District Zero

7 days to die district zero, 7 days to die overhaul mods


  • This is a sci-fi themed overhaul mod that aims to give the player a new experience. The zombies and animals have been replaced by robots, mechs and drones. It is inspired by Sci-Fi games such as Generation Zero and Detroit: Become Human.
  • This mod is still a work in progress and has plans to be expanded upon in the future. If you find any bugs please report them in the discord server linked below.


  • 8GB of RAM or higher
  • EAC must be OFF on the client and server


  • All zombies have been replaced by robots. Androids and cyborgs take the place of regular zombies, juggernauts replace the boss zombies, mechs take the place of feral and radiated zombies, and animals. And finally, drones take the place of birds and screamers.
  • All traders have also been replaced with new models to fit with the theme.
  • There are plans to expand the number of entity types for the next major release.


  • The skill tree has been reworked into 6 class-style perk trees, with an additional general perk tree added. Each class has a maximum of 5 levels, spending points into the main tree of each class will unlock the perks contained in that class, except for the general perk tree, which is free for all. The deep cuts perk has been reworded and renamed to Lethal Blade.
  • Universal Perks – Universal perks contain a wide number of skills that one can learn.
  • Empath – The Empath is widely known as an intellectual for their mental ability and charismatic nature. Governed weapons are rifles and stun batons.
  • Cybernetician – The cybernetician specialises in the manufacture and repair of heavy duty weapons and robots. Governed weapons are machine guns and robotic turrets.
  • Cosmotech – The cosmotech specialises in the repair and creation of vehicles and salvage of materials. Governed weapons are clubs and shotguns.
  • Exomedic – The exomedic specialises in fitness and treating injuries. Governed weapons are blades and handguns.
  • Astrominer – The astrominer specialises in mining and resource extraction. Governed weapons are sledgehammers and explosives.
  • Neonaut – The neonaut specialises in multiplanetary exploration and the discovery of new species. Governed weapons are bows and spears.

Status Effects

  • Infection has been removed and replaced with a radiation metre, which shows up on the UI. Your radiation level increases slowly over time but will increase significantly if you come into contact with a radiation source or adverse weather conditions in the wasteland. Anti rad pills can be found or crafted to reduce radiation effects.


  • 20+ new sci-fi-themed guns with three different tiers of progression; each tier has their own special particle effects as well.
  • 18 new sci-fi-themed melee weapons with three different tiers of progression have been added.
  • 8 new sci-fi-themed tools have been added, including new power tools such as an auger and a laser mining gun.


  • Farming has been changed so that the seed stays when you harvest the crop, like it used to be in previous alphas. Plants can be grown in farm plots or directly in the ground by using the Farming Multitool. Mushrooms are now only planted in farm plots or in fertile ground.


  • Empty glass jars have been added back, and can be filled at water sources and working water machines.
  • Empty glass jars can also be crafted in the forge, and are returned to the players inventory when they consume a drink.


  • A few new workstations have been added and can perform various tasks
  • Blast Furnace – The blast furnace is an upgraded version of the regular forge, it can craft and smelt faster than the regular forge.
  • Hydro Organic Fabricator – Produces raw meat over time that can be used for cooking.
  • Auto Miner – An auto miner will mine resources for you overtime, resources can be collected every so often.


  • Cobalt has been added as a high tier resource, and is used to craft many high tech items, it can also be used to fortify bases as it is much stronger than steel. It is a blue looking rock and can only be found, and mined in the wasteland.
  • Charcoal has been added and is the primary ingredient used for crafting flare rounds, which can be used to call for airdrops by firing them from a flare gun when outdoors.


  • The forest biome has been completely overhauled with new trees, rocks, tree stumps, log piles, sticks, branches, and more.
  • The snow biome has received some new trees.
  • Many new sci-fi themed vehicles have been added to populate the roads


  • Trader loot has been rebalanced and focuses on each trader’s specialisation more closely than vanilla.
  • Trader protection and invisible trader walls have been removed for a more realistic experience. Land claim blocks can be placed at traders in single player only. Traders are open all the time for easier questing.


