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Functional Elevator Successor: Working Elevator, Escalator & Rotating Doors (Permission Granted by Guppycur & Hernan)


This modlet “Industrial Resources”, is the latest version of A20s “Functional Elevator”. Originally designed by mod developer and 7 Days to Die tastemaker Guppycur for A18, I brought his model into A19 and titled it Functional Elevator.

After a few different iterations while I was working on the update for A21, I have decided to change the name of the mod to “Industrial Resources” to capture that this mod no longer just provides a functional elevator. Now, players can build not only a cleaned-up elevator for the latest alpha, but they will also be able to build a Rotating Door and an Escalator.

This mod and this latest update would not have happened without Guppycur alongside Hernan. Similarly, to my 4.5 update to Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI), I was given unreleased assets by Hernan for his never before been seen sequel to Unnecessary But Beautiful (UBB) titled UBB2.

With Hernan’s permission and after sharing files with me that haven’t been seen by the community yet, I have now added the rotating doors and escalator blocks set.

Perhaps you want to take over a business location in A21? Here are the Industrial Resources to get you started.

7 days to die ztensity's industrial resources additional screenshot 6

7 days to die ztensity's industrial resources additional screenshot 1

Functional Elevator

The functional elevator continues to be a staple in this mod. This elevator can move from one floor to the next across roughly 2 flights of real-life equivalent stairs.

This elevator functions as expected with correct animations, visuals and behavior. Once called, the doors will open right up for you and take you to the flight above. You have a few seconds to get out.

The elevator will not go down until you use it again. Feel free to use the elevator when you leave the game and return from the same floor and have an immersive experience playing with others in multiplayer.

  • To build it and use it properly, place the elevator first and then build blocks around it based on the shaft needing a total of 10 blocks high, 5 blocks wide and 5 blocks deep.
  • Once all blocks are built around it, then use horizontal plates and select advanced rotations. Then rotate the plate so it’s against a block. Place these plates on the side of standard sized 1x1x1 blocks to complete the elevator.

This may be the most immersive elevator you have used yet!

7 days to die ztensity's industrial resources additional screenshot 4

7 days to die ztensity's industrial resources additional screenshot 5

Rotating Doors

The new Rotating Doors should work seamlessly for players regardless of solo, multiplayer or dedicated server.

Since there is no active “open” state, you simply use it once to walk through and then it loops back to the closed state.

It took a lot of testing to get this right, however the doors won’t open upon placement or open upon loading in-game.

You can build this by crafting the “Industrial Resources” recipe.

7 days to die ztensity's industrial resources additional screenshot 2

Escalator Set

The final items that can be built in the “Industrial Resources” pack is the Escalator set.

Consisting of five different blocks, when used correctly, you can properly build an escalator that simulates a real-life escalator.

This is the zombie apocalypse though and there seems to be no way to power it for now.

  • The best way I can describe how to build this is to start with the “Elevator Start” and follow it with “Elevator Middle” blocks until you’re ready for it to stop.
  • Once near the end, place the “Elevator Top” block and then place the “Elevator End” at the top in front of this last block. Make sure to use wedges in-between each elevator to streamline the appearance.
  • To aid in building this, you can use wood blocks as needed. Once everything is built, you should be able to destroy the blocks holding it during construction.

Since all these items are built one piece at a time, this should allow you to create escalators going down and up however high you wish.

7 days to die ztensity's industrial resources additional screenshot 3


I owe credit to designers Guppycur on his work for the Functional Elevator and Hernan’s work on his rotating doors and escalator pieces.

Not only did I get permission to rework and re-release Guppycur’s work on animations and the elevator layout from Guppycur himself, but I made sure to purchase those same assets again myself for rights to share this work.


I have updated to v3.0.0.1 and added an alternative rotating doors with slightly different glass!


Credits: Ztensity, Guppycur, Hernan

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10 thoughts on “Ztensity’s Industrial Resources

  1. Since you have worked with Hernan is there any way to either update his Christmas mod or maybe make a seasonal mod for ( Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, ect ) I loved having the Christmas mod.

  2. Hello, this is an excellent MOD. Can I reprint IT to the Chinese 7days to die community and add Chinese to it? This is subject to your consent.

  3. It works ! Only problem is I can run stairs faster than this would move me, but it looks beautiful. It’s in need of many floors option, but thanks for the effort.

  4. There’s something wrong with this, I think the unity3d files,some other mod is doing the same as well. It breaks some 3d models in the world, it makes them look super-low quality, stuff like cars, tires, engines in garages hanging from the ceiling.

    Nothing is wrong with any setting or anything else, as soon as I remove the mod, those models go back to high-quality. 19.3 b6

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