Hydroponic Farming

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A mod that adds Hydroponic Farming to the game. Using the in game models that can be found in POIs across the work, You can craft seeds cheaper using the Hydroponic Seed Station as well as using the Hydroponic Growing Station to grow your seeds into crops. Craft times are based on in game crop growth times with the Living Off The Land perk helping with the crafting times and costs.

What This Mod Does

Adds a new level to Living off the land. Plus two new workstations.

Hydroponic Growing Station

  • Needs Nitrates Power in the tool windows to work
  • 5 seeds can then be grown (crafted) in to 20 crops
  • Growing (crafting) time is base on a crops in game taking 126 mins to fully grow.
  • Living off the land level 3 (25%) and 4 (50%) time decrease for growing crops in the Growing Station.
  • Adding steroids to the tool window will give a 15% crafting time buff.
  • Adding an engine to the tool window will give 50% crafting time buff.

So having the Living off the land perk maxed plus the steroids and engine means you can “grow” craft 20 crops in 31.30 minutes.

Hydroponic Seed Station

  • Needs a bucket of water in the Water Tank to work
  • For the cost of 4 crops you can craft a seed of that type.
  • Living off the land level 3 and 4 lets you use less crops to make your seeds
  • Adding a water filter to the tool window will decease the crop cost to make the seeds by 1.
  • Adding an engine to the tool window will give 50% crafting time buff.

So having the Living off the land perk maxed plus the a water filter and engine means you can “grow” craft seeds 1:1 1:15 minutes.


To install this mod, unzip the folder and place it inside “/7 Days to Die/Mods”. If “Mods” folder doesn’t exist, just create one.

The folder structure should look at like this “7 Days to Die/Mods/Hydroponic_Farming_(Version_Number)”.

Has only been tested on solo worlds but servers should be all good.

How to Tweak

You can change the conversion rate or time to whatever you want. Just edit the number in recipes.xml.

SMX Patch

The SMX patch will only work with version 2+ of this mod as the block names have been changed from version 1.

Things to Note

When shift clicking items in to the tool windows their buffs will not be counted, You need to place them in to the window for them to work right.

Strongly recommend starting a new game after installing this mod. If you wish to try using it on a world that has had version 1 installed you will need to remove the version 1 stations from your world and then close the game update the mod and load back in, but a new world is Strongly recommend.


For 2.1

  • Changed the stations names in the xml file.
  • Changed the stations window ui names to use the new naming layout.
  • Changed the stations base recipes to need a cooking pot and not a beaker.
  • Added steroids and an engine as tools to the Hydroponic Growing Station
  • Added water filter and an engine as tools to the Hydroponic Seed Station
  • Fixed living of the land 4 not giving you the buff of level 3 for 3x crop drops in world
  • Added an SMX Patch for version 2+ of the mod


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: WimpingEgo

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29 thoughts on “Hydroponic Farming

  1. This mod will go to zero cost seeds in the seed maker if you have all the perks. Seems to go against the: So having the Living off the land perk maxed plus the a water filter and engine means you can “grow” craft seeds 1:1 1:15 minutes.


  2. I am having a problem using the mod, basically when I press E on the stations I can’t interact with them or any other workstation/chest etc. I have both “Hydroponic_Farming_2.1” and “ZZ_Hydroponic Farming_v2_SMX-PATCH” in my mod folder.

  3. Hi, the hydroponic seed station refuses to accept the water bucket, I have tried both types I have and nothing. and yes, I have filled them with water. Is this a glitch? Its on my server.

  4. Hi man,

    would love to use this mod on the Alpha 21.1, but I can’t use it because I get a Error “Failed initializing window group workstation_HydroponicVerticalFarm”, I can build it but I cant interact with it.

    Is it a common Bug or am I stupid?

  5. Maybe add a small note as to why there are 3 files, and Why. I figured it out the hard way. Just a little more info in the install part. Something like, use only one, only use patch if you have that mod. Woulda saved me a few restarts. Otherwise, looks really good. We appreciate you.

  6. The idea is nice but the seed station is totally useless, unless you don´t want to spend points into living of the land what makes it harder to get all crop seed recipes. Would be nicer if the seed thing would work as growth station aswell but can grow 2 crops at the same time. Thank you for the mod ^^

    1. Edit: if you skill living of the land 4 you will lose the advantage of getting 3 times as much crops from wild oder planted plants

  7. Hi WimpingEgo
    Really love the idea of this mod, but is it possible to make it work with SMX UI?
    Would really appreciate that.
    Nonetheless, great work there!

      1. hey big thanks for the smx patch
        now i finaly get to see the cool things the mod can do
        many thanks again 🙂

  8. Cool idea.. I’m sure it works 100% client side but if you’re putting this mod on a dedicated server you’ll notice it does work somewhat but it DOES NOT let you use your seeds. Until then I’ll wait for a fix.

    1. Hey Rex,
      Sorry to hear that your had issues like I said I have not tested it on a server, Can you tell me a little more about the issue. Which station was it in, Did it let you add the Nitrates Power or a bucket of water into the Water Tank (Tools Windows) etc. I would love to look into this some more so any help you can give me would be great.

      1. Yes i was able to add the full bucket of water, nitrates and i had seeds ready to go in my inventory and it still wasn’t letting me start anything. I tried removing the station several times and replacing it back down and nothing.

    2. Hey Rex, I would love to hear more about your issues. What station was it and did it let you put the power or bucket in the tool windows ?

    3. Hey Rex, I would love to hear more about your issues so I can look into it, Can you make a post in the forum.

  9. i love it but i have a question am I allowed to use this in my overhaul? If I am Is there a way to use my custom plants?

    1. Hey Robert, Yes you can sue this in your overhaul mod as for adding custom plants you would need to just add the recipes tot he recipes.xml. The file has header comments to show which part is for which station. Only thing I would say is if you do add new seed/crops make sure they are loaded in before this modlet to be on the safe side of things

      1. thanks for the reply sorry i did not answer you sooner. I recently had a mini stroke. and thanks for the Permission to use your mod in my overhaul.

        1. Oh no I’m sorry to hear that I hope your doing better now. If you need any help in adding recipes I’m happy to see if I can help you out. Take care of yourself and try not to get eaten by them hungry zombies out there.

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