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7 days to die electric - capacitor bank, 7 days to die electricity

This mod adds a Capacitor Bank and Capacitors. Adds new items (recolors of existing items) that can be found or bought from trader: Capacitors: Basically small, quickly charged and discharged “batteries” Capacitor Bank: Put capacitors in it like a Battery Bank (but only for capacitors)

Adds new recipes:

Can craft a Capacitor Bank


  • Why? Just to do it. Capacitor Banks (with capacitors in them) are like a Battery Bank with very fast discharging batteries. This is so you can configure them to keep providing power for a very short while after you cut power with a switch/etc.
  • Also meant for earlier game “electrical power abilities” (like for lights/traps/etc) that are very short lived before you get the Battery Bank, but not super early game.
  • Capacitor Banks cannot be daisy chained (just like Battery Banks)
  • Can loot capacitors from any refigration unit (coolers, ice machines, refridgerators, etc), rarely found in workbenches, or buy from traders. Cannot craft them (but can craft the Capacitor Bank to put them in).

Tutorial video of some use cases: Use Cases Tutorial


  • Added a JournalTip and better Localization.txt
  • Conversion to a20.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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4 thoughts on “Electric – Capacitor Bank

  1. 🙂 Yes, the power from this is very short lived (like a real capacitor). It does charge extremely fast though (like a real capacitor).

    The mod was made at the request of someone on the user forums, and the uses for it are very “edge case” right now. One use case that may actually be most useful would be in a PvP game, where you could power something up (like open a door) and run to another area nearby and the capacitors (being cheap and not able to power things for hours like batteries) power it for a few minutes then power down (door slams), making the enemies think you are by the door. A similar use is turning the power off at a central location but the lights can stay on for a few minutes, so your base is lit up while you run out. etc. Edge cases 😉

    There are other uses but this would be more useful with more “electronic components” so it can act more like a “delay” trigger for power for logic. or something.

  2. First : great idea…
    Second : it works on alpha 19.1 well…
    Third : IT IS USELESS !!! I put 6 capacitors into bank…and they go empty in 10 seconds ?!?!?! LOL THIS IS FOR NOTHING USEABLE !!!!!!
    Fourth : i think i try to remake it so it is more like “nuclear power” so i can finally use electric devices on my server, because i dont like to refill generators…

    1. It is already written in the mod description that it is short-lived. That’s the purpose of the mod. So it is NOT useless.

      1. Yes i have that read…but 5-10 seconds its really LOW LIVE LOL……..
        PS : i have it reedit for my server – now it is like nuclear power, lasts for week :)))

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