Server Side Zombies PLUS

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Here is a server side only mod that adds a mix of customised default zombies to the Biomes and Horde Night. There are currently 27 in total.

Since the majority of the original Snufkin Zombies cannot be updated to A21 as a server side only mod, due to a change in game files, Server Side Zombies PLUS can be seen as an alternative. There are many things they will miss from the Snufkins, but there are some features that could be carried that will be recognisable. There will also be some new concepts and innovations.

This mod is brought to the community by arramus and oakraven. It will be updated periodically and see some of the old guard carried over and things progress.

Credit for the initial concept lies with Snufkin from Snufkin Zombies, and all those who have contributed with advice and input over the years.

The initial concept for the Snufkin Zombies was based on the eclectic mix of boss types characters they have seen in many of their favourite games. For example, the Archon character could fly, throw fire, and heal other zombies that were in close proximity. This was actually an idea from Doom and reflects the Arch-Vile character. The A21 version of Server Side Zombies attempts to retain some of that magic, but also bring in some more Zombies PLUS ideas.

A few images to demonstrate:

The Server Side Zombies PLUS foot soldiers. They carry projectile weapons which do fire, and melee weapons which will hurt both the player and base more than claws.

A couple of their flyer friends that were carried over from A20. The generator powering the drone is smoking now and leaves a nice trail.

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 1

The hostile animal types. They have speed, can jump, fly, and generally cause general mayhem.

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 2

Their two friends from A20 charged and ready to radiate.

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 3

Farewell Geistโ€ฆ but hello Large Zombie Plasma Vulture.

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 4

Zombie Bunny goes straight for the jugular. A heads up to doughphunghus on this inclusion. It has been a long time coming.

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 5

And they couldn’t get rid of Scorcher that easily. As he was modelled on the Demolition character, bringing him over was pretty straight forward.

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 6

7 days to die server side zombies plus additional screenshot 7

This Mod is Server Side Only safe. This means it does not need to be installed on the client machines because it has no custom assets.

Server Side Zombies PLUS Starter Kit

An optional stand alone Server Side Zombies PLUS Starter Kit is bundled with the mod as a separate folder. (It offers a few helper items, including a mini bike, and limits weapons and tools to randomly being offered at Q1 – 3. It is Server Side Only safe.)


Here is a small optional mod that has been added into the Server Side Zombies PLUS Mod as an standalone extra.

The Server Side Zombies PLUS Starter Kit.

It offers a selection of basic tools and weapons limited to Q1 – Q3. The main highlight is the mini bike.

This will help players who are joining a Server Side Zombies PLUS Mod World through their first few days as it can get quite extreme in there.

A couple of images to demonstrate.

Come into the World with your Server Side Zombies PLUS Starter Kit.

7 days to die server side zombies plus changelog screenshot 1

Open the Kit and find some useful goodies to support the challenges of a Zombies PLUS World. On this occasion, the knife and pipe pistol were at level 2 out of the possible 3.

It wasn’t so lucky for the wrench and double barrel shotgun but it’s still something.

7 days to die server side zombies plus changelog screenshot 2

DOWNLOAD Server Side Zombies PLUS (22 KB)
DOWNLOAD Server Side Zombies PLUS Starter Kit (3 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: arramus, Oakraven

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15 thoughts on “Server Side Zombies PLUS

  1. I love this mod, but is there a way to just get rid of the zombies with guns?
    Thank you for making this mod!

    1. I second this.
      I like the extra zombies, but it’s frustrating when I’m going about my business and suddenly I’m shot down to near death because I didn’t realize a zombie had a gun in hand.
      The melee is fine, just the gunners are a pain.

  2. Started a single player game, and the special zombies were everywhere. When I went back in the next day, no special zombies. Any ideas?

  3. Mod is excellent.. The starter kit for some reason i couldn’t get it to function. I had to remove this mod because it seems to be a RAM hog on my dedicated machine using almost 100% of 8GB on a half filled server.. Then again the game in general has memory leaks where it’ll take TFP another 10 years to fix. lol

    1. If ever you want to integrate the Starter Kit directly into your server version of Server Side Zombies, visit the forum and we’ll get you set up. It’s basically taking the code from that and adding it into the Zombies mod code. And yes, A19 and A20 were starting to use less RAM and then comes A21…

    1. Yes, If you’re playing on your machine it is considered your server side where your game is hosted… If you were renting a server via 3rd party remote host then you would need to install it on your machine (client side) and the remote server (server side)

    2. Correction: ONLY on the server side is where the mod is installed. Not both.. so if you’re hosting on your PC it goes on your side.

  4. Hey,
    Try this instead of the SET. That way they can use it with other mods if they like. The set you are using is overriding the starting items so if they add it with another mod that has starter items it will delete them.

    append xpath=”/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=’playerMale’]/property[@name=’ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvival’]/@value”>,ServerSideZombiesPLUSStarterKit
    append xpath=”/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=’playerMale’]/property[@name=’ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalSP’]/@value”>,ServerSideZombiesPLUSStarterKit
    append xpath=”/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=’playerMale’]/property[@name=’ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalMP’]/@value”>,ServerSideZombiesPLUSStarterKit

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Cornl3read

    1. That is correct. However, using append still has the potential to slide items off of the toolbelt from other mods as it has its spacing limits. The Server Side Zombies PLUS Starter Kit is optional and if used takes precedent. That is the reason for setting.

  5. I also wonder did TFP disable archetypes completely from zombies cuz zombies with archetype skins do not work atm in A21 but lemme know if there is a way to do it cuz my bandits do not work in A21 due to some “parent folder error message” ๐Ÿ˜…

  6. I appreciate all the work you modders do on these games. Love this game. One thing I wish the devs would have done is more variety of the zombies. I tried Snufkin’s mod on A20, but it crashed the game. Will this do the same?

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