MickkPewPew’s Server Side Santa and Friends

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This mod contains 5 custom zombies: Santa, BernardtheElf, HollytheElf, BuddytheElf and BobbytheElf.

These will all spawn in the Snow Biome and are all harvestable after you kill them, they reward;

Up to x500 of each round at a 50% chance, they also give Dukes, Santa up to 15k, Elfs up to 10k.

To spawn these in yourself search Santa and Elf.

7 days to die mickkpewpew's server side santa and friends additional screenshot

Happy Christmas!


If you appreciate Mickkpewpew’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Mickkpewpew

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7 thoughts on “MickkPewPew’s Server Side Santa and Friends

  1. This mod is very appealing it is not worth the enemies have 6000 HP and 2 blows eliminate you, totally disproportionate is not worth it

  2. top man, top mods, would like to see more whats hes got coming to us for 2021 ahead, gr8 work mate me players love yer mods 😀 10/10 without bs

  3. Mega lustig und gut gemacht! Hab aber die Stärke massiv ändern müssen, da wir so schon auf stärkster Stufe spielen. Die Beleidigungen sind auch mega gut 😂 kommen die Zombies eigentlich auch in der Hordennacht wenn man im Schnee-Biom baut ? Oder kann man das anpassen ? Grüße 👍

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