WOW! Mod

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The WOW mod. Almost every thing gives the player WOW! Build anything with WOW! Repair anything with WOW! Upgrade anything with WOW! WOW!

7 days to die wow! mod additional screenshot

Apologies to those who hate game logic. There are still a few things that seeped in to the game like small trees don’t give bullets and larger trees give more bullets.

If you still hate actually looting the zombies well your still going to hate this.

Love you all, Hope you all have a little fun with this.


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Credits: Adreden Gaming

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5 thoughts on “WOW! Mod

  1. The mod glitches when you turn a quest in to the trader, and you don’t get dukes. Since some items that one can’t craft, like painkillers, it’d make sense to allow folks to complete quests from traders.

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