Health and Stamina Mod

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This mod gives the ability to spend those unused skill points you have acquired. Or just use them on Health and Stamina in general. You can get a max of 500 health and or max of 500 stamina from just these two perk tiers you can find in the Fortitude section.

There is also a version of this mod that supports the District Zero Mod which I encourage you to check out.

7 days to die health and stamina mod additional screenshot


Updated to 1.0

DOWNLOAD (This is for the vanilla game or regular game) (30 KB)
DOWNLOAD (This is for the District Zero Mod) (30 KB)

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Credits: Creepers152

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3 thoughts on “Health and Stamina Mod

  1. Hello, a question, do you know how to increase the skill slot? There are 8 spaces. I want to increase it to 10.
    I want to make more pek and put this thing you made

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