No Spawn Terrain

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Are you tired of zombies spawning Inside your beautiful base, Killing your beautiful immersion?

Do you hate walling in a POI just to find you can’t keep zombies out?

Do you despise removing that beautiful ground to replace with ugly blocks?

Then this mod is for you!



Simply choose the block you want to replace.

Covers most common terrain blocks.

Creative Mode is required search for “nospawn”

Clear that top block layer off and replace with desired No spawn block!

Note: Biomes have a set list of terrains they accept, if the chosen block is not one, it will choose default. (ie forestblock will be snowblock in Snow Biome.)

A21 Stable.

Mod offered “as is” and should be loaded with new games like most mods. This mod only requires server side. Enjoy!

7 days to die no spawn terrain additional screenshot 1

7 days to die no spawn terrain additional screenshot 2


Credits: Daddy Jack

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