  • 5 new driveable Sci-Fi-themed vehicles have been added, some land and also some air vehicles such as flying and hover cars.


  • The HUD has been overhauled with a sci-fi look and displays health, stamina and radiation on the left, and food and water on the right. Many other UI elements also have a new look.
  • The backpack has been increased to 96 slots, and has the option to lock slots. Locked slots are saved upon reloading the game.


  • POI lights have a limited amount of power and can be interacted with and recharged to increase their remaining power. They can also be customised in terms of colour, intensity, range and many more options to choose from.
  • Many decorative items in the world can be picked up by holding down E, and selecting the Take option from the interaction wheel. This serves as a way for people to decorate their bases without needing to craft decorative items. Items such as storage containers can also be picked up and moved for convenience.


  • Custom Particle Loader – by closer_ex
  • Remote Description – by ocbMaurice

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 1

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 2

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 3

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 4

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7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 33

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 34

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 35

7 days to die district zero additional screenshot 36


V1.3.0 Stable


  • Updated for A21.2 Stable (b37)


  • Duplicate locked slots
  • Reposition locked slots to fit the larger backpack


  • Cleaned up asset bundles and reduced mod size by roughly 400mb

DOWNLOAD Stable (2,2 GB)

If you appreciate Zilox’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Zilox

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86 thoughts on “District Zero

  1. Tried this mod and it was great at first. The Farming tool that allows you to plant in the ground is insane. You can only find it via looting (reward for T2 quests done Farm Bundle) and when you try to use it there is nothing that tells you how to do it. Then the auto miners. Great idea until they start disappearing. Had 2 and one disappeared. Moved the remaining one to an open spot and added a few more. Had a total of 6. 4 disappeared so mod was dumped. It’s a fun mod with the robots and all but don’t expect much help in the Discord either. I saw some of those posts and it’s amazing how the developer RARELY answers anything. So just… play at your own risk.

  2. I enjoyed this mod, but I wish the progression was a little slower. I had max level weapons much quicker than I would have liked.

    I wish there was a Sirenbot or something that TRULY functioned like a screamer as well.

    Otherwise I had a great time.

  3. For running this mod you will need:
    SMX core, HUD and ZMXuiCPTFS (<- or you get forge XUI error).
    Trying this mod with friends … so far it is fun 🙂

  4. Hey Zilox! I was just wondering, is there a way for you to integrate a guild type system in this mod? The current party system is not very good. Or will the party mods that are out there work with this content?

    Keep up the good work man! Really enjoying this one!

    1. It is the same as a gyrocopter, except you need to tilt forward with C and Space bar to go forward. The controls are going to be reworked in a future update.

  5. So Earth is not a ball, never was. Lose the ridiculous ball earth load screen, and I’ll give this overhaul Mod a try (or can I remove it). I was also wondering if all my other Mods will work, and do I have to start a New Game ?

    1. Space is three dimensional, so our planet is three dimensional. The land has an observable curve all across the surface, provable with laser measurement across any point along the surface. From space, even ignoring how planets are formed across eons, we are sandwiched between the titan forces of the Sun and influenced by Jupiter and Venus’ gravity, where a perfect circle cannot exist as long as we have shown the earth to have existed. We are an oblate ellipsoid because that is the only way orbit and gravity across eons is possible. Any other way and Luna would have crashed into the earth millennia ago. If we cannot agree on truth, we can reason what is not true and arrive at truth.

      1. No observable curve at all. I was in the US Navy pal, you’re brainwashed because the UN Countries have all the same template of propaganda. When You want to wake up, I’m mulder2400 online, YouTube, BitChute, and Internet Archives. All you need to know about our level world is there or at links. Take your time as Earth isn’t going anywhere, neither are you.

