Radioharm Hyluck

7 days to die radioharm hyluck, 7 days to die medical supplies

Adds an alternative way of curing dysentery to the game.

Manufacturer’s name as well as the name of this medicine is unreadable, although old survivors believe its name was Hyluck made by Radioharm and it used to be a very potent medicine to cure all kinds of digestive and intestinal problems including, but not limited to dysentery. Definitely beats Goldenrod Tea, but it’s more rare. You should probably keep this for the most severe cases.


Mr.Devolver fixed a problem in Radioharm Hyluck mod due to which the product would never show up in the store. The chance was meant to be small, but not 0% lol. Please reinstall the mod.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Mr.Devolver

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