Burning Block Traps

7 days to die burning block traps, 7 days to die traps

Allows building a Burning Block Trap that when walked on will set ANYTHING on fire. I originally build these in A21 when many of the servers I played on began to lose players or management became inactive. I am self taught XML with no coding training, so the code may not be ideal or perfect to the trained eye. I finally updated for myself and friends and got it working the way I always wanted.

These traps can be made into any shape, have the strength of steel and will damage ANYTHING that walks on them…you have be warned. IF people like this mod I may release my other mods I made. With anything I publish, it will ALWAYS be server side safe. No need for clients to install, only has to be on the server.

7 days to die burning block traps additional screenshot 1

7 days to die burning block traps additional screenshot 2

7 days to die burning block traps additional screenshot 3

7 days to die burning block traps additional screenshot 4


Credits: TantraMan

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21 thoughts on “Burning Block Traps

  1. I gave this a try, set up something similar to what is pictured above and the zombies refused to walk over them, catching fire only when shoved over a corner it was rounding by other z’s. They make for an excellent wall or barrier but are good for little else

  2. Warning, my map is covered with these … they worked fine initially, then I loaded a new map, and 2 days later, the entire desert is covered with these burning blocks… time to un-install and hope I save my map. tsk !

  3. Hey unfortunately, the sound effect is attached to the particle effect. If you want the flames, the sound come with. You can try campfire, chemistry, or forge, but i found the one I attached to be the best looking. I also usually build a 6 wide by 5 deep trench around my base…so i never really hear the burning blocks either. Glad you all like!

  4. simply change in the “blocks.xml” file this line:

    property name=”ParticleName” value=”hotembers”

    still works, but NO sound

    1. Turns out if you use hotembers, your base is filled with weird white flying particles.

      so i changed it to:

      “ParticleName” value=”ember_pile”

      NO Sound, NO other Stuff, Still Burning Zeds BUT sadly NO visible Flames

  5. Could you maybe remove the sound file for the fire or make it optional?
    It messes up my sound eventually not to mention, since the tile is in front of my base it’s non stop fire sound

  6. Good Burning Trap Mod, just shape, place and forget. They seem to need no maintenance, just gently burning and not affecting the adjacent blocks. The neighborhood Zombies say, owwwww, arghhhh (lol) I’m on fire ! This fun Mod just seems to make the Zombies easier to see at night, as my Auto Turrets, Electric Fence and Dart Traps do the real killing … place smells like bacon now.

  7. I cant seem to find the block in game, when searching for steel i just get the vanilla steel blocks, this mod works for A21 right?

  8. Great mod. Made some changes in my own for difficulty scaling/effect ramp up over time ripped from other in game fire effects, and minor heatmap effect (happy to share). Was a fantastic idea for a trap.

    They are friggen loud though. Is there a way to separate the sound from the chemistry particle? Base became deafening.
    Also your version makes burning shaft mods and torches as well as some enemies deal 10x damage, should probably let folk know. Can be fixed by renaming Element to EnvironmentHack/Environment as appropriate in all xmls. Just dont step on campfires.

    1. I don’t think the sound can be separated to my knowledge. I also tried to have the damage tied to a buff I have in the buffs xml, perhaps those mods use a similar naming convention, I guess I never really paid attention to that. the triggered effect does have parameters you can adjust. Not sure how it affects the other mods/zombies since it is triggered with parameters.

      I am perfectly fine with other, more proficient modders taking my spaghetti code and improvising, revising, and improving these. Glad your able to use and adjust to whatever needs you can!

  9. I will take another look at the link, not sure how to update this page without uploading again. I appreciate that everyone likes it. I do have sniper, heavy, darts, and arrow turrets but I see someone already released something similar. I am working on a flame turret now, but I am an Amateur at best being self taught all this with no code experience.

    1. I really liked your mod, it’s very cool!
      It would be cool to control the trap, push the button, or make it “electrically connected” then you could use a switch.

      Today I found the fire turret code from the developers, but it’s not finished yet. I tried to run it, but nothing worked for me except for setting the model on the ground. The model is very cool and it looks like it has been in the game for a long time.

      You can see the code in blocks.xml
      block name=”flamethrowerTrap”

      Also, right after the release of the alpha version, I would like to get a new fire trap that the developers have added in buildings, pipes with burning gas, can you make a mod for the player to use such a trap?

      1. Unfortunately Blocks are very limited in what done to them. For example, I tried to make powered workstations, but was unable due to how the class system works in TFP. So I could technically make a version of this block to require power it would lose its flame effect. Also I would have to change the way damage is delivered.

        Yes, I found that trap as well, it wont work because of a unity issue I believe, it is not actually tied to anything….think of it as an imposter block…there, but not there. Atleast that how i view it. I’m sure if it was possible, the great modders like spherii, guppy, khaniegb, and so many more excellent modders would have done so already.

  10. Awesome…. Would love to see more trap mods. That is really the only thing I really like about night of the dead. Wish 7 Days had more traps in the game. Thank you for bringing a new trap to the game. Love to see if you had any other ideas for traps.

  11. This looks super interesting, I am always looking for new traps to use/build around.

    Will check this out later in hopes it’s decent in use also!

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