Origin UI – A20

7 days to die origin ui - a20, 7 days to die hud mod

This is a repost of an older UI that ShoudenKalferas has updated for use with A20. He did not create this UI mod, and original credit goes to user Tritox.

As the original thread is archived from the forum move and the UI hasn’t seen an update since A17, he has taken it upon himself to fix the outstanding errors in the mod so that it is A20 compatible, and he’s creating this new post. If Tritox returns, ShoudenKalferas will gladly redirect this post over to a thread started by them.

The main idea of Origin is to keep the UI’s look as close as possible to the original 7DTD UI (hence the mod name), while spicing up the UI with some quality of life changes.

The Look

7 days to die origin ui - a20 additional screenshot


Top Left

Re-positioned day and time coupled with the world temperature and elevation indicators.

Top Center

Added indicator to compass to show which way the player is facing.

Top Right

Added text outlines to active quest tracker.

Bottom Left

Added bars for water & food above the current stamina and health bars.

Bottom Center

Added player level indicator left from the XP bar and numbers for toolbelt slots.


ShoudenKalferas published a bugfix release that addresses the food & water bars not working properly, displaying the wrong values, or otherwise not consistently updating.

They do now use the current percentage, using 100% as a maximum. Be aware he would prefer to use the actual maximum value to display but when he does that the bar does not update properly.

As time permits, he will keep working at it to see if he can get it to show the actual numeric value instead of % out of 100%. But as it is right now, the values do properly update, and do properly show the value out of 100%. It’s just harder to tell how much food or water to consume to get to 100% if you are at an actual maximum value greater than 100%, which happens as you progress in the game.

He has also taken a new screenshot and added it to the post, to reflect the current state of the UI.


Before installing any mod, it’s always a good idea to back up your existing files!

This UI consists of three main files which come in an XPath-compatible mod. Simply extract the contents of the archive to [steam location]\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\ directory. Overwrite prompt should only occur if you are updating the mod.

For Multiplayer

This UI is intended to be installed only on the server.

For Singleplayer

You would need to download and install the mod to your computer.


“I remember seeing coordinates in the HUD, where are they?”

In A14, a bug was introduced to the UI which causes several unexpected errors if the player adds waypoints while the coordinate indicators is on. Later on, in A16, enabling the coordinates caused the UI pretty much to exploded, so they were removed entirely from the and they aren’t coming back.

“Can you change the temperature to Celcius?”

The temperature unit can be changed by yourself in the console (works in MP only if you are an admin). Type settempunit c for Celcius and settempunit f for Fahrenheit.

“Why there is only a static fill for the core temperature bar?”

The core temperature is just a value in the game UI and there isn’t any changing fill related to it like there is for food/water/etc.

“Can this mod be used in multiplayer games?”

Only if the host uses the mod. 7DTD multiplayer servers push most of the game files to the clients, including the XML files which this UI mod uses. So even if you have this mod installed and the server you play on doesn’t, you are forced to use the whatever UI the server uses.

“I don’t like the feature X in your mod”

And you absolutely shouldn’t. This is a matter of taste like oh-so-many other things in the world. Luckily, you can always remove/add parts to your liking. He has tried to comment the mod files well and removing features pretty much comes down to comment out or remove sections from the XML files. If you don’t know how to do this, he can probably help you out to some extent.


This mod, like many others in this wonderful community is consider opensource. You may copy it, modify it, distribute it. The only request is to make sure that everyone listed in the credits below are included, to call recognition to the many people who have contributed over the years to the creation and ongoing maintenance of this mod.


  • Tritox, for his original work to create this, and the years put in maintaining this.
  • Big thanks to all the people in the forums who have helped with the UI hacks: Sirillion & Red Eagle LXIX
  • Thank you to all the other UI modders who have given him good tips and ideas! Also huge thanks to YseGuy for creating the initial XPath mod version and helping out with various fixes. Oh, and of course huge kudos for The Fun Pimps for creating this major timesink of a game for us.
  • ShoudenKalferas, for picking up on-going maintenance of this mod from A19 onward.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ShoudenKalferas, Tritox

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3 thoughts on “Origin UI – A20

  1. It works fine now, but the food and water colors should match the ones on the toolbelt, i.e. blue water and green food. Now they come in one color. Thanks for the mod!

  2. Mod isn’t working correctly. The food and water do not have color’d bars as indicated on the example photo, also the food and water percentages stay maxed and don’t move, example, my water is at 40% (the bar is positioned correctly for this) but my water says 125%.

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