BlewBarry Pup

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D’ya like dags? This is a small mod that adds a puppy dog to rarely discover in trash containers. If you feed him canned dog food and craft leather doggy armor for him, he will join you as a companion. He is visible to other players, ignored by enemies, but also alerts you to close-ranged zombie threats on the HUD – Come make a friend today!

Technically speaking, it’s an attachment that goes on your pants. You can change the drop rate if you want it even more rare, the range that it displays threats (currently 20 blocks), or the number of cans of dog food required (it’s a lot at 50 but it’s a really strong attachment and it’s fun to RP with the companion so it’s totally worth it!)

7 days to die blewbarry pup additional screenshot

We have a ton of other unique companions and other content on our BlewBarry Farms 7d2d server and we may release more for the community in the coming months! Come see what we have if you don’t want to wait!


If you appreciate Arcueid-Gray Sage’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Arcueid-Gray Sage

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7 thoughts on “BlewBarry Pup

  1. I’m not able to attach the dog to my pants or any clothing/gear item modify slots or vanity slots in any way and i can’t equip him to set him down. ‘Dropping’ him just drops him as a little item bag on the ground. Does he no longer work in the current version of 7DTD?

    1. Click on the item then click on the recipe button: you have to feed the dog you found and out leather on him 🙂

  2. Could you also make a pet cat mod? I think this dog mod is wonderful! I’d love to see a pet cat also 🙂

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