ratchet & Impact Tool

UBBI Items Available to Disassemble: Sinks (6), Lights (10), Doors (10), Beds (3), Closet Pieces (3), Fireplace, Sound Bar, TVs (4), PC, Laptop, PlayStation 4 Console, Bathtubs (2), a Cooktop, a Fridge, a Gas Stove, a Wall Oven, a Kitchen Cooktop, a Toaster, a Coffee Maker and a Microwave.


I have adjusted the resource requirement to repair an assortment of items across the board in the blocks XML. There are still a wide variety of items that require things like Forged Iron and Wood to repair, however there are also many items that now require new resources to repair.

Resource Repair Master List: Cloth Fragment, Concrete Mix, Forged Iron, Glass Block, Leather & Wood

The Item Repair Atlas include more information as to what item requires what for repair.


I have reordered/recategorized recipes in the crafting tabs so that players can now better find recipes in either the building category, science category and/or the decor/miscellaneous category when at the workbench instead of having to manually search for “HN” or the name of the recipe such as “lights.”

I have also made sure to add an ordering property to all blocks, to make sure that blocks can be found accordingly in the creative menu “building” / “floot” area.


All decorations in-game can still be picked up, however if destroyed by a player’s fists or a weapon they cannot be retrieved like before and will instead provide a player with a certain percentage of select ingredients/resources back in return. Alternatively, if any decoration were to fall right after being placed, resources would similarly return to the player.

Any item like the bathroom towel or bathroom toilet paper that would return to a players inventory after being destroyed like before, will now no longer do that. Instead, a percentage of ingredients/resources are returned to the player instead. This is done to increase immersion and simply makes more sense.


I have changed localizations of an assortment of items in-game to increase immersion. Many changes have applied to select tables, sliding glass doors, standard doors and a few more.

I have also changed the order of glass doors, shower doors and shower glass to be together so that they can be found quicker and more efficiently when flowing through the windows pages.


Every item should now be able to rotate by every type of rotation thanks to the suggestion and help from LeonaLens and Bdubyah. This has been achieved by adding the ” line of code to each master block that controls the recipes.


Finally, I have done a multitude of tweaks to the code, which has done almost nothing but make things easier for future updates. The following updates will not be noticeable to players, but did occur to make 1.3.0 a reality:

Reordered blocks.xml to match their Master List blocks ordering to make future updates a little easier. To this end, I have also reordered the individual blocks throughout each category to match their “Place Alt Block Value” organization so that tweaking properties would be easier now and later.

I have also reordered recipes.xml to match blocks.xml ordering so that each recipe would be in the same exact order as in the blocks.xml. This achieves likely nothing, but my personal OCD needs, potentially future updates and maybe even helps to separate UBBI from Hernan’s original UBB.

More than ever, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI) is a comprehensive rebuild that stands further from Hernan’s version than any previous version. Update 1.3.0 is likely the last major tweak to blocks.xml, as I truly took a deep dive into the code, changing multiple lines, removing some and adjusting others.

Future updates should be easier and quicker however moving forward.


Most assets including the UNITY3D Files for resources, PNGs for UIAtlases, block coding and 12 original localized files were are all created, designed and published first by Hernan (HN). With his permission, I have presented a newer edition/rebuild of the mod with new features, more in-depth immersion, better compatibility with the latest build and further accessibility across all websites.

The recipes file was originally designed and coded by modder Hellsmoke. Hernan uploaded this on 2/12/2020 as an optional download. I am now including this as part of the new edition of Unnecessary but Beautiful to not only keep it updated for all players, but also make the localization available for further immersion to make recipes feel like part of vanilla game.

The UI seen in any pictures or videos from my showcase is provided by Sirillion’s SMX mod pack found here. His mod is a staple in my load order and only enhances the appearance of my mods further. Thank you Sirillion for your fantastic work!


I want to finally give a huge shoutout to everyone who helped me get this huge project finished, including Xyth, Guppycur, Bdubyah, Ragsy, Mumpfy, Snufkin, TSBX, Zorro, Khaine, saminal, Artjom, sphereii, wrathmaniac, InnocuousChaos, chiko, Haidr’Gna and Beardman via Guppy’s Unofficial Discord for 7 Days to Die’s modding community. Full thank you’s are in my Read Me guys and I encourage you guys to check that out. I truly appreciate all your guys help!

Download Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive v1.3.0
Download UBBI Gnamod Compatibility v1.3.0

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ztensity, Hernan, Hellsmoke

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