10k Map – Big City x8, Massive Towns x4, Villages x7

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Background Story

It’s was the 2035, Humanity returned to reason, returning sane, and thus peaked with their sustainability, finally removing electrics bikes and scooters, using once again the old ones, Human-powered. They removed all VW cars, recycling them, making manholes with the few steel they still add, and using the rest for better uses, glass for beer bottles, alluminium for beer cans, PP plastic for cars and trucks’ mud guards, allowing thus a long run plan of eco sustainability.

Then a virus from China, again, the MTR-105, the Mega Trotting Runs. With the 90% of the population now unable to go working the standard 20 hours day, at 2 dollars/hours, and especially unable to go at the workplace at Sunday due to disentery, the economical crysis was near, thus taxes where raised because of reasons.

The governments then put their heads together and decided to ask the big pharmas to develop a cure within 7 days from the first virus’s appearance. The solution was brought forward by VM Pharma, VolksMedical, managed by the previously VW’s ceo, Herr Wütender Kerl, for free. What a good lad! Since it was for free, and still untested, they decided to test it on the field, as it’s proper, giving the vaccine to the population. After 7 days the vaccine took effect. One city after another fell, the last message on the VR radio was from USA President Justin Bieber, which said: “I’m still not sure but maybe Kerl lied to us”. Then silence.

Why I Went So Far as to Make a Map?

Time ago I made the best of the maps, truly enjoying it, but then my pc died, taking that one with it. I cried some (almost), feeling the pang of sadness on my chest due to the loss (about true), then, one morning, waking up with tears reddened eyes, I suddenly remembered that I’m a man, a fighter!

So I decided to make a new one…

Therefore, since I have no memory about which mod I used in the past to generate that lost one, I decided to “mod” it myself, by slightly customizing the map generator files, setting bigger and more numerous cities.


Worry not, I did it without exaggerating, so that performance aren’t dropping with my potato PC, which does have as specs a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti , 8GB ram, Processor i5 3330.

Tips on Map Creations

Eventually remember that if you want to generate a good map you need to avoid mountains (0%), rivers and lakes (0%), just add a pinch of hills (<=15%), and then the rest as you want with generosity.


Credits: Zoichi

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  1. Hello. Writes an error when starting the server that such a prefab is missing:
    ERR Prefab loading failed. Prefab ‘Trader_Mechanic’ does not exist!
    2024-03-12T19:09:58 46.450 WRN Could not load prefab ‘Trader_Mechanic’. Skipping it

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