Snufkin’s Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS

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Snufkin’s Custom Server Side Zombies Plus is a combination of Snufkin’s Server Side Custom Zombies and additional community made zombies as an integrated ‘Plus Add On’. There are currently 42 entities (15 Snufkin and 27 Snufkin PLUS)

They attempted to run the PLUS zombies as a stand alone mod but spawning was unstable and it was better to combine them together.

The Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus contains the following entities:

All of the Well Known Snufkin’s Server Side Custom Zombies

  • Archon
  • Banshee
  • Bomber
  • Cowhead
  • Geist
  • Juggernaut
  • Mantis
  • Parasite
  • Psycho
  • Scarecrow
  • Scorcher
  • Siren
  • Undertaker
  • Wendigo
  • Wrestler

Plus Add on Server Side Custom Zombies

  • Bogeyman (arramus)
  • Crispy (arramus)
  • Demolition Derby (arramus)
  • Geist Archer (Snufkin base with edits by arramus – based on Tipsy Squatch Gaming/Evil Spartan’s concept and intensive testing)
  • Golden Juggernaut (Snufkin base with edits by arramus – based on Tipsy Squatch Gaming/Evil Spartan’s concept and intensive testing)
  • Hammer Spammer (arramus – based on ShoudenKalferas request for White River archetypes)
  • Hell Bear (oakraven)
  • Hell Boar (oakraven)
  • Hell Flyer (oakraven – Inspired by Robeloto)
  • Hell Lion (oakraven)
  • Hell Shocker (oakraven)
  • Hell Wolf (oakraven)
  • Hisser (arramus – based on Tipsy Squatch Gaming/Evil Spartan’s concept and intensive testing with Snufkin Banshee and Mantis elements)
  • Mittens (arramus – Lonestarcanuck request)
  • Mother Clucker (Inspired by Catman)
  • Motorhead (arramus)
  • Navezgane Slasher (arramus)
  • Oni (Blue and Red versions – arramus)
  • Paindeer (arramus – based on kdthehun’s Rudolph suggestion – Sorry about the nose and light color and lack of Santa hat. Advice needed on those)
  • Pogo (arramus)
  • Shark WFLB (arramus)
  • Snow Bear (arramus with support from oakraven to consider an appropriate texture)
  • Spider Pipe Bomber (arramus)
  • Tipsy Pink Squatch (arramus – Tipsy Squatch Gaming)
  • Tipsy Squatch (arramus – Tipsy Squatch Gaming)
  • Wight Radiation Shower (arramus – based on, and directly using code from bdubyah’s ‘Feral Ghoul’ from The Wasteland mod)
  • Zombie Direwolf (oakraven and arramus)

As with the spirit of Snufkin’s original concept and suggestions to the community, there is no stopping other modders from expanding on the originals in their own direction just as they are doing here.

Customising Gameplay

The entitygroups.xml (default can be found with the Config folder along with alternative versions within the Server Admin Spawning Options folder) is the first place for Server Admin/Hosts/Players to check if you would like to customise the Snufkin Zombies PLUS experience. If you would like a challenge, the default version is for you. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, then there is a lite_version in the additional options folder which can be renamed and moved to replace the default. The lite_version has all the Snufkin Zombies PLUS characters, but at a lower probability to appear. The lighter version is appropriate for new Worlds which can create a very high density of custom zombies until more regions unlock and allow them to spread out. There is also a version for Horde Night only and no Horde Night for each type. If you run the Horde Night only version you will receive a spawning.xml error since that file will no longer see the entitygroups for regular non horde night game play. That will tell you it’s working ^^. You can delete the spawning.xml file to remove these warnings if you only want to use the Horde Night only version.

FAQ About Customising

Q.1 How exactly do I remove a zombie, such as the flying shark?

A.1 Go to the entitygroups.xml file and delete every entry which looks similar to this (note the number at the end is different in different areas and versions)

<entity name="SharkWFLB" prob="0.075"/>

In the default entitygroups.xml there are currently 8 entries for the flying shark in regular day time and night time groups and removing them is a fast process.

However, there are 322 entries in the bottom section which regulates the spawning for a Blood Moon Horde Night event. It is a lot to remove, but they are split into 7 groups where each group has an identical value. Using a tool such as Notepad++ will allow you to delete them in large batches automatically.

Q.2 I want more flying sharks to appear. How do I achieve this?

A.1 Go to the entitygroups.xml file and look for all entries similar to this:

<entity name="SharkWFLB" prob="0.075"/>

Change the prob=”0.075″ value to a higher value such as prob=”0.15″. Finding a value which suits your gameplay is subjective and the best value is what feels most appropriate through trial and error.


Thank you, as always, to Snufkin for the base, and Slawa for a wealth of support in the beginning. In addition, Dre, BubbaJoe, Catman and Ti2xGr have been adding their very own unique modifications to create an environment that suits their players; some of which they have gratefully incorporated into this Plus version.

