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With A20, Nibato finally decided to fix the pet peeves he had with the mouse sensitivity and aiming down sights. Thus, he present the following mods:

Focal Length Aiming

This mod dynamically scales mouse sensitivity when aiming down sights with weapons.

The aim sensitivity in your settings menu is ignored completely. Instead, this mod uses your default FOV, look sensitivity, and the weapon’s current ADS FOV when calculating the new sensitivity. If you move your mouse a 1/4 inch, your crosshair should move roughly the same amount of pixels on your screen regardless of how zoomed in you are.

For more information on the math behind the sensitivity scaling, please visit Converting Sensitivity Between FOVs (Focal Length Scaling).

Proper Magnification

With this mod, your screen will always be zoomed in/magnified by the same multiplier. If a scope enlarges your target by 3x with a Look FOV of 50, it will also enlarge your target by 3x with a Look FOV of 85.

This is accomplished calculating a magnification value based on the default FOV of 65, and this magnification value is then applied to your Look FOV setting when aiming.

Unlocked by Default

Makes doors, chests, crates, and other blocks unlocked by default.

Auto Accept Party Invite

Auto-accept any party invites from allied players.

Auto Quest Share

Automatically accept incoming shared quest invites, and send shared request invitations to party members.


This release fixes AutoAcceptPartyInvite and AutoQuestShare not working for the game host. No other significant changes were made to the other mods.


Simply extract this archive into your 7 Days to Die folder, disable Easy Anti-Cheat, and enjoy.

These mods are client side, and do not need to be installed on a server.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Nibato

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3 thoughts on “Nibato’s A20 Mods

  1. Oh my god, thank you so much for making the Focal Length Aiming and Proper Magnification mod. This is precisely what I was looking for and it works wonders. I can finally snipe precisely. Thank you once again.

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