Return of the Hordes

7 days to die return of the hordes, 7 days to die zombies

Remember in Alpha 18 when the hordes actually used to be a threat? Or when difficulty actually did something other than make the zombies bullet sponges? Well this mod aims to do exactly those things. The bloodmoon spawns at gamestage 40 and higher have been tweaked such that ferals, radiateds, cops, etc. spawn sooner and in higher quantities. (demos do not spawn sooner, but they may spawn more frequently). This is to match at roughly each gamestage they would spawn at in Alpha 18. The hordes are also double the size when it comes to max alive at all gamestages until they are capped at 64 so no more tiny hordes even on day 7. Then at higher gamestages the horde becomes all radiated so that’s real fun, pretty much like Alpha 18 (think a sea of green). I do not know if this mod works with the endless hordes mod that makes them last all night, though I will possibly add that functionality to this mod at some point.

There is also two surprise guests that have been added to the blood moon spawns and one of them is a real blast 😉

Lastly there is an automatic 2.5x gamestage multiplier so the game will get way harder right off the bat, as if you were playing on insane difficulty in Alpha 18.

In the future I may release either of the horde or gamestage features as separate mods in case you don’t want one or the other.

This mod might tank your performance a bit, so you have been warned.

This is version one of the mod so I may also tweak the spawns a bit as I have noticed that there is an unusual high number of radiated spiders at some points.

Special thanks to khzmusik (“Karl Giesing”) on the forums. He was a massive help to the completion of this mod so please show him some love.

Note: This mod will not work with Alpha 20 as far as I know due to the way the entitygroups.xml have been tweaked for alpha 21. Test at your own risk.

This mod should be server-side since it is an xml mod and not adding any new assets.

7 days to die return of the hordes additional screenshot 1

7 days to die return of the hordes additional screenshot 2

7 days to die return of the hordes additional screenshot 3

How to Install

Click on the link and it will take you to the actual mod folder and what’s inside (the config folder, the modinfo etc) However make sure you download the entire folder by clicking on Return of the Hordes so you get the whole thing. Then just place the folder in your 7 Days to Die folder like any other mod. That’s it!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Prolific Poultry, Karl “khzmusik” Giesing

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