Fragile Leg Bones

7 days to die fragile leg bones

Adds a significantly higher chance of receiving fall damage, so falling from lower heights can cause sprains and breaks. Also: Any perk that mentions specific heights (like “can fall from 12 m…”) from falling will be wrong by about the height by 4 meters.

All the mods/candies/buffs that are for helping for fall damage should still work.

The XML dev notes in a20 indicate: (vanilla) 6m falling is safe, and the “chance” of getting hurt goes up a certain percentage every meter falling. 6m is about 19.5 feet, which seems a bit high for Doughphunghus.

This mod essentially subtracts 4 meters from that (13 feet) so a “safe” fall is about 2 meters (6.5 feet) which is 2-3 blocks (practically). Falling from > 3 blocks with no falling buffs is a higher chance of sprain/break as the fall damage “starting point” has been dropped so much. From some testing: With this mod a 4 block fall is unlikely to hurt you (but can) and a > 4 block fall is very likely to hurt you)


Noticed a lot of just jumping off of high places (like roofs of houses) and not really being punished. If you’re going to hide on a roof of a house you should not be able to stand and jump far down onto teh ground/concrete (as an adult) without very high consequence of leg sprain/break. Make some stairs or something to jump down incrementally on or use things that give buffs if you’re going to be high above ground.


Updated for A21.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (4 KB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (3 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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