Some of the New PLUS Entities

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 6

oakraven is incredibly active in the background and specializes in both stabilising existing mods and creating new mods. Here are oakraven’s land based ‘Hell group’ zombies with Archon standing among them. These new characters ustilise their wings for additional jump height and will add to the demands of defending your base. Hell Lion, Hell Boar, Hell Wolf, and Hell Bear make a formidable team and will certainly come out in force during a Blood Moon event.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 1

This is one which arramus always wanted to bring into game play as an entity ever since he spied the concept within Snufkin’s base mod. The Shark WFLB is a play on a ‘James Bond’ type evil villain over dramatic weapon. It flies, homes in, and then unleashes its lasers. It is not an overly powerful threat while on foot but will pick up the pace while in a vehicle as it is based on the vulture game code. It is both loved and hated to equal degrees. ^^

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 9

oakraven’s Hell Flyer and Hell Shocker swarming and inflicting damage. This pair shoot darts or shock bolts and have their own unique audible narration as they come into closer proximity. These will add to the airborne threats and give this PLUS version a wider balance of ground, mid level leaping, and airborne threats.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 2

Mittens guarding her territory. She spits acid and is something that Lonestarcanuck requested.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 3

Paindeer taking care of its friends. The Paindeer has a flashlight attachment built into its nose which is covered by a snowball. Defintely easy to spot at night. One warning about the Paindeer; her axe also gives her protection from frontal melee attack.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 4

Motorhead, the mechanical marvel teaming up with his biker brethren. Don’t let him come knocking at your door for too long as his block damage will make him an unwelcome guest.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 5

Snufkin was keen for other modders to take advantage of the game assets to create unique server side characters with their own special skill sets. By emulating Snufkin’s approach and expanding with further features, they hope you will enjoy these additional zombies in addition to the Snufkin regulars.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 7

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus additional screenshot 8

Snufkin Party Pack Starter Kit

And an optional A20 Party Pack Starter Kit to ease players back into the first few days of a new World.


Pushing an update with a new zombie to join the collection.

Spider Pipe Bomber. As the name suggests, this entity throws 4 pipe bombs (2 followed by another 2) for its ranged attack. The accuracy and player damage will not cause too much trouble for players with sufficient protection. However, these pipe bombs can pass through protective bars.

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus changelog screenshot 1

7 days to die snufkin's custom server side zombies - plus changelog screenshot 2

Please select the correct build for your set up.

Alpha 20 Versions
Download Snufkin Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS for A20
Download Snufkin Party Pack Starter Kit for A20
Alpha 19 Version
Download Snufkin Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Arramus, Snufkin, oakraven, Slawa, Dre, BubbaJoe, Catman, Ti2xGr

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21 thoughts on “Snufkin’s Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS

  1. I increased the prob in the entitygroups.XML for certain zombies in certain biomes and they still aren’t spawning in the designated biomes except during hordes

  2. how do you get this to work? i just keep lines like this in the console.

    2021-03-15T21:22:21 490.562 WRN XML patch for “entitygroups.xml” from mod “Snufkin Custom Zombies PLUS” did not apply: append

  3. buff their dmg they’re way too weak compared to how they look im talking about siren head and that giant pig thing also some of the others too the flying dogs and pigs are just annoying rather than scary but good job on the siren head model its really well made also the giant pig scared the shit out of me for the first time

  4. These zombies are great and all, but they spawn so incredibly commonly throughout all of the biomes. Even on day 1, i see drones and giant biker guys with like 100000 health walking by every house i go into, on day 1

    I would really be so grateful if you worked on their spawning system, i see drones more than i see Boe 🙁

    1. There is an alternative ‘lite’ version contained within the ‘Server Admin Spawning Options’ folder for players who would like to see the Snufkin Zombies less and see more regular zombies. It will reduce the flying types such as the drones a lot less as these can become invasive on new servers where the Regions haven’t opened up yet. Boe can have his day again in the ‘lite’ version.

  5. The mod’s insane (although i do admit that some of the entities can be sort of “anticlimactic” like the shark or the drone – both cool designs but the shark especially is truly out of the place). At only GS 170 i am sweating to both deal damage, heal myself and keep steel blocks from crumbling to nothingness in a matter of seconds. Very good mod and it adds oh so much spice and challenge. What i’d love to see is some of the original designs replacing the 3 zombie “boss rooms” inside the lower level pois during the early game. And the addition of the rest in higher GS.

  6. Possible to make the original Server Side Custom Zombies A20? Some of the plus zombies are a bit much lol (Sorry if you already made it A20 and I just didn’t see it.)

    1. It is possible to remove select Snufkin Zombies from the entitygroups.xml file within the Config file to customise your experience. This is discussed on the main forum.

    1. The original creator released an accompanying Snufkin Weapons mod, now known as Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod, which offers that additional balance to player stopping power. This can be further enhanced by using the Starter Kit, the ‘lite’ version of the entitygroups.xml spawning file within the Snufkin Zombies to reduce frequency, and the Weapons Xpansion Loot Box Add On. More can be found in the main forum.

  7. How would one disable just certain zombie(s) from spawning?
    The popular consensus in our server is to remove 3 unloved zombies, but I don’t wish to remove the pack in its entirety.

  8. I wish you have left the mod alone – meaning just offer the original zombies in the first list, and ANOTHER mod for the PLUS zombies if you want them but NOT combine them into one so people like me who are coding/programing illiterate don’t have to study up on how to do all this like I’m about to take a Masters Degree Final in a 4 year University at Harvard…


  9. I ran across this problem in the A19 version. The Admin options contains an unusable file.

    The “entitygroups_lite_no_horde_nite_version (rename to entitygroups and place in Config to reduce spawning)” is too long of a file name. It cannot be edited because the file name is too long. It cannot be used because the file name is too long. It can’t be changed, altered, or monkeyed with… because the file name is too long.

    Maybe the file name is too long.

  10. How to fix the red line in buffs onSelfRangedBurstShot
    search the buff file for onSelfRangedBurstShot
    it will be on the 2 one down, there is 2 spaces in 2 spots, make them 1 space lol

    “onSelfRangedBurstShot” target
    triggered_effect trigger=”onSelfDamagedBlock” target

    1. You are a god send! Thank you, I was having a bear of a time trying to find the issue… I didn’t see the extra space until you brought it up!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

    2. friend of mine stills get these red line errors even after finding and changing the 2 spaces to 1 space. He updated the Blue Fang server he is running but still gets the constant red line errors for onSelfRangedBurstShot

  11. I guess the shark can not appear in the water, if so it would be great, since flying is a bit illogical to me.

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