        1. Congrats, you’ve made me wish this site had a laugh react option. Have you considered working as a comedian?

        2. Get a grip dude, the earth is a sphere. It’s been proven time and time again. The only propaganda being spit here is yours. Stolen Valor isn’t cool either (also illegal) so quit pretending to be military.

  6. Hello friend, is it not possible to make your mod compatible with Esay anti cheat? It doesn’t matter if the particles are sacrificed, what matters are the weapons and the enemies.

  7. Ok, so I have had this mod installed for about 2 weeks now and it is so much fun!! Having over 800hrs played with 7 days, this mods is a breath of fresh air and feels like a whole new game. I absolutely love love love that you can pick almost every decoration up <3<3<3 it adds for so many customizations for your base and makes it more like an Easter egg hunt to find deco pieces. And I can literally make my base IN the trader pffffft, sup trader Luna, how you doiiin? The only thing I could ask for with this mod would be adding in some futuristic POIs. Some examples: advanced reactor, advanced military base, hovercar factory and anything else you can think of. That would add so much more to the robotic takeover feel. Even without this mod is awesome, 100% recommend trying it out

    1. Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying it. I’m working on getting some custom POIs made for the mod with the help of some poi creators but I’m not sure when they will be added, but it’s in the works.

  8. I thought of an item that would be interesting.. probably wouldn’t be able to do it but I thought about it.. at type of generator or box you can install in a house that you can charge to power the lights of a POI instead of having to charge them individually.

    1. I do like this idea, and it’s definitely possible. Some kind of wireless recharge box I would say. If you want to make suggestions I’d recommend joining the discord and putting it in the suggestions channel there as it’s most likely to get considered there, else I will probably forget about it.

  9. When I started new rev of game 1.2.3 all my perks, books, skills are gone. Everything needs to be redone again. I have to read all books one more time.
    My character’s level is 1 again. What is going on?

  10. I am really, really digging this conversion. My only issue, which is a small one, is how often you need to recharge lights. The cost is a nothing, but having to go around my base and recharge things every couple hours gets annoying. My question to Zilox would be: is there a way to fully charge something from 0 to 15 without having to click through the recharge 5 times per light and/or is there a place in the xml configs where I can extend the burn time between charges. Thanks 🙂

  11. When I try and play this I get a mess of error codes regarding vectors also when I do the quest I get no traders as an objective. Not sure what I am doing wrong I have zero addons right now

  12. Good day love your work but I have a very strange bug traders are duplicated there are two standing in the same spot and and all I get are buried loot quests do i have to reload the mod or is this a bug tried to report it on discord put couldn’t get it to work

  13. Ive been having an issue since A21.1 stable came out where all my trader jobs are buried supplies and I cant progress past tier 3. I’ve started a new world and still haven’t had any luck. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hi had the same problem deleted the mod redowned the new one installed and bang fixed the problem see if that well help you and you don’t have to start a new world hope this helps you

    2. I had the same problem except I never got to tier 3 yet, but, I went to their Discord and downloaded the 1,2,2 Stable version and it fixed the Only Buried Supply Quests

  14. First off love that the mod adds a new spin on the game it has some rough edges but no complaints about the gameplay but one. I have tried generating maps and every time there’s an error that shows up with the experimental version that doesn’t spawn any traders. Is this a glitch or just with the experimental I am about to install the regular version to see if this fixes this issue.

    1. I have had the same issue on the stable mod…gives several errors when loading and then no traders found on generated maps or on the maps within the game.

      1. Im having the same issue, made a new random world, No Traders. Below are the error it show repeatedly.

        The error: ERR Loading prefabs xml file for level ‘New Locizu Valley’: Method not found: Vector3i .Vector3i.op_Division(Vector3i,int)

        The error: EXC Method not found: Vector3i .Vector3i,op_Division(Vector3i,int)

  15. Love the mod so far. Thank you for all the hard work.
    One issue that seems kind of extreme is the amount of fuel it takes to fill up the tank. I recently built a mini bike and took almost 2,000 fuel to fill up. That seems been excessive and unsustainable. Not sure if it was intentional or not.
    One thing that I would love to see added is having the storage crates broadcast. I believe this is done in undead legacy.

    Thank you again 🤘😎🤘


  17. Если хотите русскую версию, скачайте с моего яндекс диска файл, все названия перевёл на русский. Просто в моде замените файл с таким же названием в папке Config. Ссылка: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/clNODzN8F5gjXQ

    1. Robotic animals have been suggested many times, and are already planned 🙂 if you want to know more I suggest you join the discord.

  18. Absolutely love this mod, I’m now 21 days into it but have turned off Blood moon because of a few minors things such as being focused by shooting drones through solid block walls.

    The mod so far is fantastic, the best overhaul mod I have played honestly! I had to pump it up to Insane nightmare as they felt a bit easy, but that helped the game a lot for me!

    The new weapons look great, but balance wise I am not sure where they are supposed to be? Like i can see their tiers in creative and they just feel like downgrades of the vanilla t3 weapons?

    1. Weapons have been balanced for the V1.1.0 update. They fall in the same tiers as vanilla but are better in terms of damage, the ammo is more expensive to craft though, so using both vanilla and energy weapons is best.

  19. Love the mod pack

    One small Issue the hydro organic fabricator seems to crashing games
    (red line = index was out of the bounds of the array)

  20. hey, really love the mod, but we have had one prob with the meat generator thing crashing someones ui, errors in console. and Radiation, i didnt notice it till i got the acute radiation poisonings, and the pills dont seem to be getting rid of the debuff, its been about 30 mins. ill try eating more pills.

  21. Hi there! Can this be used for A20, or if not – is it learning by reading or doing? My husband and I said we would never go back, but this looks INCREDIBLE, and he loves anything space related.

    Also – do you have a Discord? 🙂

    Many many thanks – absolutely stunning work !!

  22. Love this concept, really a great game changer, do you know if you can run this Mod on any map or even like an New York Undead map?

  23. Absolutely Brilliant!

    However, is there a way to change the water system to the new way that A21 does it? Adding water jars means you effectively have infinite water from day 1 and I vastly prefer the new system.

      1. Technically I could, but it appears the glue recipe has been reverted as well and requires murky water. Dew Collectors give clean water, so it would greatly skew Glue production. I’d basically be forced to use the jars anyway for glue.

        I’ll come up with something I suppose. It will be worth the effort in order to play the mod, it’s super cool.

        1. Tbh, my problem is rather the “bones” part of the glue recipe. Since there are no animals, bones have become a relatively scarce commodity in this overhaul mod. And I think, over the years and countless 7D2D playthroughs, I have found supercorn maybe twice. So the supercorn-based glue recipe does not really “save the day”.

  24. So, I like to use “7D2D Launcher” by SphereII and thanks for publishing your overhaul there as well!
    There is a problem with that though, because Launcher uses full git clone for syncing mod down to my system, and that includes .git folder (git’s “blob”).
    You must have tons of deleted files in git’s history, because I am looking at ~15 GB copied already and it is just “624 out of 1061 files copied” ATM.
    I believe that the mod itself is only 2.6 GB large, so those other 13 GB plus is just a waste.
    Please find a way to purge deleted files from history, or just copy your new mod to a new repo for distribution like that.
    But no matter the tidbits, thanks for a great work that you are doing!

  25. porque me sale este error? es la segunda vez que descargo el mod, que sucede? dice estar vacio, error de compresion etc. el mod funciona o no…?
    [Window Title]
    Error de Compresión de carpetas (en zip)

    Windows no puede abrir la carpeta.

    La carpeta comprimida (en zip) ‘C:\Users\Compass\OneDrive\Desktop\DistrictZero (1).zip’ no es válida.


    1. you need to right-click on the zip and unzip the file. then add the file in to the mods folder were 7 days is installed.

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